Tuesday, May 13

the Lace Braid Up-do and other news

Hey you guys! I hope you're having a great beginning to your week so far and gettin lots done and all that. I just wanted to point you towards my newest hair tutorial, this lace braid up-do that was posted over on Dana's awesome blog over here , so head over there to see the rest! I really love this one:)
Also for other new, I've been updating my YouTube channel more regularly, and will continue to produce videos twice or more a week moving forward, so I'd love for you to visit my channel to see what you think and maybe also subscribe! I'll be posting many different favorites and 'top ten' videos as well as makeup and hair tutorials, beauty hauls, challenges and tags, etc etc, so I'd love for you to follow along:)

Lastly I've been thinking about spending time to finally decorate my boys and girls rooms upstairs (little to nothing in there except furniture), and I'd love for you to recommend some print or decor shops that you like or maybe love that have good/reasonable pricing? etsy shops, home stores, etc? I could really use some good suggestions!

Well and that's it for today:) thanks for visiting, and have a great day all! I hope you'll come back soon, and here's to the rest of the week!
xo, Emily
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  1. I don't know how you manage all these stunning hairstyles! I am so bad, I can barely braid. You have the best hair colour, very jealous!


  2. Your tutorials are definately some of the best!

  3. Beautiful hair :]


  4. I love seeing your hair posts (and all of your posts in general!). I really appreciated your comments the other day about how calling someone skinny is just as rude as calling someone overweight. I'm a fellow skinny girl who gets tired of the comments, as this is how God made me and I certainly wouldn't comment on other people's bodies. :)

    Please stop by our new etsy shop while you are searching for art for your children's rooms. All proceeds are to support the adoption of our baby girl! Feel free to pass on the link to anyone you know who may be interested. Thank you!


  5. I've just started watching your youtube videos and you are so good in front of the camera! (I have a youtube channel too) I'm so excited to see more! :)


  6. So.... I've been reading your blog for a couple weeks now. I love it! Great job in your competition -- you have inspired me and now I'm just eating more that way to get results like yours )already exercising !). Anyways.... What I wanted to let you know is that I sent you an email -- look for stephaniekayerandall@hotmail.com

  7. Your hair is always so lovely; I really like the colour. I love Zara Home for decorating my own home for a reasonable price, however I'm not too sure about how much stuff they have for kids available..
    Grace x

  8. Girllll your hair is amazing!!!! I'm in the same situation trying to decorate the boys rooms :/


  9. This is simply gorgeous! So elegant, soft and natural looking.I love it. I think some more useful ideas everybody can find here http://glaminati.com/fun-and-easy-hairstyles-for-long-hair/2/