Wednesday, February 19

Dressing Your Truth

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  Happy Tuesday loves! 

So I have a couple questions I want to ask:
  1. Have you ever put on an outfit just to take it off again because you just didn’t feel like yourself?
  2. Have you ever bought clothes you thought were really cute and then never wore them more than once or twice? 
  3. How often do you finish getting ready and walk out of the house feeling totally confident in what you’re wearing?
       Today I’ve partnered with Dressing Your Truth to share a few quick thoughts on the power in discovering what type of beauty you express, the freedom of developing your own personal style, and some tips on how to get there today!

       If you were like me as a little girl then you loved dress-up, and if you’re like me now than you still do.haha The thing I loved most about playing with costumes as a child and even today is that just by changing my outfit I am transported to a different time or a different lifestyle, and if you think about it, it’s the same with the clothes we wear every day! 

      You can probably think of clothes you have that help you feel comfortable or fancy or maybe productive, but more often I think we put on clothes and find that they make us feel out of shape or self-conscious, shy, or like we’re trying too hard.
       I used to stand in front of my full closet and look around my room feeling like I had nothing to wear, and it’s taken me so many years of frustration and experimenting to finally feel confident in what my personal style really is. So, you can imagine how excited I am to share a way that you can discover your unique type of beauty and style starting TODAY, and that’s by using the Free Beginner’s Guide from Dressing Your Truth!

      The free guide begins with helping you find out which of 4 different beauty types is the most dominant for you, and then is followed up by hours of free tips and information for each of the 4 types. Things like choosing haircuts for your type and hair-styling tips, the most complimentary makeup shades for you and, of course, lots of guidance about picking clothing that will help you feel excited to get dressed every day and leave the house loving how you look and feel. 
Find AJ on Instagram and on her website 
  • Find out what type of beauty is your dominant type, 
  • Finally learn how to pick clothes, hair, and makeup that truly highlight you, 
  • Learn how to stop the battle with your closet and the dressing room mirror, 
  • and discover real answers about how to look and feel like the best version of yourself.
       Click Here to view the free guide from start to finish, and then come back and tell me which type you are! I felt pretty giddy when I found my type (I’m a 3!), and I was surprised how much I quickly identified with and related to other type 3s and their testimonies. I’ve had so so many of you ask for advice on how to look and feel more confident in what you wear and how you style yourself, and I really believe this fun and simple tool holds so many answers and can be life-changing in many ways!

       Thanks so much for reading, and have a great rest of your week!

P.S. Are you someone who loves personality-type tests like I do? I go big and dive into my type and learn all I can. It’s so fascinating to me. 

Saturday, November 16

#AllWhoWander ... Are Not Lost


     Hey beautiful friends, thank you so much for visiting today! I'm currently in Nashville at the one and only Blissdom Conference (more on this later), but this week was the newest boho bridal label launch called All Who Wander, and I knew I had to share more about it with you guys here on my blog!
      The collection has 17 gorgeous bohemian-inspired styles and I had the honor of wearing the Emery Gown. I mean, how incredible is this dress??! It was so hard to pick just one favorite that I wanted to feature, but this dress just spoke to me with it's clean lines and drappy silhouette. My draw dropped when I first unzipped the bag and carefully took out the hanger. The lace bodice and cap sleeves are so flattering I think, and the open back leading down to a line of buttons on the silky train is just so elegant and etherial, I didn't want to take it off!

      My favorite part about this dress though was, funnily enough, the passionate Spirit Statement behind the whole collection and how much it resonated with me:

"For every free spirit in pursuit of a dream.
For every adventurer craving anything but ordinary.
For the fearless heart, embarking on an epic romance that begins with a single "yes".
Discover a gown that embodies your beauty, sings to your soul,
and reveals a part of you that is never lost.

     I don't know about you but that is such an epic way to start out on your new journey with your spouse. So I hope you go check out this Emery gown HERE if you love it, and also you can view the rest of the collection in the Dress Gallery HERE. The Finn gown and the Rowen gown are my other top favorites so check them out for sure!

    Thanks so much for visiting today, and I'd love to hear a sure sign that someone has wanderlust in the comments, and also I'd love to hear your favorite All Who Wander dress- or both!

    Lots of love me people,

P.S. this is not a sponsored blog post, however, I have done paid content on Instagram
 for this launch and all words and opinions are mine!

Wednesday, October 30

A Haunting We Will Go :)


            Happy All Hallow's Eve Eve my dears!!

     Tomorrow is Halloween and it's been the best year yet as a family preparing for it! We've been able to do all of our old family traditions (which isn't a very big list yet), and still keep October relaxed and super fun, and we've added in a few new things that we'll definitely try to keep doing moving forward! Doing a spooky photoshoot might become a new tradition because executing this vision by our dear friend Roxana Baker was magical:) 

     You guys know that I love having so many opportunities to work with different people through this job, but my favorite part of it is when a photographer or artist or creator has a vision in mind of something they want to shoot and then a handful of incredibly talented people get together to make it come to life!

     As I said, for this shoot our amazing photographer friend Roxana (@RoxanaBPhotography) had the vision of this shoot and invited us to participate, then we were so lucky to have Tara Johnson of @fringewithbenefits801 do some awesome makeup on us, Natalie Wynn of Natalie Wynn Design (who I've had the honor of modeling for on several other times) made this absolutely incredible dress that fit like a freaking glove and was just way too ethereal to believe, and then this awesome bouquet was created by Connor Nesbit of Leuca Floral who makes absolutely gorgeous bouquets and arrangements! I'm always stunned at what he includes and how fantastic it all looks together.

     Well anyways I hope you have a fun and spooky holiday tomorrow! I can't wait to share what we've been working on for our costumes over the last couple weeks. We've had years as a family where we could go mostly all homemade and then years where we ended up rushing to the store last minute to grab some, which is totally fine either way of course, but the process of sewing them is my absolute favorite and it's been a blast.  I just love us all sitting down and plann ing/picking everyone's favorite characters, going to the store together and picking out fabrics or digging around in my stores, then the different days spent one on one as I do fittings for each kiddo and the little conversations we get to have just the two of us. We're creating memories that are so special-even if the sewing/art room looks like a bomb blew up in it.hahaha

      Would you share some of your family Halloween Traditions in the comments? I'd love to get some more ideas to start doing!!


Sunday, September 1

6 DIY's We Want To Try

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     Happy September my people:)
This is my favorite month of the year, and I am so excited to watch the seasons change from Summer to Fall here at our home in Utah. We've been visiting Utah for many years for work and to visit family and such, and the Fall was always the most magical time of year here. 

     Now that the older kiddies are in school, our family has settled into a pretty good routine and rhythm, and our favorite part of that is after the kids come home and we're able to jump into activities altogether once again. We like to write up a big list for each season of the things that we'd all love to do together, and then we either plan loosely what we'll do each week or we might pick an activity on the spot. 

     Lately, it's been hot enough that we have to wait till early evening to do any outdoor activities, so we've been exploring my pinterest to find random and fun DIY's that we can do, especially without having to go buy any supplies:) Here is a list of 6 fun projects that we want to try creating this week!

     Aren't those projects so cute?? I absolutely love seeing the focus and determination on my children's faces when they are creating, and that incredible gleam in their eyes when they excitedly call us over to admire their progress. My favorite part of the process though has might be when they announce their work and produce it from behind their backs with a grand flourish, then shyly grin and/or giggle as we express our surprise and gratitude for such priceless treasures:)

     That love of making and creating was instilled in me growing up, and nurturing it in my own kiddies has been a sweet experience. 

     I hope you can take some time to create this month in whatever way helps you feel most alive, and if you have kiddies than I hope you can pull them into that mindset with you! I'd also love for you to share any favorite hobbies or activities you like to do on your own or with your family to help inspire the rest of us, and I hope this post has maybe inspired you a little as well.

     Have a beautiful week ahead!