Thursday, May 15

What I Wore // Love, Yellow - One Year Anniversary

Hi how you doin:) We are in the throws of official 24/7 warm weather over here and loving every minute of it! Also since it doesn't really get dark until around 9:30 these days all of our dates can feel like we're going out for afternoon errands instead of special one-on-one time, so adding even a few little details here or some sparkle there can really make a difference! Details like the beaded back on this top for example:)
I'm excited to say that this black tank and the chain bracelet that I'm wearing are the pairing that Erin picked for this month's edition of her Love, Yellow selections! If you're new to Love, Yellow then check out Erin's reveal outfit here to read more about it, but essentially it's a really fun monthly thing Erin does on her blog where she picks a clothing item and an accessory with a certain theme, and they're both made available to purchase together for a steal. There's hashtag and shout-out fun involved and it's basically a big fashion par-tay! haha 
Wearing: white shirt - ross // black tank - c/o miss chic // jeans - c/o macy's // chain and diamond bracelet - c/o miss chic // gold and black marion bracelet - c/o whiting and davis // heels c/o nordstrom rack online
Now the extra fun part is that firstly since this is the one year anniversary of Love, Yellow you can both of these items for only $35, But don't wait to buy them because they're only available till the 21st of this month so head over right now to order because there is less than a week to take advantage of the sale! Secondly as a special treat, Erin's giving away a free month of Love, Yellow of your choice (except this month) so make sure and visit her post here to enter the rafflecopter giveaway! Seriously, go now.haha

Have a great day my loves! Now excuse me while I go dig into this new ben and jerry's pistachio pistachio:)
xo, Emily
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  1. I love the chain back on the tank! Absolutely gorgeous. Layering it with the tshirt is such a fab way to casual it down as well. Great look! :) xx

    Katy |

  2. Love it lady-thank you so much for sharing it with your readers! You are the best!

  3. What texture do you use on your photos? They're so gorgeous!