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The Meyers Family Halloween - 2014

Happy Halloween to you! We decided to do another handmade halloween this year since it's really the only opportunity that I get to sew costumes anymore, which are my favorite! Also because last year I was like 11 months pregnant and so didn't really dress up at all, and we're so happy with how everything turned out!
When we asked what the girls wanted to be they said "pwincesses", and John said "JAKE!"(since he loves the Jake and the neverland pirates show). I also knew I wanted to do something fun for myself with my hoop-skirt, and Martin agreed to be a pirate along with John, so to tie it all together into a family costume we went with sort of Jake Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan contemporaries.haha What do you think?

Thanks for visiting today, and I hope you have a fantastic holiday if you're celebrating today!
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From one hot drink lover to another

Morning guys, and thanks for visiting today! I'm pretty sure that the holidays mean lots of extra treats for most of our households, and especially for mine it means lots of extra hot drinks! We're big herbal tea drinkers on a daily basis all through the year, but during the Fall and Winter months we add in apple cider and hot chocolate, etc on the regular as well, and I thought I'd share a few favorite mugs I've been eyeing from Modcloth lately to make those hot drinks even better: 
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Aren't they so cute? My favorite thing is that there's a different one for whichever mood I'm in at the moment.haha and they're only between $12.99 and $14.99! 

I'm sure you can relate, but I grew up with one of those cupboards in my house with all the fun miss-matched mugs, and my favorite one I remember was a white mug with a lobster on it that would go from dark brown to bright red when you filled it with a hot liquid.haha But I loved choosing other ones too, it just makes hot treats all the better to have a mug that makes you smile don't you think? 

Do you remember your favorite mug growing up? Do you have one of those cupboards now? I'm working on ours, hence the mug collection:) Which is your favorite? Thanks again for reading, and I hope you have a great rest of your week!
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Dicslaimer: Just so we're all clear, this post does contain some affiliate links but I'm not getting paid and was not asked to do this, I just genuinely wanted to share there these fun mugs I've been wanting lately with you! Thank you for your constant love and support!


A Baby Favorites Giveaway!

Happy Monday you guys! You guys know how I feel about Mondays even though I know it's a pretty unique perspective.haha So I won't go into how stoked I am about the start of a new week and all, but I am excited to pass on this really fun giveaway today for some baby favorites:
Some of you may remember far enough back in reading to when I was still pregnant with little miss Lydia? Well I had the opportunity to collaborate with a bunch of ladies back then that were having babies around the same time as I was, and now it's been almost a year for us and our little ones are getting so big! Here's a little side-by-side to where we were last year and where we are today:
Can you believe she turns one just next week?! She is easily the easiest kiddo in the house these days, and is such a joy to be around, it's hard to remember back to when she wasn't a regular part of my life! It's crazy to think about all that has happened since Halloween last year when I was already a few weeks past my due date as a very pregnant Rosie the Reviter, her home-birth, all the milestones, her first teeth, belly laughs and so on. We love her more and more every day and we're so excited to celebrate her big day next week!
Do you guys know Lynzy and Olivia? Olivia turned one a little over a week ago, and has the thickest dark hair-I love it to pieces! Lynzy and I have been online buddies for a while now, and I've always been a sucker for her beautiful photography. I really love visiting her blog for her cute outfits and yummy recipes the most, and I know you're going to love her blog!
And here is Abbey and Wesley! Tomorrow is actually Wesley's birthday, and Abbey is the one who put this whole thing together for you guys! I've always felt like if Abbey and I lived closer that we'd be instant real life friends because we have so much in common and she is down to earth! I also love seeing how she styles outfits and getting inspiration from her DIY's and recipes is always a given. 

And now on to the fabulous items being given away and the giveaway itself!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
And there you have it! I couln't be more excited about bringing one of you lucky ladies so many awesome products that we love so much here at our house, and I wish you all the best of luck!
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Sponsor Call + a huge Halloween ad Sale!

Happy Weekend! It's been ages since I did an official 'sponsor call' /ad sale post, and since Halloween is less than a week away I figured it would be a great time to have a Halloween/ Fall/ Just because ad sale for you beautiful people!
The traffic on my blog has continued to grow and grow, and this month it's headed towards bringing in double the readers that we had just in July!  I'm currently running my 1 XL solo feature/giveaway spot, 1 in-post banner ad (that runs at the bottom of every blog post for a month and has the same perks of the XL!), 10 Larges (they're always popular and with a big group giveaway), 8 mediums (which also get a giveaway!), and 10 littles for that little extra bit of new readership and traffic! My variety of sizes and amounts will be changing next month, so hurry and sign up to be part of the fun in November! 

Use Passionfruit promocode: PUMPKINSPICE at checkout to receive a whopping 40% off your purchase! Also don't forget that when they say 'booked' it only means they're full currently, but you can still purchase and get in line for the next spot that opens up! Also if you'd like to stick around for three months than email me for a further discount:)

Find any information you'll need about my sizes and pricing, as well as further statistics(though they're a bit behind:)), etc, on my sponsor page. You can also find alternative ways of being featured/working with The Freckled Fox besides sponsorship's through giveaway's etc all in the same spot:)

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have, and I really really hope you'll join the sponsor team! Thanks so much for visiting, and have a great rest of your weekend!

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October '14 Mix Tape

If you've been a follower here for a little while than you've seen my mix tapes before, but it's been a couple months since I've posted one for you guys to enjoy, so really quickly (pretty self explanatory): we are huge music people here at our house, it plays pretty much 24/7, so I started doing mix tapes in the early years as a fun nod to the past while sharing some themed playlists of some favorite songs! 
This month being October (and with Halloween being just next week!) of course I'm going to share a bunch of songs that are in minor keys or give off that good Halloween vibe without being straight up 'monster mash' or something like that.haha Here's this month's group of some classic favorites that say October to me in one way or another:
Let me know if there are any already favorites of yours on the list or if there are any new songs or bands you discovered that you love because of today's mix tape! I love love sharing favorites with you guys and hearing your recommendations in return, because we aren't that plugged in over here and I miss out on all the new releases etc! We mainly listen to classics, which is great, but for sure let me know if any of these make you think of a song or band that you think I should look up, and I hope you have a great rest of your day and week!

Come back soon lovely!

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Hair Tutorial: my no-nonsense blow dry for everyday volume

Hey my lovelies! I love the first few days in the week almost as much as the weekends, and today I'm especially happy because I'm sharing a no-nonsense hair tutorial with you guys that has needed to get itself on here for ages! Here's what's on the docket- deer-in-headlights experssion and all:) :
As funny as it may sound, this is kinda hard to post because it doesn't really feel like much of a tutorial since my hair is just plain and out, but this is showing you my quick and easy way I blow dry my thin hair to make it look thicker and set you up for tons of volume! I can't tell you how many times a day I get people who say, "well I might be able to do that except my hair isn't as thick as yours." Yes it is long, but my sisters it is not thick.haha I'm just good at making it look like it is! And today I'm gonna show you one of the ways I do that:) 
This is so stinkin' easy, and so much faster than you might think, and I know it's going to make your life so much easier! I never tease my hair anymore since I started doing this, and because I have the cool infered blowdryer from josé eber I don't worry about heat damage like I used to! Those celebrity blowouts with their round brushes and rollers and clips, etc, etc, 1-3 hours later are nice and all, but when you're talking about real-life busy days there's just no way that's sustainable! I usually only blow dry my hair maybe once a week, and when I do I always use this method, because it's honestly just as fast as a regular blow-dry, but the results are sooo much better and I love starting with a fresh and full-looking head of hair instead of my regular flat head I used to be left with after a shower.haha But lets get on with it!

Tools & Supplies:
Steps 1-3: Start with semi-wet, clean hair, and make sure all your conditioner has been rinsed out (left-over conditioner weighs down your locks!). I usually leave my hair drying in a towel or whatever while I do my makeup so it's not sopping wet when I start to blow dry:) (1) Make sure that you thoroughly comb or brush your hair, but only using a brush if you have a soft-bristle detangling brush like my favorite one from coolway, otherwise you can really damage your hair. (2-3) Next you're going to spray on some heat protectent (my favorite is the tresemme), and comb through your hair a bit more to make sure you have a good even coating. 
Steps 4-6: Next is the most important part! well, one of the most important:) (4) You're going to squirt a plum sized amount of the volumnizing mousse (my favorite is the fekkai! I've used a bunch of others and they're too sticky/hardening/flacky/ etc) into your hand, pat your palms together a bit, and (5) evenly distribute it throughout your locks as best you can, (6) making sure to flip your head over and getting your scalp as well. 
Steps 7-9: NOW it's the most important part! Attach the narrow nozzle attachment onto your blow dryer (the jose eber inferred is everything for me when it comes to blow dryers!), and (7) start blowing your hair dry by flipping your head over and focusing right at your scalp. When I feel it's getting dry (which happens in seconds with this blow-dryer!) I (8) use my brush to brush all the hair ''down' and away from my scalp. Flipping your head over, (9) finish it all off by squirting a quarter sized amount of the coolway finishing oil for some anti-frizz action and added shine. Just rub it over your hands and run them lightly over and through your hair focusing on any areas (aka the front of my hairline!) where you might have extra frizz, and you're all good to go!
And that's all folks:) Half of the time I'll twist my hair up into a high ballerina bun type thing and leave it in for a few hours, and then when I take it out the ends have an awesome curl to them, but this is really just the basic type of volume I like to have in my hair at all times, and as I said I never tease any more!

So, I hope that this is useful and fun for you in some way, and also it's fun to share some of my favorite products with you guys since that's one of the biggest questions lately I get from you dears, and I'm so glad that you decided to stop by and visit!

I hope you have a great rest of your week, and stop by tomorrow for something really fun I have planned!

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