Sunday, September 1

6 DIY's We Want To Try

     Happy September my people:)
This is my favorite month of the year, and I am so excited to watch the seasons change from Summer to Fall here at our home in Utah. We've been visiting Utah for many years for work and to visit family and such, and the Fall was always the most magical time of year here. 

     Now that the older kiddies are in school, our family has settled into a pretty good routine and rhythm, and our favorite part of that is after the kids come home and we're able to jump into activities altogether once again. We like to write up a big list for each season of the things that we'd all love to do together, and then we either plan loosely what we'll do each week or we might pick an activity on the spot. 

     Lately, it's been hot enough that we have to wait till early evening to do any outdoor activities, so we've been exploring my pinterest to find random and fun DIY's that we can do, especially without having to go buy any supplies:) Here is a list of 6 fun projects that we want to try creating this week!

     Aren't those projects so cute?? I absolutely love seeing the focus and determination on my children's faces when they are creating, and that incredible gleam in their eyes when they excitedly call us over to admire their progress. My favorite part of the process though has might be when they announce their work and produce it from behind their backs with a grand flourish, then shyly grin and/or giggle as we express our surprise and gratitude for such priceless treasures:)

     That love of making and creating was instilled in me growing up, and nurturing it in my own kiddies has been a sweet experience. 

     I hope you can take some time to create this month in whatever way helps you feel most alive, and if you have kiddies than I hope you can pull them into that mindset with you! I'd also love for you to share any favorite hobbies or activities you like to do on your own or with your family to help inspire the rest of us, and I hope this post has maybe inspired you a little as well.

     Have a beautiful week ahead!


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