Thursday, August 1

Our favorite Family bonding activities at home

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I've been asked a lot lately about managing family time and how we handle big trips together, what we have left on our Summer bucket-list, etc, so today I've partnered with Pampers Pure to answer the questions about what we like to do as a family while we're at home!

      The weather has been SO very hot for us back home in Utah for the last month or so which has meant that between the hours of about 11 and 6 we rarely even go outside unless we have to. That being said, being subscribed on and having our favorite diapers and wipes delivered to our door before we realize how low we are has been a lifesaver! Also now that we have the Pick Your Prints option on the website too it's been fun to let the older kids pick their favorite prints for Alice and see them get excited.haha

     Also, if you want to check out the prints and sign up as a subscriber then you get $7 off your purchase! Ordering is super simple too, all you do is:
    1. click this link HERE to visit the page, 
      2. select your diaper size, 
      3. pick out your favorite print for each pack, (we're expecting tacos and the cute sloth next), 
      4. select your order frequency (every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 4 weeks), 
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That's it! Let me know if you have any more questions about how it all works, and now let's get into the family activity list:)

40 Family Bonding Ideas for Home
  1. Institute family journaling time
  2. Have a living room picnics
  3. Make homemade personal pizzas
  4. Look through family albums and tell family stories
  5. Color together
  6. Put on a mock cooking class
  7. Decorate and have a family dance
  8. Play family dress-up
  9. Fill an envelope with drawings and letters for a distant friend or family member
  10. Go on a walk
  11. Plan sardines or hide-and-go-seek
  12. Make a blanket fort
  13. Do a science experiment off Pinterest
  14. Make a home-movie of the day
  15. Learn a new song together
  16. Snuggle up together and have a 'quiet contest'
  17. Set up a relay race or a scavenger hunt in the house
  18. Get together to plan a dream vacation
  19. Write a short story, taking turns to decide the plot direction
  20. Each member of the family gets an hour to decide what activity the family does
  21. Take your bikes or scooters around the block
  22. If your kids are the right age, make a dessert ONLY giving them directions, no touching
  23. Play Disney song trivia 
  24. Have a BBQ complete with s'mores
  25. make banana splits or ice cream sundaes
  26. Collect old toys/clothes/books, etc to donate together
  27. Celebrate someone's half-birthday, or un-birthday
  28. Have a family talent show
  29. Let each child choose a story-book for you to read in succession
  30. Tell a choose-your-own-adventure story
  31. Decorate sugar cookies
  32. Plant a tree or flowers together
  33. Blow bubbles
  34. Make a family fun calendar, everyone picking somewhere local they'd like to go
  35. Play a movie in the back yard
  36. Video chat with distant friends or family
  37. Play in the sprinklers
  38. Have a staring contest tournament with prizes
  39. Have a karaoke night
  40. Wash the cars together

       Well, that's our collection for now, but let me know if you have any questions about any of the activities, and whether or not you'd like family road-trip tips or our Autumn bucket-list next! I'm so excited about this post though and I hope you found it useful, particularly since Summer is almost over and many of us will be having lots more time at home than we did during the vacation months.
      What are some of your favorite at-home activities for bad-weather days or lots-of-laundry-days, etc?
As always, take care!


  1. These are all such cute ideas! You're such an inspiring mama!


  2. What a beautiful family you have! :)