Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Ankle Booties - a triple giveaway!

Good morning everyone! I have such an exciting and big giveaway for you today, and I've been waiting a while to get this up so I can't wait to finally share! Here is what three of you lucky ladies (or gents:)) will be winning!
How great are these booties?! I hope you love them because I'm obsessed haha, and I want them in every single color! That's why I knew the three winners would need to be able to pick their color of choice because I had such a hard time deciding, so I'm thrilled it worked out that way!

To enter the giveaway you simply need to comment here telling me/us your favorite color or two, what excites you most about Fall being almost here (for a lot of us at least! haha), a favorite Fall tradition you have, or something along those same lines! There are also a ton of bonus entries if you feel like upping your chances of winning, so that's always fun. haha You know the drill ladies!
Thanks so much for all your support you guys! I'm so happy to finally get this up because I haven't done a giveaway on my own for you in a while, and you guys know how I love hosting a good shoe giveaway! :) I do really appreciate you guys so so much and these giveaway's are one of the only ways I know to literally 'give back' for all the constant motivation and encouragement you offer every day!

Make sure to pay those lovely ladies on my right sidebar a visit since their sponsorship goes directly into promoting this blog further, to producing higher quality content, and to providing more awesome giveaways! Hooray! haha

Take care my friends and I'll see you back here tomorrow!
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Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall Recipe Round-up, aka delicious things for your belly

Happy Monday guys:) We couldn't be more excited about the chilly wind and crisp weather that's slowly creeping in around here, and we even had our first fire a couple mornings ago! Every new season we write out a list of fun activities and things we want to do and make and visit, and these recipes are all on the list for this Fall, so I thought I'd share them with you today! I only share the best on the blog and these are the best:)

We've already made 5, 6, 7, and 12, and I can't wait to hear if you try one of these or a few of them, and if you've already made one of these in the past I'd love for you to share what you thought! 

Thanks so much for visiting today as usual, and I hope to see you back here again tomorrow!
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Blast From The Past: Fall activity and date ideas collection!

Hey my friendly friendsies! I'm gearing up to share a whole lot more of myself than I'm used to here and on YouTube so I've been pretty nervous the last little while! but it's the weekend now and Fall is nearly here (it's already getting cold in Idaho!), and I've been getting so many emails lately about seasonal dates that I figured I should group these all together in a post to make it easier and more fun for us all! So here is the official Fall Date Ideas list to start the party off:
1. Get lost in a corn maze with thermoses of your favorite hot drinks
2. Take popcorn and hot cider to a local community outdoor concert
3. Visit a haunted house
4. Have a board game night
5. Go to a gym and workout together
6. Write out a Fall Bucket List together (take turns choosing activities)
7. Have a bonfire party with with flannel blankets (invite more couples maybe?)
8. Go ice skating 
9. Make Haunted Gingerbread houses with Halloween colored candy and icing
10. Rake some leaves together, play in them, and rake them up again:!
11. Cuddle by a fire with hot drinks and read Edger Allen Poe together
12. Visit your local visitors center and go on a historic tour of your own town
13. Fly kites on a windy day
14. Give little care packages or blankets to some homeless people 
15. Pick out Halloween Costumes together, and have a fashion show!
16. Make caramel apples together
17. Have a marathon party and watch a whole season of a favorite show (with lots of snacks)
18. Visit a local arcade and play all the two man video games
19. Go roller skating 
20. Go to a local harvest festival
21. Go to a concert together
22. Turn the lights off and tell ghost stories with a flash light
23. Go bowling with some family or friends
24. Go to the County fair, and don't leave out the ferris wheel
25. Visit a new restaurant neither of you have ever tried
26. Go for a bike ride together along a scenic trail
27. Schedule a private ballroom dance lesson for the two of you
28. Spend the date at a big bookstore and grab some cocoa from the little cafe
29. Have a scary movie marathon, with only one blanket:)
30. Bake a pumpkin or apple pie together
31. Take a walk on a deserted beach and breath in the chilly sea air
32. Explore a local farmers market and buy a few new homemade treats to try together
33. Go to a pumpkin patch 
34. Pumpkin carving/decorating together
35. Go for a walk and or picnic out in the country where you can really see the changing season
36. Go horseback riding
37. Really surprise him or her with a romantic hot air balloon ride
38. Put a simple quilt together (if your guy will go for it), and then snuggle in it!
39. Bring a pizza to the park and toss a frisbee or football
40. Make lots of tailgating snacks and watch 'the big game'
41. Make a fun video together and post it to youtube! (try talking in accents or doing magic tricks, etc)
42. Go Geocaching (a local treasure hunt where you use a GPS
43. Have a costume party with friends
44. Go shopping for some fall decor and things (don't leave out the flannel sheets!)
45. Climb onto your roof with some blankets and star gaze
46. Rent a canoe or kayak and go enjoy all the Fall colors out on the water
47. Visit a $1 store with an equal budget, and pick out silly meaningful gifts for each other
48. Go to a zoo together, and don't leave out eh gift shop and little restaurant
49. Make Halloween sugar cookies and deliver them to friends or family
50. Go to a local college or high school sporting event

Just reading through that list has me so excited about this new season! Also before I finish I wanted to make sure and include the 101 COMPLETELY FREE DATE IDEAS
also the 50 FUN DATE IDEASand last but not least my FALL FUN CHECKLIST from a couple years ago that we use year after year!

I innetially wrote out these lists after posting to instagram that Martin and I strive for weekly dates, and since then we love to refer to them when we're headed out of the house without a plan for the night, and I hope that they can be inspiring to you as well! I've been getting enough emails about ideas for dates and seasonal activities that I figured these were too buried, so I hope you've enjoyed this post!

Have a great rest of your day, and please leave a favorite Fall date or activity of your own that's not included on the list!
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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: was pretty crazy and pretty humorous, and the weather has been getting colder every day! Don't get me wrong there has been some great sunshine and we even went swimming, but the familier smell of Fall is definitely there in the air. Also we have to wear coats on all our evening walks and especially when I go out for errands in the morning! brrr.

The humorous things this week have included one of our bushes getting dug up and stolen during the night (full story and picture here), our front doorknob falling to pieces in my hand as I walked into the house, the neighbors cat deciding he liked our home much more than his own and refusing to leave, and the fact that I bought the kids all slushes for the first time in ages (a real treat I thought), and they wanted to throw them away so they could play on the playground instead! Silly kids.haha 
To-do's and Goals for the Week:
- have Martin make me another cup of his scrumptious hot chocolate

- start another book
- get caught up on emails!
- go on a hot sushi date
- do cardio every day this week
- film every day this week!
- have a big family clean-the-house day
- call a friend just to chat
- glean the garden for the last of the produce
- make another batch of yogurt
- read to the kiddies every night
- take a little time for me every day

A Few Facts: 
  • my revulsion at spiders only seems to be getting worse as I get older. Maybe it's the fact that as it gets colder we have many more moving into our house, but they're huge-ness and hair-ness and fast-ness is causing severe mental breakdowns with this girl lately! Ugh-bleck-barf
  • pie is always a good idea. always.
  • OMG while we're talking about treats I had a friend bring me one of the Starbucks pumpkin cream cheese muffins and they are To Die For.
  • this week I've realized that you can never have too many plants in your house. Unless it looks like the house in Jumanji, than you may have a few too many.haha

Thanks so much for reading today my sweet people And I hope you have something fun planned today that'll ease up the Monday blues if you have them! See you tomorrow for somethin fun:)
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Finds #102 - Fall shopping and sales edition! :)

This week I found...
 1 | this simple bib necklace that definitely needs to be hanging around my neck area soon, 
 2 | this rosehip lip cream is exactly what I need for the chilly season! So happy I found it! 
 3 | this pair of suede boots are simple perfection for Fall and Winter, but too much $$$:(
 4 | this merino wool blanket is different from everything else In my finds, but I want a bunch of them! 
 5 | this gojana 3-disc necklace is so petite and delicate, just what I've been loving for months!
 6 | these michael antonio ankle boots have a great pointed toe and I love the price too. 
 7 | this pallett isn't exactly a new find, but I've been seeing it all over this week and really want it,
 8 | this black and white floral shirt which combines three of my favorite things lately!
 9 | this burgundy dress from modcloth that I am loving so much, the color, the shape, everything! 
 10 | these aztec drop earrings with gold flecks in them are really beautiful, and I love black 
 11 | this madewell bucket bag is quite perfect indeed, and I wish it wasn't sold out already.
 12 | this pair of cadence cutout booties I have been searching for for ages! love them,
 13 | this tarte foundation is another I've known about for a while, but I'm gettin this week:)
 14 | this ambiance blush by hourglass was actually forwarded to me by a friend and I'm curious to try it out, 
 15 | this ilia lipstick shade is such a big color this Fall (thanks kylie:)) and I definitely wanna grab some!
 16 | this forest green parka is just perfect for all the chilly hikes I plan on taking this fall, 
 17 |  this inner rim brightener that I've been looking for for a few weeks now and I"m excited!

And that's it for my finds today! As you can see the things I chose to share with you are all fashion and beauty finds that I'd love to own in the near future, and that's because I've been doing lots of Fall shopping this past week with all these amazing sales going on! Here are some of my favorite sales that you should really check out! 

- J.Crew - 30% off final sale, 50% off select final sale with code EASYSALE. Ends 9/14
- Madewell - 30% off select Fall styles with code ADDTOBAG, ends today
- GAP - 25% off entire purchase with code HAPPY, ends today
- Old Navy - 20% off entire purchase with code SAVEMORE, ends today
- LOFT - 40% off all merchandise with code FALLSTYLE, 
- Ann Taylor - 50% off full price dresses and skirts, 40% off sale items, buy one get one 50% off select camis and tanks
- Bluefly - Shoes extra 10%-40% off, outerwear up to an extra 50% off, cashmere up to 40% off
- BCBG - extra 30% off factory outlet

So thanks so much for reading today, and if you have any of the items that I'm sharing here than I'd love to hear what you think about them! Have a great weekend guys!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Top ten essential oils & favorite ways to use them + a giveaway!

UPDATE: some of you may have noticed that this post dissappeared off the grid for about 4 hours 
tonight due to the fact that a certain 4-year-old figured out how to entirely delete published blog posts.haha So here's a big shout-out to Kerry from Kerry My Heart for saving the day with a copy she rescued from her blog reader! *cheers* 
Hey beautiful! This post has been highly highly requested by you guys over the last year or so I think, but it was a little overwhelming to start writing because Essential Oils are such a big part of our lives, and I want to be thorough in sharing the ways we love to use them! I figured it was high time though, especially with sickness season coming, and maybe I'll just call this 'Part 1' or something so I can feel ok about not including every little detail? I think so.haha
Well essentially (pun intended) the back story is that I grew up with my mother using homeopathics and natural remedies on us kids all the time whether we were sick or hurt or whatever, so adding in essential oils was very natural and easy after I got married and started looking for my own natural remedies for my family.

I first really got into using them and saw the amazing benefits when I started seeing a midwife for our first home-birth we were planning during my second pregnancy, and I was hooked after starting that very first blend she gave us! I used different oils all throughout the rest of my pregnancy and felt the huge difference the aromatherapy made in the ease of my birth.

Flash forward a couple more years and we use them for so many things from putting them into homemade bath-soaps and household cleansers to helping to ease headaches and sooth sore muscles, and while I don't believe they have magic *wink* abilities to mend broken bones or things like that, they have changed our lives so much for the better, and I couldn't recommend them enough! And that's where doTERRA comes in.

I recently was offered to try the doTERRA Family Physician Kit by Ashlee from Use Pure Oils, and since we were already such EO addicts, I was more than happy to give them a try! We've been using them along with some other favorites and I thought it was high time to share a few ways we love to use our Family Physician Kit:
1: Breath // is a blend used a lot around here to sooth congestionand coughs by rubbing into the chest, I love rubbing some onto the kids (diluted with fractionated coconut oil) or myself or simply inhaling it out of the bottle when we may need to 'breathe' and calm down a bit.haha I use it on ourthroats to ease them when they're sore, and the list goes on and on for this one!

2: On Guard // breaking these down was just as hard as I though it would be, but I'm trying to just stick to a few favorites! On Guard though is wonderful when it comes to the Fall and Winter seasons (colds and flusgalore) to help fortify against those cold and flu symptoms, we add it to our dishwater, we add it to ourlaundry, it makes a great disinfectant and we put it on insect bites and stings

3: Oregano // mostly used to helpfight infections and germs, though it's great to cook with and is full ofessential nutrients. I think it's great helping relax sore and stiff muscles, and last but not least we love it for soothing indigestion andstomach aches as well as period cramps! good stuff.haha
4: Melaleuca // love mixing a few drops with water and lemon to use as a cleanser around the house because of it's antibacterialproperties, it's very good for using oncuts and sores to fight infection, we love mixing it with coconut oil and messaging into rashes,  

5: Peppermint // huge in helping tocalm morning sickness by applying to pulse points and back of the neck, applying a dab to the temples cansooth headaches, rubbing some into the chest and using deep breaths can help alleviate congestion, and coughs. This is one that I really could go on and on about and that we use very often!

6: Lavender // by far my most used and favorite essential oil of all time! I actually use another brand of lavender so I can order it in bulk and not spend a small fortune.haha But basically we use it every where, forevery thing, and 24/7! It's such a powerhouse oil. In the morning and at night I dab it on my pulse points, forehead, and anywhere else I feel like. It calms and refreshes my mind and helps me relax and feelless stressed out. I use it on the kids every day too and love thecalming effect it has on everyone. It's also great for fighting swelling,bug bites, infections, headaches, cuts and scrapes, blemishes, allergies, cold sores, sore throats, itchy skin, flu symptoms, rashes, sunburns, and on and on!
7: Lemon // I love mixing a few drops of lemon with some baking soda and using as a cleanser for sinks and tubs etc. because it's antibacterialand I love cleaning with the smell of citrus! I also love adding lemon to my herbal tea, it's great to use indressings or marinades, it's awesome to mix water in a spray bottle to sanitize and clean surfaces, and it also works great forcleaning up crayon:)
8: Frankincense // we normally dilute to at least 50:50 with fractionated coconut oil or vegetable oil so it does last a long time, but I think inhaling it helps relieve certain levels of stressand lifts moods, I like to use it onstretch marks and scars to fade them, I'm currently using it to help with a few warts that Ellie has on her hand, and I use it to keep mysenses heightened when I'm sleepy. Also I like to apply 1 drop of un-diluted to my nails and it helps strengthen them when they're brittle!

9: Deep Blue // we use mostly tomassage into sore joints and muscles after intense workouts, and it really works well to bring downswelling and bruising when any of the kids take a fall or something of that sort. 

10: Degest Zen // as the name suggests we use this most to help with stomach aches and to ease indigestion and bloatingcramps, etc. I also used it on my pulse points to ease my nausea with morning sickness and motion sickness, and I use it the same way for Martin and the kids when they're feeling sick because I think just inhaling with deep breaths really calms the stomach.

Well I'd better stop for now! There are lots of free reference cards and things you can look up on google for the different areas and things to use essential oils and how many drops exactly are recommended, etc, but for myself and my family I think of it more like instinct, and I just go with my gut most of the time! Generally though when I'm applying oils to my kiddies, if I'm not diluting them I'll usually put it on the bottoms of their feet, back of their necks, inside of the wrists, and sometimes on their temples when I'm not trying to help them with something specific ( like putting it on the feet if they have sore gums, etc).
For myself and Martin, again unless it's something like soothing a certain sore muscle we love to put the oils on our wrists, back of the neck, temples, inside of the elbows, bottoms of our feet. I feel like after putting it on at least a couple of those places I can really be engulfed in the smell if that makes sense and feel the good effects of the oils for hours afterwards.

Okay I promise I'm stopping.haha But I'll just pause for this post and be back soon with another post highlighting more of our favorite uses for essential oils and answering more of your questions, but there's one last thing for today's post that I'm so so excited about!

My sweet friend Ashlee from Use Pure Oils is giving away 1 Family Physician Kit to one of you, my sweet readers! This kit comes with all ten of the oils that I've talked about today, and I couldn't be more excited about getting these to one of you. Below if the rafflecopter widget--you know the drill!
A little more about Ashlee: I am a stay-at-home mom of 3, a business owner, and an energy healer.  I love to hang out with my family, travel, beaches, reading, Trader Joe’s, and eating awesome food every day!  I am happily married to Justin, who is an amazing dad and ultra patient husband.  We have built a lifestyle where we can work together at home - both in our business and raising our family.   I started using essential oils simply as a natural option if my kids were to get sick. I wanted a natural and affordable way to help my little ones.  Once I realized the amazing power of the oils to help not only with physical things, but with emotional support after baby #3, I became addicted!   From tummy aches to tantrums,  I use oils to help with the crazy moments that happen in our home.  Now I teach wellness classes all over and empower others to use natural remedies first.  I offer free consultations and samples if you email me at

Thanks so much for visiting and reading today! It's great to share things that I'm passionate about and answer your requests and questions at the same time. Feel free of course to ask any questions you may have and I'll be sure to answer them in another post soon, and in the meantime I hope you've enjoyed this post and that you let my know any thoughts you may have down in the comments!
Take care loves,
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