Friday, November 17

The start of a quiet Winter

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     Oh gang, this is such an exciting and peaceful time. This is the week our quiet winter officially begins! I woke up this morning to falling snow outside with today being the last day of school before Thanksgiving, and once the older kids get home there will be a big deep breath and inner sigh of relief. 
     Our Summer was full and sweet, with just the right amount of traveling and exploring as a family, seeing new sights and old friends, slowing paddling down rivers, and sleeping under the stars. It was just enough that when the first chilly weather hit I wasn't sad, even though I love the warmth and freedom of Summertime. I felt satisfied and happy and ready for the next season ahead. 

     Fall seemed busier and a bit more stressful with a couple big trips and more deadlines to meet, etc, but it also brought many happy moments that are are happy memories now, and as I look forward to tonight I'm thinking of all the ways we will fill up this new season with rest and peace, investing more than ever in our family and our little life, and taking all the time we need to get things done.

     I know that many of you share my excitement for what's ahead, even if the chilly wind and dangerous roads, etc, can make Winter intimidating. But this season is really a period of time to slow down and shift our mindset to what's really important, and what we really want out of the upcoming year. We can take extra care of ourselves and our people, we can rest and recover and refocus on our personal well-being; mind, body, and spirit.
     Those are some of my plans and I hope you'll make some of your own:) Look forward to making this next season about building yourself up mentally, physically, and spiritually. Make less commitments, put the most important people in your life absolutely first. Read more, stretch every day, drink more water and make better food choices. Say no more often, it'll be fine I promise:) Stop making excuses. Think about December of 2018, instead of the coming January. Don't think about how you want to start out your year with unrealistic expectations of yourself, but think instead about how you want to end it. Plan to take it easier on yourself. Buy less and save more. Do more yoga this Winter. Listen to calming music. Take lots of deep breaths throughout the day, and just slow down. 

     Slow down.

     I plan on sharing how all of this goes for me. How I fit it all in, what my schedule is like, where I like to shop to save on groceries, and what traditions we're passing onto the kids through this time of gratitude and giving. I also want to share books on my reading list, what songs are stuck in my head, what words I tell myself in the early light of day to help me stay positive, how I'm working at staying active, and how I'm finally learning to love myself. I want to share more about pain and grief, and about mental illness, and I want to make typing a much bigger priority moving forward.

     So, join me in stepping quietly into this next season, and start moving your life towards what you dream it could be, one little step at a time. Investing time into self-love is telling yourself that you're worth it, and that you have more to give than you might have otherwise thought, and we all need that I think.

      Thanks so much for visiting friends,

Monday, November 6

Happy Birthday Lil' Darlin'

     Well, I never really know how I'm supposed, to sum up my love and pride for one of my babies in these birthday posts, so a few lines will have to do:)

     My fiery-haired Lydia turned four, and I am really excited about this next year for her. Her voice is still as high-pitched and soft as ever, and she tells me every day how much longer and prettier her hair got while she was sleeping:) She is definitely the girliest out of all the children, and loves to dance around the house singing her own made-up songs.

     Whenever I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she says "a nurse or a pwincess." haha and the way her whole body shakes when she is excited will always make me laugh.

     Richard and I took her out on the traditional date all by herself, and after lunch and a few fun errands, we had Martin's family over for some cake and games. She blew out each candle one at a time and wished out loud that she could be a princess:)

     There are so many things that I want to pass onto her, but I want to share it in a letter to all my girls. Having my 5th daughter on the way is pretty daunting in some ways, but I also feel so excited about the kind of warrior women that I can send out into the world when the time is right.

     We love you so much miss Lydi-girl!! You are such a sweet little light in our lives and I hope that you never lose your forgiving and kind spirit.

Happy Birthday lil' darlin',
    Love Mama

Tuesday, October 31

Happy Halloween, Twenty-Seventeen


                            HAPPY HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

     This has been one of my favorite holidays to prepare for ever since I can remember, but it really does get more fun every year as the kids get older. 

     It was Evie's first real Halloween experience, walking up to the door herself and saying "Tick a teat!", and getting to sit and enjoy her hard-earned candy at the end of the night.

     All of the kids were so proud of their costumes and told everyone who would listen what they were going to be leading up to the holiday, which was great for me as I love having a family theme! As I spent time with each of the kiddos planning and executing their costumes, I just couldn't get over how cute they turned out! I mean I know I'm their mama, but they've got to be the sweetest Harry Potter crew ever.haha

Oldest to youngest we have:
Richard: A Deatheater
Me: Bellatrix Lestrange
Ellie: Luna Lovegood
Sophie: Hermione Granger
John: Harry Potter
Lydia: The portrait of the fat lady :)
Evie: Professor Trelawney

     This was the first time in a few years that I've been able to get out my sewing machine and put my fingers to work for the costumes, and it felt pretty good:) I was literally sewing up seams and such up until it was time to leave, but hey, baby-steps right? haha

    I hope you had a wonderful day with your favorite people and with plenty of yummy treats,


Monday, October 30

We're Having A...

     Well, pretty much all of my creative juice has been going into wrapping up the sewing of Halloween costumes lately so I don't have any super fun or creative way to say this, but I'm so excited to tell you that baby fox is another little girl!!!

     I mentioned last week on Instagram that our first ultrasound around 21 weeks hadn't been conclusive in finding out the sex, but with our second try, we could all tell right away! She was so well behaved and gave us all the angles we were hoping for, and seeing her sweet little profile and her tiny toes again was really tender. 
     Her measurements put me in my 23rd week, due at the end of February (though with my record of late babies I'm still counting on, and everything about her is just perfect and healthy as can be! 

     The kids were all pretty mind-blown about the whole thing, I think because knowing it's a baby girl versus just 'the baby' makes it all feel more real:) And for everyone who's asked if John was disappointed, he didn't say anything to that effect, but just started talking excitedly along with all the girls.haha Five girls. Six kids! It's still kinda surreal to think about:)

     Thank you all for being so much a part of this exciting time for our little family! :) So many of you have been through so so much with me, supporting me with your words and your prayers and your incredible friendship, and it's felt every single day. We all experience beauty and pain and heartache and warmth daily, but as we try to focus on the good in the world, it takes really selfless people to care for me and my family as you do.

     This little lady is so whole-heartedly loved and anticipated, and seeing the kids' happiness grow all the time is such a blessing. My heart is extra full today:) 
Hope you have an amazing Halloween!

love you guys,