Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Ad Sale + a Fall Fashion Giveaway!

Happy Labor Day my friendlies!

September is my absolute favorite month of the year and I'm so excited about the posts I have planned for this month. September is when the leaves start to change color, the nights start to get chilly, out come the layer that have been packed way, and I can legally start making cups of hot chocolate on a regular basis.haha

That being said I'd love to have you join the fun in The Freckled Fox for this month, and seeing as the first day of my favorite month also falls on a holiday I can't resist the chance to have a big old ad sale for you guys! If you'd like to look into advertising on my sidebar or in my posts you can purchase here with just a couple clicks, and use the promo code: LABORDAY40 for 40% off my Large, Medium, and Small ads only, from now until 11:59 MST tonight! If you'd like more information on various advertising packages, current statistics and pricing, or have any questions at all, feel free to contact me at or read this post here for the most updated version:) 

Now on to more Fall fun! I've partnered up with a my girl Janee and a bunch of other fun ladies to offer one of you the chance for a $450 gift card to the clothier of your choice {provided they offer gift cards} towards a big shopping spree! I'm pretty sure we could all use a little Fall wardrobe umph:)
Live Colorful | Tara Victoria | Kiss Me Darling | Ex Vitae | Yeobo | Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard
Thanks for checking in today, and I hope you have a great holiday if you're celebrating in some sort of way:) At any rate have a great first day of September, and I'll see you here tomorrow! 
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: has really been more of a catch-up week since we were out of town last weekend, but we also jumped on a few projects that weren't quite done when we left and were able to complete them for the most part so, yea! Also I got to take the two older girls to the fair which was super sweet and fun.
We really had a great little impromptu family vacation in Utah and I'm really glad we went, so are the kids! Martin came home with a bad stomach bug/food poisoning? which is the pits, so I'm not so sure he's glad we went.haha But esentially we were going for some work meetings and appointments, and we were able to snag a session with the amazing Justin Hackworth (which I feel like I've been wanting for years), we visited one of my sweet friend/relatives that I've not seen in years, we ate and shopped at a few fun places, had some really kindof tramautic instinces that can only happen if you take four babies on vacation (i.e losing shoes in department stores, blowouts at the worst times, losing the only bottle at the worst time incurring the meltdown of the century, you get the poicture.haha), but over-all it was definitely a great trip.
To-do's and Goals for the Week:
- sew the window room curtains
- clean my desk!
- catch up on laundry
- keep up with my daily workouts
- take the kids on another nature hike
- comment more when I visit blogs
- make a killer omelette
- schedule the month of September

A Few Facts: 
  • I love pie. but really, who doesn't?
  • Spiders are the bane of my existence
  • I'm setting a goal to post new videos at least twice a week in September (even if it's with my iphone!) so I know I'll be asking for your encouragement and requests frequently! haha
  • I sometimes crave vacuuming. Crazy I know because I really don't like housework.haha
Take care guys, and I'll see you back here tomorrow!

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Finds #100 + Giveaway Winner!

Before I share my finds from the past week, I'm happy to announce the winner of the Canon Rebel Giveaway: Congratulations to Megan J! An email has been sent to you with the details for receiving your prize, and to the rest of you amazing people a huge massive Thank You from my lovely sponsors and myself for all your support in entering the giveaway! Many more fun giveaway's to come!! xoxoxo
This week I found...
 1 | this large tote from nordstrom that would make a great duffle bag for short trips
 2 | these cute little mini notebooks that come in a set. I'm a sucker for cute little notebooks!
 3 | this yummy and refrshing looking recipe for cressants with strawberries and bree. mmm 
 4 | this living luminizer from rms that I've actually seen on youtube a lot this week,  
 5 | I've had my eye on this it cosmetics brush for a while, and it keeps popping up everywhere!
 6 | this fun new york pencil set from kate spade. I do love a good white pencil, or 12.haha
 7 | these pointy cutout boots that I'm at least going to bookmark since I can't quite afford 'em:)
 8 | this lovely site and shop which I love everything about. the look, the feel, everything.
 9 | this Autumn salad on from the kitchen with fresh figs, we love fresh figs at our house:) 
 10 | this khaki lapel coat that I've been looking for for a while, but this one is sold out:(
 11 | these polish colors from YSL that are perfect for Fall coming up and really calling my name. 

and that's it for this week! I always find way more favorite things in a week than I can stick in my friday posts for you guys, but I have loved this way of sharing some with you and I can't believe that I've done this 100 times! Let me know if you've been a reader since the early days of my Friday Finds, and as usual thank you so much for visiting and I'll see you back here tomorrow I hope!
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Monday, August 25, 2014

a little adventure is good for the soul

Hey guys! You may or may not have noticed that its been a little quiet here the last few days, so I just wanted to let you know that we had some fun things align with some work things this weekend, and so we decided to have a quick little impromptu family vacation!
I'll post little bits of it on Instagram as usual if you'd like to follow along there, and I'll see you guys back here on Friday the 29th! I'm super dooper excited about all the goodness coming to the blog in September, because it's my favorite month of the year and I can't help but go a little crazy! 

Anyways, don't forget to check out my lovely sponsors while I'm on break, and take care my peeps!
P.S. In case you're interested in keeping up with my videos that won't necessarily be on the blog:) :

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

BLANQI style - bump or no bump:) // Review + giveaway!

It's nearly the weekend folks! I'm always so relieved when I get a post out for you guys that I feel answers a bunch of your questions, and today's post featuring these support leggings from Blanqi is just such a post!
By way of better introducing you to today's topic I just want to go over the first rules of my blog regarding sponsored content and reviews of products here, etc, to quickly remind you guys that no products are used or worn or talked about here in this space that I haven't personally hand-picked and chosen to share with you, and that I don't truly/genuinely love! Are we clear? haha
Okay, that being said, there are still those items that when I finally receive them in the mail I am so surprised and delighted at them exceeding my high expectations that I can't help but exclaim aloud how comfortable they are and how much I love them (to the empty room), and then I'll even run to find Martin and proceed to do a jazzy moonwalk with sound-effects to show them off for him... :) I am of course describing my experience at receiving these leggings! ...though it has been known to happen a few times before.haha
I get questions about my closet staples all the time, I get questions about my pregnancy wardrobe essentials, I get questions about items that will work weather you're pregnant or not (probably since I've been pregnant four times in the last four years.haha ), and these leggings my friends are in the top items on all those lists.

These babies are great for every season, they work for just about any occasion, they're extremely easy to style, and they're comfortable enough that you'll find yourself living in them all the time.haha I love to pair them with short dresses and heels for date nights, with baggy t-shirts for lounging around the house, with my knee boots and a cardigan for running errands, and with my favorite tank-top for working out! So so versatile.
Obviously they work for when you're not pregnant (just a food baby here:)), but the support of the stretchy fabric is the kind you can only dream about when you're pregnant.haha It's so so soft to the touch, and so incredibly light-weight without being see-through at all, which is so hard to find in leggings isn't it?! They're also thick enough of a weave to provide full coverage, the top waistband reaches comfortably to up under my bust-line, and they're versatile enough that you could also keep them as capri length if you wanted.
wearing: beanie - c/o target (old) // necklace - c/o bip and bop // shirt - h&m // cardigan - ross // jacket - c/o chicwish // support leggings - c/o BLANQI // boots - tj-maxx (steve madden brand)

Well have I gushed enough about them to you? haha Now for the best part, the amazing people over at Blanqi are giving away one pair of these leggings to a one of you lucky ladies! Remember- bump or no bump, you will live in these things! haha alrighty I'll shut up now because you know the drill from here:)
The giveaway will go for one week and the winner will be announced in this post and across social media. And that's it! I've been so excited for Fall to arrive lately, and since September is just around the corner it's the perfect time to be adding new autumn staples to your closet! We had a couple rainy and chillier days here this last week and it's been fun breaking out light jackets and beanie hats:) I hope you've enjoyed todays post, and I hope you have good luck with the giveaway! xo
P.S. In case you're interested in keeping up with my videos that won't necessarily be on the blog:) :

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More House Progress // Family/Playroom Inspo

This last week we've been working on painting the last room (the 'window room' or 'family room') in our house that's been without fresh paint and general TLC since we moved in a few years ago now, and today we installed the carpet ourselves completing the renovations! Now I can get to sewing the curtains and picking through the thrift stores for a few furniture pieces and other decor we're hoping to score. I've been looking over playrooms on pinterest since we're going to be outfitting it so the kids can spend tons of time in there together, and I thought I'd share a few favorite rooms from my inspo board!
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 

As you can see I'm really inspired by lightness and simplicity! We've already painted the walls and ceiling a country white, and the carpet has various shades of beige and brown. We're also going to add in a our sleeper couch so it can double as a guest room if need be! 

As for decor I have a couple small cubbies already for toys and books, and we'll be adding a little table and benches for them to do projects. I'd love to maybe make a teepee for them to play in, and I also love the idea of maybe adding a chalkboard to the room as well as a few small mounted bookshelves, and maybe also some fun and whimsical pieces of art! I've been going crazy with decorating and rearranging rooms in the house lately, which is weird since I'm not nesting and it's not Spring! haha but either way I've caught the bug and it's been so great to finally get these things done:)

Thanks for your interest in seeing the room progress! I know you can't offer too much input without seeing the room, but if you've decorated kids rooms before and would like to share any advice or favorite shops, etc, I'd love to hear any thoughts you may have! Thanks for reading today, and have a great day!
P.S. In case you're interested in keeping up with my videos that won't necessarily be on the blog:) :

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