Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anniversary Week - Five Memories from our Wedding Day

Hey lovelies, today's post was originally supposed to be published on our actually wedding anniversary last Friday (the 11th), but since I got whisked away on a fun little visit with some family for the occasion I decided that I'd go ahead and publish it today for your viewing pleasure:)
I've been asked often in the past if I have wedding pictures and if I'd share them, but in all actuality I don't have many from the day:( It was a bit cold, and there were some complications, etc, but I thought it'd be fun to at least share a couple we got so you could see! Here are some thoughts about the day that we wrote up separately and then put together. enjoy!

5 Memories of Emily's :
1. The biggest thing that comes to mind is the feelings of calm and peacefulness that I had throughout our wedding day. I remember a lot of people asking concernedly if I was 'feeling alright' or things like that because 'brides are normally more nervous on their big day' I suppose.haha I did expect to feel some sort of cold feet right at the last minute like they always have in the movies, but that wasn't the case. I'd never been more sure of anything before.

2. My 'Something Blue' was a little lacy garter for the occasion, and I laugh when I think about how quickly Martin snatched that thing off my leg to shoot into the crowd of gents.haha We were both on cloud nine that day and I'd never felt the butterflies in my chest like that before, but the boyish nervousness that came out in Martin was new and sweet, and highly attractive.haha

3. Martin's a fantastic ballroom dancer (lucky me!) and has been since he started competing in middle-school, and so for our first dance as a couple we wanted to do something a little more traditional, and decided on The Foxtrot! When the song started and we began our dance at our reception, all I could think about were the days leading up to that day when we'd grab our dancing shoes and some music and move across the floor of some studio or gymnasium (whatever we could get on the day) as I tried to remember the steps. There's a huge amount of coordination with another person and trust, etc that goes into ballroom dancing and if you have the opportunity to take lessons with your partner, I would highly recommend it!
4. The last thing that comes to mind was how special it was to get ready with my mother and grandmother in the brides room. I'd always wanted a ball gown for a wedding dress, with a big full skirt and some subtle bodice detailing, and we found it! I had to buy it a couple sizes too large (it as the last one!), but my grandmother was a dress maker for years and has amazing talents with sewing so there were several fun fittings leading up to the big day with my mother and grandmother. Having those generations with me in that room, those two sweet and strong women, fussing over the train and helping me attach my veil was such a wonderful experience. I'll cherish those memories always.

5. I remember holding hands with Martin for the ceremony and looking around to see the faces of just about all of my favorite people in the world. There was so much love there that day, but as I looked back at my soon-to-be husband, all the other faces faded away and it was just the two of us there alone together. I wish I could remember more of the words from the ceremony because it all seemed to happen so fast, but I remember they were beautiful, and special, and they pronounced us husband and wife. Aren't I a lucky gal:)

5 Memories of Martin's:
1. We were married in the morning and I hadn't slept much because I was way too exited and had spent the last night of my bachelorhood with some awesome friends counting down those last hours. It wasn't a huge number present to the ceremony- but a pretty small group that we had carefully selected out. When I really think about it these people and many others made our wedding very special- that is in the leading up to and in the events after- but not in the actual ceremony itself. What I mean is that it became a room of blank faces and all I could see was my woman. Anyone could or could not have been there and it was beyond me to register it. I just couldn't notice: I just didn't have the capacity.

2. Our first purchase as a married couple and on our wedding day was a hairbrush for Emily, I think hers went missing, or she hadn't packed it or something. I’m sure it doesn't sound romantic but it was all kinds of romantic, I guess toothpaste or anything else really would have been for me at that point.
3. My best man’s speech started out really good and then I just wanted him to sit down and shut up. I was surprised at myself. I so was glad that he ended it when he did because any longer and I was sure to get emotional- and I never do that.

4. We painstakingly tried out all kinds of ideas for our after-ceremony luncheon and landed on our choice. It was a lovely restaurant that we had enjoyed a lot while courting. We assembled our choices from our favorites off the menu and I was really excited for that particular event (food is a highlight for me). For some reason it all went terribly wrong. There was confusion for our guests in the ordering process and the meals themselves weren't at all what we’d signed up for but rather horrible mistake versions. I was really surprised too when we were the last two peopled served at our own event- some few hours after it had started. My new wife just wasn't bothered at all. Emily is just one of those determinedly happy people. She’s a brilliant host and assertive when such is called for- but the luncheon was a highlight because Emily has such a good perspective. I could say the same for any potential negatives since then.

5. Emily was so strong and calm on our wedding day. I wouldn't say that I was nervous – but I was anxious and had that nauseous feeling one gets from too little sleep. But all of that went away when I saw her. She put me right straight away. And she was so beautiful! She is always beautiful and I’m shocked every day that I somehow got her to choose me for her husband.
Thanks for visiting and reading! It was fun to read Martin's memories and spend some time thinking about the day. Are you married? Care to share something you remember from your wedding day? I'd love to hear!
Have a great weekend ahead, but make sure to come back Saturday at least for a highly requested post! :)
xo, Emily
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Janee's Birthday Giveaway

It's a funny thing isn't it how in the world of blogging, a birthday like my friend Janee's is celebrated by her getting together with a bunch of friends (happy to count myself among that lot:)) to give something instead of receiving like normal people do on their birthday's. haha And you know what we're giving away? One of you lucky peoples will receive a Visa gift card with a whopping $600 on it! That's a lot of cash folks:) 
a Rafflecopter giveawayApril is already a huge month for celebrating what with Martin and Sophie's birthday on the same day, our wedding anniversary, other multiple birthday's and anniversaries among my siblings, etc, in fact it's my sister's birthday today and her anniversary tommorrow.haha So another party thrown in the mix makes it even better:) Do you have any birthdays or other special occasions in April? 

Happy Birthday Janee! Come back soon loves:) 
xo, Emily

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Monday, April 14, 2014

New Hair Tutorial Look and an Announcement

Morning you people! I'm excited about 'unveiling' the new look of my hair tutorials that I'll be doing, and the first one I'm releasing is as the new hairstyle contributor on The Wonder Forest blog! Go check out the full tutorial here, and make sure to let Dana and I know what you think of it:)
Also how do you like the new look of the tutorial overall? I love how the look is more clean and carefree, and the first thing you see is the style. That's really what I was going for and I love how this one turned out.

We've had a somewhat quiet weekend here on the blog since we were surprised with a visit to some of my favorite family over the weekend. Our trip was kicked off with them taking the kids overnight on Friday so we could have an Anniversary date! This week is going to be chalked full of some lovely and long awaited posts, some being doubled up: the rest of 'Anniversary Week', recipes, style posts, YouTube, more hair, etc. Can't wait!

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to any new comers from Dana's blog! I'm so happy to have you, and I hope you'll come back soon. Here's to a brand new Spring week!
xo, Emily
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Anniversary Week - What We Wore// earth tones for date night

This is a fun post today, because it's Martin's first 'official' outfit post on The Freckled Fox! I usually use his photo skills to take my outfits when we're headed out for one reason or another, but this time I figured it was appropriate to drag him in front of the camera and take our first little outfit together for our anniversary week series. I think he did a great job don't you? :)
I've had such a positive response to the little outfits I've done with the girls where I feel like I was able to share a little more of their personality and such, and I've been getting questions about mens fashion and style, etc often enough that I think I'll have to start using Martin more in the future to help me answer those questions and help you get to know my better half at the same time. Sound good? haha
What She's Wearing: White Blouse - Row McCarthy // Cardigan - Ross (lisa boom brand) // Necklace - c/o Kiki La' Rue // Pants - Ross (jj brand) // Heels -  Rowena (quite old)
What He's Wearing: Black V-Neck - c/o Buck Mason // Tweed Jacket - H&M // Jeans - & Fit Bragg // Shoes - Perry Ellis America // Aviators - Neiman Marcus // Watch - Armani
Have you ever posted outfits with your husband or boyfriend etc on your blog before? did they put up a fight or did they enjoy it? haha Thanks for visiting today, I'm look forward to the posts left in the series and I hope you are too! take this weekend folks:)
xo, Emily

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Anniversary Week - Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake Parfaits

Hi my friends. So another thing that has to be included in our special week is a recipe, which I actually haven't had on the blog in a while since we spent the first few months of the year eating a lot of the same things.haha I've realized since though that so many of you are interested in what we ate for our competition prep and eat now, so I can't wait to start sharing our favorites! This one I'm posting today is certainly Not on that list, but it is the perfect treat for our Anniversary Week or other such special occasions. It's pretty don't you think?:) 
Though I indulge in citrusy-sweet desserts all year round, they especially call out to me in the Spring and Summer don't you agree? This little dessert is the perfect blend of that, and with lemon and raspberries no less. My favorite! The bottom is the perfect graham cracker crumbs base with a thick layer of creamy no-bake cheesecake laced with the perfect amount of raspberries and lemon zest. Top that off with a dollop of freshly whipped cream and some sweet garnishes... it's basically perfection in a jar:) 

Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake Parfaits 
Prep time: 30 minutes. Chill time: 2+ hours for best results
This recipe makes four parfaits in pint jar sized dishes.

For the Crust:
- 10-12 graham crackers (I used 12 in the pictures:))
- 4 tablespoons of butter, melted
- 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
- 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
- 2 tablespoons white sugar

For the cheesecake filling:
- 2 8 oz packs of cream cheese
- 1/3 cup raspberry preserves
- 1/2 cup fresh raspberries 
- (1 additional cup for layering the parfaits)
- 1/2 small tub cool whip topping
- 1/4 cup lemon juice (one small lemon)
- the zest of one lemon

- Crush up the graham crackers into small crumbs and pour into a small baking dish. Top with the melted butter and the spices and mix well to combine thoroughly. cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, stirring once or twice to toast the crumbs. Let cool before forming parfaits.
- Combine all the cheesecake ingredients together in a mixing bowl, adding in the raspberries to the mixture last to keep a little bit of their texture. Once your crumbs are cooled, spoon them evenly into your four serving dishes (reserve a bit back for garnish) and shake to settle. Follow them up by carefully adding in your cheesecake mixture and approximately 12-14 fresh raspberries on top of each serving. Follow up the berries with some whipped cream, some toasted crumbs, and one lone raspberry and mint leaf for that final flourish. so cute! 

Well I hope that you give these a try some time and that you'll come back and let me know how they turned out, I always love that! I hope that you've been having a good week so far as well, and thank you as always for visiting.

See you tomorrow!
xo, Emily
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Anniversary Week - A Couples Giveaway

Well I think that we all knew this day was coming sometime this week didn't we? :) It's kind-of a celebratory week after all, and what's a celebration in the blogosphere without a fun giveaway right? I was thinking lately how giveaway's are a bit like the commercials on blogs, don't you think? haha I mean they can feel like a bit of an interruption to what you really want to be reading and you just kind-of sit back and wait till they're over, unless you like what's 'flashing' on the screen and you decide that yes, you really do want P90x! haha or in this case, yes you really DO want this perfect little date night companion that's really a must-have for all your romantic picnics for all the warm months ahead. It's pretty cute wouldn't you say?
If you're anything like me, (and I'm pretty sure we have a lot in common:)) than you spend as much time as possible outside during the warmer months, and that includes date nights! During the winter it's often times trying to get from a restaurant to the bowling alley to the mall as fast as we can to keep out of the wind and snow, but when it's warm our favorite activities are always outdoors (which usually makes them cheaper too!), and the best of all, are picnics. 
Quality alone time, quality conversation, yummy food to fit our mood, warm breezes and great views (we live in the west:)), it doesn't get any better than that! So for our couples giveaway during our anniversary week, Martin and I wanted to give away this picnic basket from Richmond House to encourage you to get out more these next few months whether it's with your significant other, your family, or some friends! and if you don't really think it's your thing, it would make a great wedding present at the very least.haha Here's the giveaway:
Thanks for visiting today, and I hope that wherever you are that you're having good weather, whatever that may be to you at this moment! For us in the Idaho desert we're just enjoying the first few warm (65-75 degrees fereinheit) days in a row, and that to me says it's officially Spring. We are all SO happy, despite being very sick.haha The kids have total cabin fever and frankly so do I.
I'll be back tomorrow with another fun addition to this little anniversary week series, and I hope you have a great rest of your week ahead!
xo, Emily
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