Thursday, November 8

Holiday Hair Week - Tutorial #4: Mermaid Curls

Welcome to another Holiday Hair tutorial dearies! I am so relieved being able to get all these styles out and about for you guys to use, because so many of you have been requesting certain ones, and its hard to get them online fast enough! Today's style is one that's been requested a lot since this post here, and again I'm so happy to finally be posting! This is also my version of the 'Taylor Swift' signature curls, so for you lovely ladies that asked, here you go! :)
This is the only way I curl my hair with an iron anymore. Hands down. I simply love the way the waves come out! They last all day long, they look more natural then any other technique I've seen, and this is the fastest way that I have ever curled my hair, ever! Because you are starting the curl at the root you are creating a stronger longer-lasting curl, and the method for winding makes the process so much faster. Here we go!
- brush
- curling iron (i used 1")
- hairspray
- hair clip
- ribbon (optional:))
Step 1: For best results and longer lasting curl, begin this style with two day old hair, or coat your locks with an even mist of hairspray for hold and grip. Start by Separate your hair into three even sections starting from the top and clip them into place. Brush out the bottom section and begin there.
Step 2: start curling by taking a 1-2 inch section of hair, and pointing your iron towards the ground, begin winding your hair around the barrel starting from the root and not from the ends! this is the trick that will ensure you have even longer-lasting curl from roots to ends, and its the best way that I know of to achieve this type of curl.
Step 3: complete the bottom section of hair, and spray all the curls well with hairspray, scrunching upward towards your scalp as they 'dry'. Repeat step two and three with the middle section of hair, and with the top as well, making sure to take extra care to define the curls on your crown. Spray well after all finished, and fluff with fingers for extra volume.
Notes: I found it works best to hold the hair in a fist about three inches from the iron and let it slide through my fingers, guiding it into place on the iron. does that make sense? I am able to fit every bit of a curl onto the barrel with no overlapping, and I have very long hair! 
At this point you can at a ribbon, bow, headband or other hair accessory, or simply leave it alone! Head off to your event and enjoy your evening:)
As usual ladies please let me know what you think and if you give this special technique a try! I'd love to hear feedback, and pictures are always a huge perk!
Have a lovely lovely Thursday,
xo, Emily

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  1. Very pretty hair tutorial once again! Love it!
    Almost Endearing

  2. Wow! Great tutorial and I love the hairstyle.xx

  3. emily can i commission you to be my personal hair stylist, please?

    thanks x

  4. You make it look so easy! :) You look gorgeous!

    -Ash P

  5. errrr...errr...errrr... Oh. Excuse me. I'm trying to make my hair grow faster. Errrrrrrr!

    Chevron & Lace

  6. Beautiful! Suits you so much, I love your hair colour too, xoxo.

  7. so easy and beautiful! xx

  8. I followed you :) Your blog is very fantastic and You have a great advice. Great curls! I loved :]
    Ola xxx

  9. @Ola97pl <--- my twitter :) I followed you

  10. I just recendly found you blog and I fell a little bit in love with it - especially with your hair tutorials. I bought myself an iron a few weeks ago, but never tried it, but now I'll definitely do it ^^

  11. I am loving this Christmas hair styles series so much! Definitely some good tips and ideas. Thanks!

  12. Thanks for sweet comment, dear!

    Amazing hair! You are SOO beauty!!!
    I love, love your blog!

    I am a new follower now (gfc & fb).
    And I will be SOO happy, if you follow me:-)

    Kisses from Russia!


  13. Such a lovely hairdo!

  14. love! Was at the mall today and they tried to sell me $150 infrared curling tool to do this... glad I saw this first! ha!

  15. I'm doing this. Or at least I'll try. But I'd rather you do my hair, to be perfectly honest. You seem to know what you're doing. I gazed longingly at each of these hair tutorials of yours. I hope I can make mine turn out this well! Someday...

    May the force be with you.


  17. When you do this, do you have all your curls going the same direction? For instance, do you wrap them all towards your face? Or alternate? And do you use any product before curling?

  18. You're hair is so long and pretty!