Thursday, July 5

Hair Tutorial // The Faux-Braided Updo

Morning all! I hope that all my fellow American's had a wonderful holiday yesterday, and that the rest of you had an extra special...wednesday:) I've been excited to share a hair tutorial lately, because it's been quite a long time and I have so many I want to post for you!! 
Today I have a fun style that to me looks just like a big bunch of braids, but without the work, because its really just lots of criss-cross twisting! I also love this style because it has a look of whimsy about it, but can easily pass in the work place or for a formal occasion because of its sophistication. 
The best part? Everyone will think it took you ages, and will ask you how you did it! Here we go:
Supplies used:
  • Hairspray
  • Bobby pins
Step 1: You'll want to start with slightly textered hair.  Grab the front section of hair on the right side of your head and divide it into two equal pieces. Begin twisting the hair. Add in the section of hair directly below those first two pieces, incorporating it into the twist. Continue adding sections of hair as you go, twisting across the head until you get to the opposite side. Once you’ve reached the back left side of the head, pin the twist in place with bobby pins, leaving the remaining hair in the twist loose.
Step 2: Repeat this process on the opposite side. Make sure your second twist goes directly above and across your first one. Continue twisting the hair until you reach the nape of your neck on your right side.

Step 3: Pin the twist at the nape of the neck to hold it in place. Grab a small piece of loose hair from the left side of your head and bring it over into the right twist, rolling it in. This is going to help you change the direction that your twist is going (from right to left). The piece should be diagonally parted, so that when you twist it in, your hair will begin to go in the opposite direction. The goal is to create an S-shape with your hair.

Step 4: Once this twist has made its way back over to the left side of your head, grab all the remaining hair in your other hand. Roll those pieces over each other to create one giant twist. Take your finger and hook it in the middle of the twist. Twist the hair around the finger to create a big figure eight at the back of the head, then pin it in place. If any pieces fall out, just tuck them up and under the hair, then pin them to secure. And you're done!!
At this point I chose to pinch out a few of my fly-away's to give it an easy summer look, but to leave it looking a little more polished, just spritz with some hairspray and smooth to complete! 
Make sure you take a look here and there in a two-way mirror, because since the majority of the hair handiwork is at the back of your head, you'll want to make sure everything is ship-shape back there:) 
You should be very proud! From the front your look is very simple and soft, and then once you turn around, that’s when the fun really starts! Thanks to all that your layering, twisting, and all that direction-changing, your updo looks like it’s been braided by a pro. Congrats! 
As usual let me know if you decide to give it a try, because I love me some feedback! Also feel free to pin the tutorial and spread the love!
xo, Emily


  1. love this! and you are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. that's so cute! i love all of your freckles! :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  3. what a lovely hairstyle, thanks for sharing, love it!:) xoxo

  4. I love all your styles. I just need to be a bit more motivated in the morning.

  5. Oh my gosh! It's amazing how you can do this yourself! I am not capable of such thing. You look really pretty!

    I love it if you joined my GIVE AWAY:) Hope to see you soon!


  6. How cute are you! Seriously girl, this is a great little hair tutorial! It looks great on you too! And I just have to say, you have the cutest little profile!

  7. i'm so excited about this one! and your freckles are becoming more & more prominent & i'm becoming more & more jealous of 'em.

  8. it's really nice! i want this!
    and of course we want follow U too!:*

  9. wow nice hair!
    ideal for hot summer ! ;)

  10. Beautiful!
    I can't wait for my hair to get longer so I can try it out

  11. gorgeous. i really wish i didn't have insanely frizzy curly hair so i could pull this off! so pretty!

  12. Great tutorial! Such a cute style! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your's is darling!

  13. Hi Emily! I really liked your hairstyle, but I do not really understand how to do it. I am from Russia and I understand english a little. You did not think to record video tutorials?

  14. I totally need a video for this. Somewhere in step 3, I get utterly lost, and this is my third time in one night trying to get it right! lol. Beautiful style...I'm just not getting it.

  15. You know I’ve been seeing a lot of your tutorials on Pinterest and what I really like them, aside from the tutorials themselves are the backdrop. Haha! ^.^ And this one is definitely one of them. I also love braided updo hairstyles. ;) Lizzie