Thursday, April 27

another hair tutorial + video

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Good to be back again guys:) As most of you guys know, there were a handful of extra tough days the last couple of weeks (10-month mark, wedding anniversary, his birthday, etc) that made posting here kinda tough. I didn't want to delve deeper into things and share a bunch of stuff here, so instead of sharing 'lighter' things, I just stayed away pretty much. But now I'm here and loving it! 

I looked back in my archives to see when I last posted a new hair tutorial, and it was in February of last year:/ So as I say in the video, it feels great to not only be getting another tutorial video out but to have it be for these curls that I have been asked for over and over and over for years! Here ya go:

I hope that you give it a try and see how it works for you, and if you have any questions feel free as always to leave them in the comments so I can help you out! Happy curling, and good luck with the rest of your week ahead my friends:)


Thursday, April 20

his birthday girl

Today is this sweet pair's shared birthday. Sophia was my first home-birth, and I thought we were all ready to go when I started labor on the 17th. Martin expressed disappointment that I hadn't waited till his birthday to have her, so without asking me, my body decided to accommodate his hopes and kept me in labor for another 60+ hours:/ She was born at 12:36am, the morning of his birthday, dark-haired and bright-eyed, and we were both so proud. She was dubbed his birthday girl, and he her birthday boy. Richard and I took her out on her traditional date today, and she talked a bit about the party that Marty's having in heaven with all the angels. She quoted from his last letter to her when he said she'd always be his birthday girl, and her bright eyes danced. || Happy Birthday you two.💗 💗💗💗 || photo by our friend @justinhackworth || #birthdaygirl #bittersweet #deepbreath #missyoumarty #myheartaches #hersmilethough
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Monday, April 10

What I Wore // leg brace chic

     It's pretty late on Monday night, the end of a good and peaceful day at home, and I'm smiling to myself thinking about how sweet the kids have been. How fluffy Evie's hair was when I woke her up, about Lydia's bright innocent eyes, about Ellie's pride at being so helpful, about the way John said "I'm weddy befoy evwie-body mommy!", and Sophie's little smile as she napped next to me:) The next few days are the last I'll need to wear my brace at all, Richard and I have been talking about more family 'adventures' we'd love to take once he and I are healed up more, and I feel calm about the future tonight.
Dress - Downeast
Shoes - Ross
Bag - Bohme
Watch - c/o Daniel Wellington 

     I've been wearing this comfy dress any chance I get these days and so I'm glad to share it by way of a little style post as it's been quite a long time:) I'm pretty sure that it's somewhere in fashion blogging rules that you're not supposed to include casts and such in your outfit posts, but I think the fact that this leg brace is so unflattering and awkward made me want to post it even more, because to me it represents sharing the bad with the good, which is basically what my blog/life is right now. There's no getting around the messy, uncomfortable, hard parts of life, and that goes for everyone. Our lives are all of those things as well as being fun and beautiful and sweet, and I'm working constantly at breathing deep and embracing it all.

     My days are very split, most every single day. Part of me has gone numb. Part of my heart is sealed forever, and the rest of it is glowing and living. My mood can change from minute to minute, and there is so telling in the morning where my head will be when the sun sets, but I want to tell the weak and exhausted version of myself (and anyone else that needs it too) that as cliche as it sounds, you are always fixable.

     There are still days when I feel so much love and so much light in my life and in the future of my family, and at the very same moment, there is a dark void in the corner of my mind that's waiting for me to take a second look so it can suck me in. I get requests daily to share more about depression, and I will, but just for right now my dears you have to realize that you can't keep planning for when your mind is free again. You have amazing healing powers you are yet to discover, so stop looking at the old you who was so undamaged before your life took a turn, and embrace who you are now.    
     Don't be afraid to re-write your story with today as the first page. If you were strong enough to get up every morning until now, you will have the strength to muster up a little faith and do it again tomorrow. Cry all you want, fall into that dark space that envelopes you and feel all the fear. Walk through the cracks in your vulnerability and learn the blueprints of your new soul. Then hope, and hope, and hope some more. You can never have enough.Your heart will sing again, and your soul will dance in the sun:) Your broken soul is fixable, you will find yourself again, and see how truly strong and fierce you have become.

     So maybe a lot deeper than future style posts will be, but I needed to type these jumbled thoughts out for myself tonight with what is coming tomorrow.

Love to you all 

Thursday, April 6

6 Festival hairstyles

Howdy friends:) It's been such a long while since I've done this type of round-up post! I'm still having a hard time accepting that it's April already, but now that festival season is starting I've been getting tons of questions about my boho hairstyles from a couple years ago, and lots of requests to make them into youtube videos. So I thought that it'd be fun to not only put them all together into a little post for easier access, but I also want to ask, which you would like to see a video tutorial of first?
one  ||  two  ||  three  ||  four  ||  five  ||  six

Seeing that flower crown post on Pinterest still makes me giggle.haha I made a goal for doing more YouTube videos this month, so making some of these into video tutorials would be really fun I think:)

I hope you have fun plans for the rest of the month, and I'll be back here tomorrow!