Sunday, October 4

Smoothie Sunday | sweet green protein

Welcome to the first installment of Smoothie Sunday, which is a shot at helping me document our favorite recipes for the archives, while maybe inspiring more smoothie making from you guy! For today's recipe I'm just sharing a simple classic spinach combo with you, that's a big favorite around here with the whole family:
We've been big fans of blendy drinks since our newlywed days, but our smoothie game changed a couple years ago when I wanted to give my kiddos (and myself lets be honest) extra servings of veggies and fruits as well as vitamins and minerals, etc, in a quick and easy way. We invested in the most powerful blender we could find, the Blendtech total blender (not sponsored:)) and it made suuuuch a difference as far as ease and efficiency. No more blades stalling or huge lumps getting caught in the straw.haha  These days we make them several times a week (with little lulls here and there when we had no blender or fridge:)), and so I'm excited to get back at it and start sharing some favorite blends with you guys on a regular basis!
This makes about 1 regular blender-full which gives Martin and I each full cups, and half cups for our four oldest kidlets. I never really measure what goes in, but that's another reason why I wanna share our favorites, so they're documented for my own memories sake.haha

Sweet Spinach Protein Smoothie
1 1/2 cups of coconut water (sub in almond or soy milk, etc)
2 big handfuls of spinach leaves
1 fresh banana (or frozen for extra creaminess)
1 apple
1 kiwi
1 heaping scoop organic plant protein powder
1 tbsp ProSpinach powder (100% spinach extract to reduce sweet-tooth, non-sponsored)
1 tbsp hemp seed
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp flax seed 
1 tbsp wheat germ

Blend the coconut water and spinach for a couple seconds till the spinach is a bit reduced, than add in the rest of the ingredients for 8-12 seconds only (to avoid too much froth). Sweeten a bit more with some stevia drops or organic honey if needed, and enjoy! Drinking right away helps your body better absorb the fresh vitamins and nutrients, as they can lose their potency after being let to sit for too long.
Well I really hope you give this a try because it's really yummy and awesome for your body, but wither it's this recipe or an old favorite, or even one that's been on your pinterest board for months, etc, again my whole goal in sharing these is to just encourage/motivate you to make more smoothies in general because they're so quick and easy, they're so energizing and refreshing, and they're just so great for you. Super eloquent I know.haha

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have and/or share any favorite ingredients you love in your own smoothies so we can give them a try, and have a great brand new week ahead mah-dears,

Weekend Wrap-up

This week: was mostly full of more unpacking craziness/fun and the first ever home-cooked meals in the new house, but the biggest event of all was the very late-night surprise of having Martin show up on the doorstep when I was expecting him to be gone for two more weeks! He got a few days off while the hospital did some neat things with his extracted blood, etc, and he hoped on a plane to be with us. He has to be back on Tuesday however, so we've worked it out for Ellie and I to go back with him for a a couple days and then come home. The results of his first round of treatment and home program came back, and I'm anxious to talk to the Doctors and ask them a million questions. I'm also nervous to be going back there not only because of having to return to that mindset so fully after pushing everything to the back-burner for the last few months, but also because my sweet little Evie doesn't have her passport and I've never been away from her for more than an hour or so. It breaks my heart to be so pulled around between my loves, but there's no way around it:( The younger kiddies will be staying with very close family and friends, and I'll just keep reminding myself that it's only two nights...only two nights.

Snapshots of the week: Saturday fun putting a wagon together for the family, a little collection of favorite cutting-boards, my littlest darling, and some big beauties that are renting out one of our pastures.

To-dos and goals for the week:
 - unpack the rest of the basement
 - have a bonfire with the older girls
 - finally make it to the gym
 - break out the heavy comforters
 - wash the windows
 - drink more water
 - work at being a better listener
 - plan all the Halloween costumes
 - make some hot chocolate
 - have lots of extra snuggles with my kiddies

A few facts:

  • The last time Ellie was on a plane was the last trip we ever went on together, when she was 6 months old. She is going to have so much fun:)
  • We decided this week that caramel corn is just one of those rare things that are much better when you buy it and/or not worth the effort of trying to make it. 
  • TMI nursing warning- I know that it's only a couple days, but I'm worried about my 'supply' taking a big hit as she's been growing so much lately, and it means so much to me to be able to keep it with this little girl especially, so any tips would be great if you have them:)
  •  I think I'm finally getting to a place with a few of the rooms that I can start sharing tours. Exciting stuff:) 

Something to take away:
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
                                                      - Wayne Gretzky
                                                    - Michael Scott

Thanks so much for visiting, 

Friday, October 2

Friday Finds #104

This week I found:
 1 | this beautiful collection of house plants, in equally beautiful and simple pots,
 2 | this chocolate bark from Flourishing Foodie that makes me think of trail mix with all the seeds and dried berries, etc. except I'd eat this all up instead of picking through it like I used to do with trail mix when I was little. Tell me I'm not the only one.haha
 3 | this really simple layered necklace from Ann Taylor is my favorite type of jewelry lately
 4 | this light and simple bedroom scene that is so perfect in every way,
 5 | this etched walnut cutting board that I'm really in love with, but can't quite justify adding to my cart,
 6 | this type of citrus air freshener around the holidays has been a favorite trick for years, though an actual recipe is a treat and you should definitely give it a try,
 7 | these lovely DIY black marble coasters that are very practical now that I'm drinking out of mugs every day,
 8 | this quote has been a favorite forever, but has really been  my mantra lately. We. can. do. hard. things.
 9 | these type of slimming jersey dresses that are my fall uniform under oversized cardigans or with tights and boots, and this one is only $16.99 right now so git on over and snatch one:)
 10 | I mean, homemade chocolate peanut butter cups? come on...
 11 | this type of tunic style shirt that is my absolute go-to lately (not this particular one but much cheaper versions in various monochromatic colors.haha)
 12 | and this beautiful and serene shot that makes me yearn for travel.

Happy Friday Finds! I feel like it's a big milestone to be posting an old blog feature again after such a sporadic schedule. Keeping much of anything regular this year has been a struggle, but now that we're nearing the finish line with the big move, Martin is well into his second round of treatment, new little Evie is on a more regular schedule, Ellie is settled in kindergarten, and we finally have working internet at the new house(!), things are really going to pick up around here.


Thursday, October 1

hey there October | a few goals

September has always been my favorite month out of the year, but lately I've really been appreciating each month individually for what comes with it. October is when the Fall weather properly hits around here, though there are still some really awkward days where you have to pile on your sweaters and wooly socks in the morning chill, and then by noon you're dying from heatstroke. haha We have been loving the changing leaves and Halloween costume prep though, and today I wanted to share a few goals that we've written up to try and accomplish this month:
 - take the family camping
 - have a halloween movie marathon
 - visit the pumpkin patch
 - drink lots of hot chocolate
 - preserve some colorful leaves
 - go visit a haunted house
 - get back into our weekend vlogging
 - complete the big corn maze
 - have our family pictures taken
 - explore new hiking trails
 - start sharing room tours on the blog
 - carve pumpkins
 - take more and more and more pictures
 - bake a pie .. or three:)

I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you have planned. I so appreciate you coming back and reading even though I know how sporadic my posts have been ever since Martin's diagnosis, the baby birth, the move, and on and on. Life happens and I'm not apologizing, but I can't thank you guys enough for baring with me through all of this. Big group hug.haha

What are some of your October goals? and am I the only one that finds my goal list growing as the month passes instead of shrinking??