Friday, July 3

The ultimate fresh start - 1 week old

Dear friends,

When I sat down at my computer to share Evelyn's little birth announcement post, I realized that I'd gone over a month since posting on my blog, and that's never happened in my few years of blogging. I literally had to wipe and blow the dust off my keyboard! I felt pretty depressed about letting this space go so long without any love, but I felt like blowing the dust off was kind of a metaphor for how I'm looking forward with life in general now that our little angel is finally here.
A few posts back I wrote about finally feeling like I could be consistent in my writing/posting again since Martin's diagnosis. That through all the adjusting of our new life that I still very much wanted and needed to keep up my posts here as much as possible, even if it did take me a little while to get back to my normal types of posts-the really fun and educational kind:)

I shared a few more random posts after that, written in the waiting rooms or very late at night, all while he and I were spending our time day-in and day-out at the hospital in Mexico for Martin's first series of treatments. I thought it could only get better from there.

Then we came home.

Life started collapsing in on me again and I felt like I was drowning.
- I was a good 38 weeks pregnant and had to be ready for our home-birth to happen any day, but had missed out on the last month of preparation (mentally, physically, etc) for her arrival.
- We suddenly had four little babies with us again that we'd missed desperately, but had almost forgotten how to parent after being without them for the last month.
- We bought our new car that would fit our whole family once Evie arrived, and than got in an accident less than 24 hours later (more on that soon - everyone was just fine thankfully).
- A bunch of baby packages got stolen,
- Martin's wallet got stolen,
- Emergency room scares, fences catching fire, flat tires, sickness, and on and on.
We just couldn't catch a break. It got so ridiculous that it was even pretty funny actually, but the main reason was that I hadn't been writing was that I was just too plain scared.

As we worked to bring back our routine, it became very easy to pretend like nothing had changed, and every time I'd sit down to blog, it had a way of making me face reality, which was just too hard. Every day I would look in the mirror and decide that I would be stronger than yesterday, and yet it seemed that every day things kept happening to test my strength more and more.

And then she came:)
Evie's birth brought with it the ultimate fresh start. In the last week since her arrival we've been wrapped up together in a bubble of pure elation. Time stands still as we soak up every minute of her, and our whole perspective has been renewed by her precious little soul. We may never be able to have our old life back, but I feel like we can move forward with more strength (literally and figuratively) in everything that we do.

So, if you're still reading at this point- thank you for letting me spill all that! I really feel like I just needed to get all that out before I could totally move forward here. I've been feeling so motivated and inspired since her birth, and now I can't wait to get back into the swing of things:)

Now please excuse me while I go and blow the rest of the dust off my camera.haha

Sunday, June 28

She's finally here

Meet our sweet Evelyn Sarah Meyers,
born at home on Friday the 26th. at 8:25am.
10 lbs, 14 oz of sweet perfection:)

Her birth was swift and seamless, and our whole world is enveloped in a haze of happiness and relief.
You are so loved little one. 

Thursday, May 21

Sophie turns 4

Hey friends! Some of you may remember that our second kiddo Sophia was lucky enough to be born on Martin's birthday, and that it happened last month on the 20th! Unfortunately that was the day we loaded the kids in the car and drove out of town to the Cancer institute, so Sophie and Martin definitely got the shaft as far as birthdays go. She never noticed or complaind of course, and we tried to include extra 'birthday' activities, candles, and even managed to pack a few presents for her to open at the hotel.
A few days before we made the trip though, she and I went out on a little date and had a birthday photoshoot- as is tradition. We explored around the hills a bit and found a waterfall, and I love that she was totally in her element while still looking like a china doll. I never got around to posting the photos on my blog tough since things have been so busy, so I had to share a few favorites as soon as I could.
Happy Belated Birthday to you, our sweet Sophie-girl! You have such a tender heart and are so special and loved, and every single day we think how lucky we are to be your parents. You have such a creative side and eye for detail, and it's such a wonderful thing to watch you explore and learn.
I can't wait to see how you grow this next year!
We love you to pieces big girl.
- love Mama

Wednesday, May 20

my warrior

This was posted on my Instagram earlier today(sorry for the quality), and I wanted to share here as well. 
Consider following over there (if you're not already) for the quickest updates on our day-to-day:)
We took this last night after another very long day at the hospital, and when I first looked at it I immediately thought 'I'm not posting that' because of my messy hair, bags under my eyes and my lack of jawline, etc.haha Today I looked again-this time more at Martin, and I knew I had to. You'd never know this big guy was battling cancer would you? That he has multiple tubes coming out of his chest and side, or about all the stitches, etc. You'd never know I climbed in bed with him after one particular treatment to try and warm him up, as his whole body shook with side effects. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers, and Martin has more strength than anyone I know. I'm so proud of my warrior, and so glad I could be here to help him- even at nine months pregnant:) | #mysweetheart #fighter #bodybuilder #marriage #cancer #stage4 #staystrong | ➕ p.s. Thank you guys again for your support that never ceases, I don't think I'll ever be able to properly acknowledge all the love sent out way❤️❤️