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3 Fast & Easy DIY projects Using Sola Felt Tiles

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     Hello my people! How is your Summer going? Can you believe we have just about a month left before school starts again? I honestly thought we'd be spending much more time on the road than we have, but then I realized that most of our reasons for traveling so much in the past has been to attend get-togethers and events with my family here in Utah, but now we don't have to! It's been pretty surreal to be so close to so many of my siblings and their families, aunts and uncles and cousins, etc, and we've already seen them more in the last few months than the last several years combined at least. The kids especially love having over 20 of their cousins right here around us, and with so many exciting and new things to do as well we are pretty contented staying right here:)

      Less time driving has meant extra intentional family time going on hikes, making treats, swimming at the pool, etc. Personally, I've loved the time to catch up on house projects and getting more settled into our place, and today I've partnered with 3Form Home to share 3 simple DIY projects that I did all in under an hour using Sola Felt Tiles!

      I was really intrigued when I first heard of Sola Felt Tiles and the endless possible uses, but I knew I was sold when I read that every box of 6 12x12 tiles is made with 50% recycled post-consumed plastic materials, and contains the equivalent of a 24 case of single-use water bottles. How cool is that! We throw away many millions of plastic bottles every day, and I'm so happy to support a company that is turning that waste into something so useful and beautiful.
      The tiles look soft and feel like wool, they function like a sturdy corkboard, and they attach securely to any clean flat surface with peel and stick adhesive on each corner. The squares are totally configurable with 15 colors to choose from and 6 different shape designs that you can mix and match all you want, or you can purchase one of their cute pre-configured packages.

     Now I'm going to quickly show you how I created our Paint Tube Organizer, the White Mood Board of my dreams, and a simple and beautiful Necklace Rack.

Time spent: This project took about 15 minutes, 5 for the tiles and 10 for collecting inspirational pieces.
- For the mood board, I used 6 of the 'Cross' tiles in the color 'Zinc'
- a pack of push-pins or tacks
- old magazines or photos, etc that you want to put on your inspiration board. Other ideas could be small artwork, printed quotes or photos, pages from a book, sentimental items, flowers or other pieces of nature, washi tape, pieces of fabric, paint swatches, ribbon, etc.

STEP 1: The first step is taking your tiles out of the box and arranging them on the floor in the design you want, then holding a tile or two up on the wall to decide height placement. (Tip: marking lightly with a pencil would be super helpful for a larger design)

STEP 2: Next, peel off the paper tabs covering the adhesive tabs on the corners of your first tile and use a level (I used the app on my phone) to make sure you have it straight before pressing it firmly on each corner to secure it to the wall.

STEP 3: Once you have the first tile in place, it takes only a couple minutes to peel and stick the other tiles around the first, lining them up snuggly together so the seams disappear completely.

STEP 4: Lastly, you can get creative in gathering your materials for your inspiration board, but I simply took some clippings out of a few old magazines for my first go at it. Just make sure that you put up photos and words etc that speak to you and make you feel whatever mood you're going for (i.e. peaceful, motivated, happy, fierce, etc), just have fun with it! xo


Time spent: about a half hour including attaching all the binder clips to the tubes.
- For the organizer, I used 6 of the 'Parallel' style tiles in the color 'Cashmere'. 
- 1 pack of push pins
- 1 pack of small binder clips
- 1 pack of medium binder clips
Set-up: Repeat the same steps as for unpacking and placing the tiles as with the mood board, then I gathered all my paint tubes together and put the binder clips on all of the tops. Place your rows by starting with the top row, then the bottom row (for symmetry), and then fill in the middle as evenly as possible!
Side-note: When I first ordered the tiles I was pretty confident that my big tubes wouldn't hold up, but when they arrived I was happily surprised at how dense and strong they actually were and even my big full tubes hold up awesome!


Time spent: This one took under 10 minutes from start to finish! 
- For the rack I used 3 of the '4 Square' tiles in the color 'Nickle'.
- 1 pack of push pins

Set-up: Once again you'll repeat the same steps as for unpacking and placing the tiles, except after placing my first two tiles one on top of the other, I cut along the indentation on the third and added one half securely to the right of both the top and the bottom tiles, being careful to put the clean edge on the outside. After that, it's just staggering your push-pins wherever you want and placing your jewelry:)

     And that's all for today! I really hope you enjoyed these simple little DIY's and that you're inspired to try out the tiles in your own home, and if you are you can use the code: FIRST30 on the website HERE for 30% off for the first 30 people! and free shipping :)

I've already decided I need to order more to do a command station in our home office, bulletin boards in the kid's rooms, an art display in the craft room, maybe some sound barrier panels in the music room, and the list goes on. You can't beat buying a product that is so versatile and beautiful that's also helping to make such a difference in pollution.

     As always let me know if you have any questions, I'm curious to know which project you like the most? Thanks so much for visiting loves,


Friday, July 5

Friday Finds #106

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     Hello loves.
I hope you had a great Independence Day if that's your thing:) and if not then I hope it's been a good week to you and welcome to the weekend! I'm pretty happy to be sharing another Friday Finds, which many of you will recognize well since it's been an on-and-off feature since the very beginning of my blog. Anyways, let's get into it:)
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  1. This hat! I used to be scared of wearing hats because I thought they looked super dorky on me, but now I think it mostly depends on the style. haha I've been adding to my collection slowly and getting more and more comfortable in them, and now I can say I really adore and appreciate a great hat like this one.
  2. This is such a sweet earring set and I think the price is awesome too. About 95% of the time you'll find me in little tiny earrings or stud earrings because they're simple and dainty and they go with just about everything.
  3. I came across this beautiful textured quilt set this week and instantly saw them in the big girls room. They'd be an investment for sure but they're the perfect mix of modern and vintage looking, and the faded blush color is exactly what they are loving in there right now. So pretty!
  4. I think I found my dream laptop bag. The color caught my eye immediately, but then the detailing was so pretty, and I especially love that it's a backpack! I've been using a big leather messenger bag which I love but it's overkill really and too hard on my shoulders. This bag though is exactly what I've been dreaming of.
  5. I've been looking all over for the perfect wire bins for some pantry storage, shelves in the girls room, high shelves in my closet, and this week I finally found them! They're sturdy and super inexpensive and perfect:)
  6. I love these frames so much. We put together a big eclectic gallery wall in our old house, but when we moved here I started putting the various photos around the house and really loved where they ended up. I imagined a neat square grid wall instead with big white mats, and this frame is exactly what I pictured.
  7. Dry shampoo is maybe my best friend (and probably yours but this stuff is a step above with a charcoal detox at the same time, and works so well! Click through to read the rave reviews if you don't believe me, but I give it five stars and this week I reordered my third can.
  8. I've loved Becca products for years and I'm really excited to try this face primer. I like to switch it up when I need a new primer and I've heard such good things about this one! I don't do more than a handful of steps for my usual makeup, but when I decided to primer for the first time it was actually pretty shocking at how much better my makeup applied and looked and lasted. Give it a try!
  9. Metal straws are amazing! Have you switched over to the light side yet?? Seriously though, we do LOTS of smoothies and juicing and such around here, so when I first heard of metal ones I decided to order up a pack and a brush to try them out. Needless to say, we all love them and they're perfectly easy to clean, and every year or so I order a handful more (some get lost and some get bent because toddlers were using them as swords, etc), so I thought I'd pass them on:)
  10. I love love the style of these baskets and could use them for so many different things don't you think? Can't you see a little tree sticking out of one?
  11. I'm sure it's hard to tell from the size of the necklace in the collage, but it's a zodiac charm! I actually thought of the two big girls with this one too, we've been playing a lot lately with personality tests and horoscopes, etc, so I think they'd love it! What's your sign? I'm a Capricorn:)
  12. This super cute jumper looks so crazy comfortable, and comes in black too! It's actually on clearance to so wait a minute for me to buy the one in my cart and then hurry and get one before they're gone.haha
  13. This miracle cream has been raved about by everyone and their mother's guinea pig for the last while I feel like, and since I've been dealing with some hormonal skin issues lately I thought I'd at least take a look. All-in-all I think it'll stay in my shopping cart for a little while, maybe until I get desperate.haha But it might be just what you've been looking for so I wanted to share!
  14. I've never bought cute luggage and I'm not mad about that, but I randomly stumbled on this really classic looking suitcase set and kinda fell in love with it. These will probably stay on my wishlist for a while since we have a couple perfectly functional black canvas bags (that blend in with everyone else's bag ), but they're on sale if you're in the market!
  15. I know I'm pretty late to the platform wedge sandal party/bandwagon, but that's usually how I At any rate, I saw this pair and instantly loved how they looked more casual and sporty with the unique sole, and I think I'd get much more use out of a sandal like that! They come in so many different colors too, go check them out:)
  16. I'm so excited about this curling iron! I was really wanting to try some smaller curls and so I decided to look around for a 3/4 or 1/2 inch to see if they even existed, and I found this puppy for really cheap and from a brand I already love and trust!
  17. You can't tell by looking at them but these are anti-bluelight glasses! Maybe you've heard of them, maybe you haven't, but I have a couple different pairs now and this is my favorite. I just ordered another pair because somebody snapped mine:( But they're low in stock so go check them out! I have really felt a difference using these as someone who works for many hours on devices and was having lots of headaches. I try to use them especially before bed and I've been able to go to sleep faster too. Highly recommend! 

...And that's all for today! Let me know what you think about the post and if you've seen the evolution of my Friday Finds over the years:) Also if you'd like to see a certain themed set of favorites I'd love to hear about it! I've had a few requests already and I think it'd be fun.

Take care!

Wednesday, July 3

♡ F O U R ♡

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Jumper and blouse by Hum Stitchery for Salt & Honey Market
・    ・    ・    ・    ・    ・    

      I'm so obsessed with this little lady! Evie's actual birthday was about a week ago, but we celebrated her through the whole month of June and even into July!:) Birthday month is one of our favorite traditions in our home that we've been doing for a few years now, mostly because we have just one birthday a month, we started extending birth-DAYS and increasing all the fun over their whole birthday month! We have multiple celebrations so different friends and family members can be there, we give the birthday child extra special treatment, we give little surprises throughout the month, and every fun activity we do is in honor of them that month. It drags out the excitement and the joy so much more than if it was just on one day, and the kids think it's the best thing in the world.

          To our little Evie-girl,

     I can't believe you're 4 years old! You've been through so much in your little lifetime without even realizing it, but you also don't know the amazing impact your sweet smile and little red curls (and your eyebrows:)) have had on so many, most of all on me. You were my comfort before you were born, giving me little kicks right when I was feeling so lost and alone, and you brought so much clarity and perspective to our family when you were finally born (2 and 1/2 weeks late), and the light and love you exude every day since are a testament to me that our efforts to have a love-centered home are succeeding. 

     You are SO smart and tough, SO kind, SO beautiful, and you bring SO much joy and endless smiles to anyone and everyone who comes in contact with you (although we do need to work on stranger danger). You make us all so proud baby girl! 
         Happy Happy Birthday my sweet Evelyn ♡♡
                Love Mama


Monday, June 10



Hey gang! Thanks so much for stopping by:)

      With Father's Day coming up soon and dads already being celebrated in different ways I thought it'd be the perfect time to partner with Pampers in sharing about an awesome new initiative they're doing to support all the hands-on dads out there!

      Gender roles are changing, and in this day in age with so many stay-at-home moms picking up side-hustles and earning money for their families (blogging, essential oils, photography, makeup, press-on nails, etc, etc, ) more and more fathers are sharing in greater responsibilities with the home and children, with many choosing to stay at home full-time(when it's right for their family). We love the change and so does Pampers, that's why with only 1 in 10 men's restrooms being equipt with changing tables, Pampers is partnering with Koala Kare to provide 5,000 changing tables for men's restrooms by 2021, so more dads and babies can #LoveTheChange together when they're out and about! 

      Working primarily online like we do, we meet and interact with many other husband and wife teams like ours that work together to balance and juggle the home and kids and business, which we think is awesome! Even though we know that it's not what every home wants or can manage, it often seems so natural and common for us that we're usually surprised whenever people ask if Richard is going to 'babysit' the kids while I go to a conference, or when Richard is asked what he does for work but not me. We're proud to tell them that we work from home together, even though mothers are often shamed for choosing to work and dads are guilted for being at home. It's time to recognize the change and celebrate it:)

      It's time to give dads credit for being dads, and not babysitters.

      It's time to celebrate dads being able to spend more time with their children, and we love that Pampers is giving so much to advocate for just that. Personally, I think it's funny to hear about all the creative places Richard's had to change the babies diaper when he's out running errands or doing activities with all the kids, but it'd be pretty great if it wasn't necessary don't you think?

     Richard does most of the diaper changing around here, but he never complains and just says that it's a special bonding time for It's always a challenge to keep Alice from getting distracted and from emptying every wipe pack she can find. It's really her favorite thing in the world, so I loved capturing a bit of that in these photos and in the short video that you can watch on my IG stories. I really appreciate that he has a different activity for each of the children that they just can't wait to do with him whenever they get the chance. 
      In wrapping up I'd love to hear of any special dad/child bonding moments you'd care to share? I personally have fond memories of my dad brushing my hair before bed that always make me smile:)

      Take care, and have a great rest of your week!