Monday, February 4

Sweetheart Hair Week: Tutorial #1 - Classic Bombshell

You guessed it! I'm starting another mini hair tutorial series today, and I'm really excited to hear what you guys think throughout this next week because this series is all about retro/vintage 'pinup girl' styles, which I've never done on the blog before! Here's the first look:
I decided to call the mini series 'Sweetheart Hair Week' and do it right before Valentines day, because when I think of pinup girls I just think of strong, sexy women with killer style, and who doesn't need a little more sexy for the month of love?:) 
So, the next week I'll have a new tutorial every day (along with a few extra posts thrown in here and there maybe) and even though some of them are more read-to-wear than others, I'm hoping that at least this week will inspire you to not only be a little more adventurous with your hair, but to take a few more steps out of your comfort zone this month towards finding your sexy inner pin-up girl:) So! I decided to start out with what is probably the easiest and most classic style that I'll be doing, the bombshell:

Supplies needed:
- wide toothed comb
- brush
- 1 or 2 inch curling iron
- bobby pins
- hot rollers (optional)
- hairspray

Step #1: To start off brush your hair till its smooth, and section off a large bang section from your forehead about four inches back and pin it up in front. Use your hot rollers (preferably, if not then curl whole head with iron) and roll up the rest of your hair snugly for the next 10-20 minutes depending on how much hair you have:) You just want them to be completely cool.
Step #2: take your rollers out gently once they are completely cool, and spritz your locks with whatever strong hold hairspray you have to help the curls set. Scrunch if desired:) (the rollers will make a full and fluffy under-layer). Take the top section down from its bun, and choose a dramatic side part, (either side) smoothing your hair away from the part in both directions. Use a 1-2 inch curling iron to curl it. again making sure to set with hairspray. The curling will make a stronger over-curl.
Step #3: Finally, use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb the top layer smooth, helping the curls to combine and even out. Use a paddle brush to even more gently brush through your lower curls. this is the pin-up glamour step right here. 
Now for the very last bit: Use your comb at your temple and comb straight back ab, pinching the hair and securing by criss-crossing bobby-pins. Finish off with some more hairspray, and you're all done girl!
Step #4: this point you can leave it in all its glamorous perfection, or you can take a 1-2 inch bang section and roll it around two fingers creating a little loop in front and pinning it off to the side for a little extra somethin special. Just give your head a little fluff with your fingertips and head out on the town!
Probably the best thing about this style is that it works for just about every length of hair, and even if you're not in the mood for cat eyes and dark lips, you still have a fantastic nod to the past hairstyle that can go with any outfit. How great is that? :)
Thanks so much for visiting today, I'd love to hear what you think, and I hope you come back tomorrow for the next tutorial!
Take care my people,
xo, Em


  1. You look like Rita Hayworth, so beautiful. This is such a detailed tutorial, love it!

  2. Both your hair and makeup looks gorgeous. Great tutorial :) xxx

  3. Pretty! Love the eye-makeup as well!

  4. Va-Va-Voom :)! Love this look Em! It's so elegant with a sassy/sexy twist! I can't wait to see the other tutorials.

  5. Your hair is beautiful! And this hair style is one of my favorites :)

  6. You look so beautiful in these photos and what a great tutorial!
    Almost Endearing

  7. Beautiful !!!!!! ;)

  8. Looking brilliant as usual. Malt and Drive-In-theatre sometime?

  9. i so so so looooove your style. So elegant and classy. totally the style I would opt for if i wasn't so lazy. lol. thanks for sharing yet an other awesome tutorial.

    love, x
    blog | twitter

    ps: lipstick looks great on you.

  10. you have the best hair ever! love this style on you! super cute!

  11. Adorable! I love your make-up for this too!

  12. This is my absolute favorite hair style. ;) You're such a flippin' stud.

    1. I was thinking of you the WHOLE TIME i was doing this style! haha because you always have the greatest hair and wings and lips for days haha

      High five girlfriend!
      (okay did I just say that?)


  13. I agree, very Rita Hayworth! love Pin up gal looks-so happy that they always recirculate every couple of years:)

  14. Aw thanks girl! you've seen my tutorials from the very beginning Janelle so that means a lot! xoxo

  15. What is the brand of hot rollers you used to achieve this look?

  16. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  17. What is the color on your cheeks, please? I know this is a really old post, but I love the color and need to know, lol!

  18. This is so easy and yet super glamorous, you look beautiful!!

    Debasree // ALL SHE NEEDS

  19. My hair naturally looks like a less fancy version of this, so I can quickly do this great hairstyle!


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