Thursday, April 16

Hair Tutorial | The Rockabilly Double-roll

Happy Friday Eve guys! Is that a thing? a few of you sweet people wished that to me last week and I realized it made me excited, because it made the weekend feel like it was already happening! haha Alright I need to get back on track:) Today's hair tutorial was shot like a month ago almost and I posted it on Instagram, so I'm very excited to finally be sharing it with you, and I hope you love it as much as I do!
As per usual with my photo tutorials I go into very descriptive detailing so you'll be sure and get it right the first time (vague tutorials are the worst don't you think?), so don't be intimidated by all the text and photos! This was a style that'd been in my head for a while, but this tutorial was my first time doing it and it only took me about 15 minutes! Also you can probably pull this off if your hair is at least to your shoulders, so if you love it I hope you give it a try!

Wednesday, April 15

and the winner is... (drum roll please:)

The long awaited announcement is finally here! It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks full of good things (new studio space! some exciting news! new blog design launch!!) and not so great things (flooded basement, no internet, stolen packages?!) so thank you all so much for your super-hero patience! Once the entry was verified, Colleen was contacted and her new camera is on it's way to her house!!

A big, fat, humongously massive THANK YOU to all of you sweet and amazing people for entering the giveaway and supporting my sponsors and myself, and I hope you keep your eyes peeled for the next one!!

The Freckled Fox will keep having monthly group giveaways where my sponsors can collaborate to bring you an amazing prize, while at the same time being introduced to all of you sweet readers! So if you're one of the many people who love the prize of a Canon camera every month please let me know in the comments, or if there's another grand prize that you'd like to see given away, please let us know as well!! Tech, gift cards, beauty, etc:) Leave it down below!

Thanks so much for reading my loves,

Saturday, April 11

What We Wore // Happy Anniversary honey-buns :)

Hello again friends! We've not had internet this whole week, but it's back just in time for our special day! 
Every year when April 11th comes around we love reminiscing over how we first met, our courtship, our engagement, our wedding, our honeymoon (take me back to Maui!), and of course over the years the brought us to today. We end up staying up late nearly every night of the week leading up to it talking about the births of our children, our moves, family vacations, struggles and triumphs we've faced together, but it always comes back to this day. April 11th. The day we became husband and wife and started our life together hand in hand.
photos by Ashlee Brooke Photography, hairstyle by Emma's parlour, makeup by Jessica Marie!!
All these amazing photos were taken by the lovely Ashlee Brooke Photography, My hairstyle was created and maintained by the super talented Emma's parlour,  and my flawless makeup was done by Jessica Marie!!

It's cliche to say of course, but sometimes it seems like the years have just flown by way too quickly, and yet because we've fit so much family and so much life into our marriage, it's also as if our wedding day was an entire lifetime ago. We've grown so much together, and we have so many big marvelous plans. Building a life with him has made me happier every single day that goes by, and I can't wait to see where the future takes us!

Thank you for choosing me Martin, I love you to pieces:)
Happy Anniversary love.

P.S. as a side-note, I just want to say that we had the best time working with these ladies! I love that everything from the dress that Jessica lent me to the buildings around us makes the shoot feel like wedding photos! Our actual wedding day was very different of course, but these ladies did such an amazing job of helping me feel like a princess, and Ashlee captured our interactions and special moments in such a real way. Thank you thank you ladies!!

Sunday, April 5

Easter '15

Saturday we had a bit of a family reunion/Easter party complete with a family-wide egg hunt and several tables of delicious food. The girls were so excited to get dolled up in their 'Cinderella dresses' as they called them, and each of them (especially miss Lydia) sat very still as I put a few curls in their hair. Then came the flower crowns, and they couldn't contain their excitement as they gazed at their reflections in the full-length mirror and twirled around. Even John was hopping up and down as we told him how handsome he looked in his suit:)
What a fun day it was to spend time together as a family and with the ones we love. I'm so lucky to have this bunch of precious little people to call me mom, and that handsome guy who lets them all tackle him to the ground on a daily basis

I hope your Easter was full of love and happy moments, and also yummy food!
Have a great week ahead:)

P.S. That Face!! she gets me every time:)