Tuesday, December 18

Hair for the Holidays

Morning darlins! Can you believe Christmas is in 7 days?! Today is gonna be a real simple post, for me, and for you. I've had a lot of you sweet ladies asking lately which of my hairstyles I think would be the best for parties/get-togethers and things this season, and I can't just leave you hangin! So, I've put this little photo thingie together of the top 12 tutorials on my blog that I think are the best choices for that special occasion when you want a little bit of the spotlight, or just wanna feel like a million bucks! 
As you can see there's the picture of the hairstyle with a number, and the corresponding tutorial is linked right at the bottom! See? Told you that'd be easy:) now go out there and knock em dead. and come back and tell me how it went! 

Thanks for stoppin by lovely! You made my day:)
xoxo, Emily


  1. I have worn number 1 to a prom last friday. A lot of people made compliments about my hair ;D
    thanks for the great tutorial.xx

  2. Oooo, thank you so much for this, Emily! Your hairstyles are definitely my favourite in the blogging world. Happy Tuesday!

  3. You have the most beautiful hair!


  4. Such beautiful hairstyles! Definitely will be trying sine of these out! :) xx

  5. Luvin' hairstyle 8, 9, 10! Pretty as always Emily! :)

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  6. woooow amazing looks!so good all the hairstyle!!thanks for sharing!!
    Pleasee dear I need your help in my blog!!

  7. Your plaited headband looks gorgeous!! xx

  8. I love the 7, simple but beautiful ;)

  9. I really enjoy looking at all your hairstyles, they are so pretty yet different. I'm growing my hair a bit & cannot wait to try some of them, especially #6, it reminds me of Anne Of Green Gables so much & I love it! I love playing dress up & having "Anne Days", my boyfriend loves when I do that- I'm so lucky to have him <3 lol that was a bit random but I just had to share. Have a great day!