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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Simple Half-up Crown | with Freckled Italian

Happy weekend friends:) I'm here with a special post for you guys today-a really simple and lovely hairstyle! Today's tutorial is extra special though because I'm featuring my beautiful and incredibly sweet blogger friend Megan from Freckled Italian!
I was so excited about getting together with Megan to shoot this hairstyle for you guys. We wanted to go with something beautiful and elegant but at the same time effortless and easy, and we love how it turned out! I get requests all the time for versatile tutorials for 'shorter' or more medium length hair, and you can see how easy it'd be to keep this one sleek and tidy for an evening, or tug out some flyaway's and add texture for a day at the beach!haha Okay getting on with the tutorial:

Tools & Supplies:
 // Straight teasing comb
 // 2 mini rubber bands 
 // Hairspray
Steps 1-3: Begin by combing your hair back with your fingers, and creating an imaginary parting down the middle of your head. Take a two-inch section from the top of the left side, and smooth it out into three separate sections. Begin your left lace-braid by only adding in hair from the left side into the braid, and not adding it to both sides as you would with a french braid.
Steps 4-6: Keep braiding around to the back, making sure to keep your hair smooth as you add more hair from the left into each rotation of the braid (but not from the right! :)). Once you're past the ear, stop adding more hair in and simply complete the braid, tying off at the end. Tug the hair out gently from both sides to create a fuller look, and repeat on the other side!
Steps 7-9: Now you're going to tease your crown for a little lift and volume by taking a two-inch section of hair from the top-middle of your head and tease the base of it gently with your comb. Repeat this with another section, and another if you wish, just be gently and never use force on your poor hair.haha Smooth it over and push the middle up a bit before pinning it in place, than criss-crossing the braids over the middle and pinning those in place as well! 

Once you've sprayed it down with a bit of hairspray, you can check it in the mirror and give yourself a little fist-pump before heading out the door.haha
Well that's it for today, and I hope you love this style! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one in particular or any other comments or requests you may have, and also before you go don't forget to click the image to go check out Megan's blog and tell her hi from me!
Megan Flynn Peterson is the blogger behind Freckled Italian, a lifestyle blog that focuses on food, friendship, love, and the ins and outs of daily life. She lives with her husband in Charlotte, North Carolina where she reads, drinks coffee, and struggles to keep the house clean.
All photo credit for this tutorial goes to the lovely - Emily's such a sweetheart, and her photos are stunning as you can see! xoxo

I hope you have a great rest of your week, and I'll see you back here soon!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What We Wore // black and white default

Happy new week friends! The weather has been so nuts lately. I built a fire one day with frozen toes, and the next day I turned on the air conditioning in the car for the first time this year- which felt insane! Usually when the weather gets so sporadic it means we're right on the cusp of Spring though, so bring it on! haha

Today's post comes to you from one of those faa-reezing days as you can tell. Martin and I decided to get a babysitter and bundle up for a date in the city, and we ended up matching in our black and white and so decided to document:)
Hat | Forever21
Scarf: Target (sold out, but love this one)
Jacket | Forever21 (my absolute favorite!)
Shirt | Target (sold out but very similar here and here!)
Pants | Banana Republic
Boots | Forever21 (sold out, but similar here, here and here)
Scarf | forever21
Jacket | INC International Concepts
Shirt | trademark brooklyn
Glasses | footlocker (similar)
Jeans | Levi's
Boots | Guess (sold out, but here and here both 60%off!)

Thanks so much for visiting today and I hope to see you back here soon for a fun week of goodies coming up!
Take care today,
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Friday, February 20, 2015

Bending The Rules with the HP X360

Hey guys! I'm really loving sharing these behind-the-scenes posts lately about how I manage to mix work/blogging effectively with regular life, with so many kiddos and so much going on. It's been great to answer so many of your frequently asked questions and share some of my favorite work tools at the same time, and today I'm teaming up with HP to share the Pavilion x360, and their partnership with Meghan Trainor with you!!
Since I've had the x360 I've used little else for work(and play), since the versatility of its 4 different modes has actually eliminated my need to drag 3 or more devices around with me. I love it so much!

In these photos you can see me using it in Laptop mode (mostly for lots of emailing and creating posts), Tent mode (great for skype calls or movies), Stand mode (which I especially love when I'm using recipes in the kitchen), and last but not least as a Tablet!! When you're using it as a tablet it obviously has a pop-up keyboard, but what I was most taken by is that that goes the other way in that it remains a touch-screen even in laptop mode which cuts so many corners while I'm working and saves me so much time!
As you can see from some of the photos, the weather here has been getting warmer off and on and we've been spending a lot of afternoons out in the sunshine! I've loved spreading out a blanket while the kids play on the swings and I can get comfy with my x360 in any position. We also use it for snuggly spontanious movie nights in any room of the house, and skype calls are so much more fun on the large screen.
I gotta tell you it's so empowering to have such an amazing device also be so completely versatile. So to celebrate the 4 different modes, I thought it'd be fun to share the 4 places that I'm really  looking forward to traveling to someday!
#1: Edinburgh, Scotland | I could probably get away with leaving out which part since I think I could probably see a lot inone visit, but Martin talks so highly of Edinburge and went to school at Sterling University, and he has so many beautiful photos and stories from all over it. I'd love to visit with the family one day!

#2: Venice, Italy | I'd really love to visit Rome and Florence as well, also Milan and Verona, but I think Italy is at the very top of my list and has been for some time! It just looks so dreamy and romantic, even if it is kinda smelly in certain places as some people have said. hahaha

#3: Barcelona, Spain | I'm not sure why it came about, but Martin and I have wanted to go to Barcelona together for a long time! It just looks like such a vibrant and amazing place for adventure and fun. I think it'd be fun to go with a big group as well!

#4: The Island of Bora Bora | I mean, I really don't have to write in why we want to go there do I? haha I just think that looks like the ultimate relaxing get-away right with how fast and full life has been lately. Sigh:)

Well that might seem like an funny list, but I'd love to hear if you live any of those places? If you've ever been? If any of them are on your list too? Or even just any other particular place that you want to visit and why? :):)
Anyway's thank you so much for reading! Actually to change topics really quick, I wanted to share that HP is going 'on tour' with Megan Trainor on her #thatbasstour and is documenting it with the help of fans! I think that's such a neat idea, and I'm a huge supporter of Megan and all the success she's having with her message. You can follow along behind-the-scenes on the All About That Tour look at key elements like choreography and hair and makeup, or there's the Fan Generated Documentary that HP is putting together with collected youtubers, viners, instagrammers, etc of each tour stop, so definitely go check that out!

Thank you guys so much for reading, and if you have any questions about my work or productivity-anything along those lines, feel free to ask anything you want:)
Take care today,
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This post was sponsored by HP. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support The Freckled Fox!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Baby fever favorites

1. Lion towel   |   2. Age blocks   |   3. Pink cloud mobile   |   4. Flat bunny   |   5. Fair isle onesie   |   6. Teething ring   |   7. Moose beanie   |   8. Bird art print   |   9. Super soft chevron blanket   |   10. Play gym   |   11. Blue bird rattle   |   12. Soothing baby oil   |   13. Cloud leggings   |   14. Stuffed cat toy   |   15. Batman onesie

In the last month since I've felt so much better I've been working hard to get our house and routine back on track and organized, and it's been wonderful! I always go through a big nesting phase with my pregnancies where I want to sort everything and organize everything, so it's been great to able to do that with the whole house-not just the nursery.

In all our work though I've definitely spent too much time scrolling around pinterest for inspiration and baby goodies, and I've been so caught up in baby fever with all the fun little things, I hope you don't mind my sharing this little collection with you!

I'll probably ask this on my other social media channels, but if there are any favorite shops or companies you love and think I should check out, I'd love for you to share in the comments!
Take care today,
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Recipe Inspiration for Valentine's Weekend

Oh hi there! Happy Thursday:) I hope you're having a good week so far, and as excited for the weekend as I am! We don't have any special plans for Valentine's Day or anything, but holiday weekends are always special in one way or another:) One thing we will be doing this weekend is baking some tasty and festive treats, so I've put together a fun list of things from cakes and pastries to salad dressing and a green tea smoothie! See if any of these look good to you:)

I can't wait for the cooking to begin! I can't have a lot of these (or any of them) right now being on whole30, but I may make some adjustments so I can indulge a bit for the holiday. And if you've noticed a bunch of these have raspberries or strawberries in them, it may be because nothing is better to me than berries or citrus in desserts, especially with Spring and Summer coming! The weather here has been awesome lately (playing outside without coats, and even turning on the AC?!) and we all couldn't be happier or more excited about the warm months ahead.

Valentine's Day is just two days away! So please share any fun plans or ideas you have for the weekend, and I'll see you back here soon I hope! Take care,
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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February Favorites | My Valentine's Wish list

Happy Wednesday peeps! I haven't had a wish list on here in ages, and so I figured love-week would be the perfect time to share one!  A lot of these have long been saved in various online shopping carts, and a few I'll probably never ever see on my door-step, but a girl can dream right?! Here are my February favorites:
1 | Michael Kors Runway Watch           2 | Apricot Pocket Long Sleeve Longline Coat            3 | So Kate Patent Leather Pump           4 | Julep Courtney Says I Do Too! 5pc Collection           5 | Madewell Transport Tote           6 | J. Crew Metallic Leather Pouch           7 | TooFaced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette           8 | Centennial Stripe Passport Cover            9 | The Courtney Bib           10 | Show Me Lace Dress           11 | Tom Ford Lip Color in Alexander           12 | Nars VelvetLip Liner in Nihwatu           13 | ByredoGypsy Water Body Wash           14 | Heart of Gold Mug           15 | Floral Patterned Smoking Flats           16 | Peach Longline Woolen Coat           17 | Swizz Style Aroma Diffuser           18 | Vernon – Black laser-cut peep-toe heel           19 | KateSomerville Goat Milk Cream

This little collage makes my eyes sparkle a bit I confess.haha As you can see I'm really looking forward to Spring and am letting pastels and nudes greatly influence my wants for this month!:) Frankly I love a big bouquet of roses just as much as the next girl, but in retrospect I'd probably rather something from this list wrapped up on my pillow for Valentines day so I could get more use out of it.haha What type of V-day gift would be your ideal?

Thanks for visiting lovely! and please share if any of these items are on your wish list as well? Or maybe you already have one or two (or more?!) and would like to share what you think about it? I'd really appreciate it! Take care:)
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