Friday, May 16

Friday Finds #92

This week I found...
1  // these shoes. pretty sure these should be a required closet staple  
2  // this dipped chevron necklace by my girl gina. totes perfection.haha (didn't jus say that)
3  // so many awesome sounding ingredients in one dish. can't wait to try this out 
4  // these concrete planters. i want a bunch for every room in my house please
5  // dream big. just because:) 
6  // this perfect custom wooden handled rubber stamp. now what could I use a stamp for...
7  // this amazing looking salad. you had me at hot spinach dressing 
8  // this feather printed onesie for lydia. need, want, love. end of story. 
9  // I've heard so many things about this stuff, i just can't quite swallow the price tag.. thoughts?
10  // i need to scoop up one of these for me and one for martin, so we can be cheesy and match at the gym  

11  // i slightly adore this open drop ring. so pretty and delicate 
12  // this pile of washi tape that I want to just summon to my studio upstairs. can I do that?  
13  // this lovely detailed lantern that I'd probably use as a vase. need need need 

As I've been talking about a lot lately, I'm undergoing a lot of plans for decorating different rooms around our house, and so I'm up to my eyebrows in inspiration and mood boards and it's all quite overwhelming! haha I'm prescribing myself lots of extra sunshine and fresh air, also a bowl of ice-cream, and maybe even a trip or two to target? oooo or the cabin. yes, we need to go to the cabin. can we honey? haha
Take care guys,
xo, Em
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  1. thanks for sharing my necklace! have a great weekend....I think ice cream is on the list for me too :).

  2. I love the vase 13.. It just simple but wonderful..and the shoes are from Unique of Sheffield -

  3. i've wanted those shoes for awhile! don't think my feet could survive them though :P

  4. Hey girl! For #9,my sisters and I all split the cost and got it, but I do not think it's worth it! Basically, it just shows you where all your "imperfections" {that's my way of not saying something gross} are on your face. I could totally be wrong, but I would say stick to your normal beauty regimen!

  5. Those shoes are so high! I could never walk in them!
    Great collection :)

  6. Glamglow is AMAZING!!!!!!! However, if you want to try it out, eBay has samples, and, the full product way cheaper than retail stores. I would check there first. I've been buying my Glamglow off of eBay for months now without any problems

  7. Glamglow is AMAZING! You can find samples of it on eBay, along with the full version pretty cheap. I've been buying my Glamglow off eBay for months now without any problems.

  8. Oh man... I'd probably give it to my best friend Aemelia, who's been looking for a better quality camera.
    Country Girl's Daybook: Jesus, Photography, Fashion, & Food

  9. I do love the GlamGlow mask, but I'm with you on the price tag! I try to get a sample from Sephora when I can or I've received the smaller size in a couple make up subscription boxes.