Monday, February 8

Weekend Wrap-up

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THIS WEEK: was mostly spent doing housework, zipping up coats, preheating the oven, wiping little noses, braiding hair, taking temperatures, listening to old Coldplay, and clinging to my pillow as little hands tug excitedly on my foot each morning. Mentally I've been telling myself that Martin's about to leave again for his treatment program and that everything is going to go smoothly with the family while he's gone. In reality, it doesn't help my anxiety much.haha I've hidden a bit from the blog and social media this week, for the most part again because of the flu and cold bugs making their way through the whole family, but also, because whenever I want to cover over reality a bit I tend to just tuck into myself and turn into a hermit. Turning off the screens and getting into a quiet mindless rhythm of mommyhood. It feels good in the moment, but once I sort of wake up again I usually wish I hadn't checked out for so long.

Every time I sit down to blog I imagine that I'm writing to a great friend about what we've been up to lately, and then I think about how much I have to catch that friend up and I feel tired and deflated, so I just turn to emails and other deadlines. The longer I wait, of course, the more I have to catch up later. It's a vicious cycle:) I think I just really need it to be Spring. The cold weather has been a really great excuse to lock the doors and huddle up, but we all have cabin fever over here, and we need the sunshine on our faces again. My poor little babies need to run and yell and get dirty without having their tiny hands going numb with the bitter cold. Here's to warmer weather scheduled for this week! :)

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- make sure Ellie gets her valentines ready for school
- send Martin off safely
- keep up with the laundry folding
- try making a new recipe
- film a family vlog
- publish a new post every day
- write with more open-ness
- write down a photo goal for the family
- load up the firewood
- keep chipping away at my over-loaded inbox
- get in touch with some friends
- teach Ellie how to crochet
- sing out loud
- do something anonymous to make someone happy

- I can't wait to sleep with the window open at night again, for iced drinks in the shade, to hear the laughter echo across the pasture while they play, for the sunshine on my face, for the smell of fresh cut grass.
- Struggling with self-doubt on the daily can be such a crippling thing. I feel like I am constantly standing in my own way, and I think back on our life a year ago and how much potential we really had and didn't even know it. It's amazing what we're capable of when our mind is clear and unclouded.
- I'm making a very conscious effort to type more straightforward from here on out. To just let my mind guide my fingers in the moment, and not erasing the paragraphs that maybe aren't as positive as the others. I've been trying to figure out how to share happy posts one day and 'real talk' posts the next (since that's my life currently) without giving everyone whip-lash, but I just think I need to stop worrying about that and publish whatever comes out. Sound okay to you? haha

Keep your face to the sun, and you will never see shadows.
                            - Helen Keller

How has February been treating you?? Thanks so much for visiting!

Monday, February 1

What We Wore // body heat buddies

Photography by In Frames Photography          ||         Makeup by Sierra Miller 


Lately it's been getting harder and harder to carry this little sweetie around in her portable carseat because she's extra heavy for her age and it's just extra awkward, so finally last week we tossed it out and traded it for a new car seat, and have been carrying her around in our arms everywhere ever since.
It's been sweeter really, because normally we'd have kept her in it for several more months so she could have naps on the go and such, but instead she has to nap on me if she's tired. oh darn:) It's great for body heat too on the colder days, I just tuck her under my coat a bit and we're toasty and warm together as we walk.

Well so hey there February, how'd you get here so fast!? Martin and I got back from Alt Summit on the 23rd and had a couple days of snuggly family bliss, followed by two solid days of organized work awesomeness, followed by like five straight days on our deathbeds with some hybrid cold + flu + ptosis mess. It really only affected Martin and I and little Evie, and we're all still not quite over it yet, but I'm keeping a close eye on her, and we should all be over this really soon.

Thanks so much for visiting and reading today, and if you've gotten this far will you PLEASE help me pick a new Netflix show to watch?? I'd really love to hear your thoughts, especially because if I can't make up my mind we're probably just going to start The Office again for like the 10th time.haha

Cheers loves, 

Tuesday, January 26

The double braid + ponytail Hairstyle

Hey guys! So I sat down yesterday and braided some hair back into a ponytail like I've been doing a lot lately, but this time I turned on my camera and filmed it for you guys!
This probably isn't a new hairstyle for many of you, but I've had a lot of fun lately taking my ordinary every-day hairstyles like top-knots and ponytails and adding a little somethin extra, and I hope you give this a try!

I hope you love it as much as I do, and also that you feel free to leave any feedback or questions you may have in the comments so I can help you out! It's really super simple, especially if you only do one braid, but this is just how I love doing it:) 

And that's it for today! Last week was pretty crazy with my little gig in LA and then Alt Summit (which you already know about if you follow on Instagram), and I'll be posting little recaps and things for that over the next few days. I do hope you've been having a great January though, and lets plow on into February next week with high hopes and big dreams, and braids in our hair.haha


Monday, January 18

Stronger, healthier hair

Happy Monday loves! I don't think you'll be surprised to hear that I get more questions about my hair care than anything else, and since we all love the clean-slate aspect of the New Year for trying new things, I thought it would be the perfect time to partner up with Moroccanoil to answer a lot of those questions, and to show you how I keep my hair healthy and strong!!
Since I've had five babies in the last five years my hair has really taken one big beating after another. Even with all my vitamins and things, I'm not one of those mamas who gets thick luscious locks when she's pregnant. It's an uphill battle the whole time, and I experience lots of thinning and breakage (believe it or not!). Especially with Evie's pregnancy and birth during such a stressful time in our life, my hair had never been so fragile, but through all the struggles with my hair health, one of the best assets has been using Moroccanoil products on a regular basis. I've trusted their treatments and masks since highschool, and no matter how much I slack off in taking care of my hair, I know exactly what I need to do to get my best hair ever!

When I stick to my regime and use it regularly my hair is just so much softer and healthier, it has bounce and shine, my frizz is under control, it feels thicker, and grows faster! Argan Oil replenish the vitamins and protein in my hair, and it especially really protects from sun damage and heat damage from curling irons, etc, which is so important to me!
Some of my favorites include:
The Pure Argan Oil
The Restorative Hair Mask
The Thickening Lotion
and especially The Moroccanoil Treatment:
 - After I get out of the shower, I like to leave my hair wrapped in a towel for about ten minutes to allow it to dry a bit while I do some skincare or makeup, or change a diaper, etc:)
- Next I work about a quarter-sized amount of the Moroccanoil Treatment onto my hair and work it around with my fingers from high shaft to the ends.
- Next I let it sit on my hair for a minimum of 10 minutes to allow really good penetration into my follicles, and then I simply dry and style it as usual!
So I guess I should wrap up, but I hope that I've convinced you to go check out the different products and find some that are just right for you! They have so many different options for hair styling and haircare and even skincare, all argan oil infused, and I even have a bunch in my cart that I'm hoping to add to my collection soon (shimmering body oil anyone?:)).

Thank you so much for visiting today! I hope that's answered a few of your questions about my hair-care, and if you have any more about the products or technique, let me know in the comments!

This post was sponsored by Moroccanoil.