Friday, July 6

Friday Finds #25 & the Color of the Month

It's Friday, 81 degrees and sunny, and I'm sitting inside with a sleepy babe on my chest while I type. Yeah, one-handed typing is something I'm pretty much amazing at people. 
My girls are upstairs snoozling away in their beds, and my boy is off working out his ferocious forearms. This girl *thumbs to chest* loves her some big muscles, even when they just get back from the gym.haha 
This week I'm mingling my Friday Finds with my Color of the Month post, which happens to be Lime In case you couldn't tell:

This week I found...

...this retro 60's inspired outfit! I'm working on putting a dress like this together, and now I know just how I'm going to style an outfit!

...this recipe for lemon lime macaroons! You just watch, this may have been the recipe to push me over the edge to finally make me some macaroons! Mmmm...

...this oversized handbag would be such a fun baby bag don'y you think? I don't know maybe I'm the only one who dreams of having a somewhat trendy diaper bag.haha

...this elephant clock is really the cutest. I may have to ad something similer to my boys room when I move john out of the nursery. Whata you think?

...this yummy looking recipe for lime Squares from This is making me crave my lemon bars! Mmmm:)

...this pair of charteuse heels from  Christian Louboutin. Man I always pick my favorite pair and they turn out to be from him! I think we'd get along great Christian and I would:) 

...this rather wonderful planter ring!
green green green

...okay so I know that this is a bit litteral with the lime theme, but I've really been craving some lime chicken lately and this looks so delicious!

...this lime in love dress from modcloth. I don't know what it is with me and retro style lately, but anyone wanna buy me a late birthday present? :)
lime green

...this cute set of paper straws!! I know that many of you may not be interested in these, but with all the food I've been shooting I'm craving some paper straws and this little etsy shop has tons of colors!
Striped Lime GREEN Paper Straws Green and White Stripe - set of 25 Green Straws w/ DIY Drinking Straw Flags PDF

...loving this sofa shot from pinterest. I love the framed magazine idea too! Such a cute sitting space.
lime green <3

What fun things do you have planned for this weekend? I don't have many plans at the moment, except the plans for peanut butter ice-cream, but I don't think that counts...
xo, Em


  1. green, green green! love it!

  2. i looove this christian louboutin heels *-*
    this is the shoe-dream of every woman :)

  3. I want to try to make macaroons, they always look cute.

  4. Those heels are gorgeous. I love the paper straws and I'd happily split some lime chicken and lime bars with you. Let's find someone to cook/bake it all! :)

  5. the elephant clock is the cutest! i love elephants :)

  6. Oooo, LOVE all of this lime green stuff!! Following ya back!! Your blog looks like a lot of fun! ;)

  7. OH MY, that ring is awesome. So quirky and fun and just amazing!

    Life is a romantic poem

  8. I loved a trendy diaper bag! and those heels? to die for!

  9. Love the outfit (dress and shoes esp.) and OMG that ring is insane!!! Loving Lime~!

  10. this girl loves her husband with some big arms too, especially right after working out!

  11. Loving this colour! The dress is great and also a big fan of macaroooonns!


    Great GIVE AWAY at my blog!

  12. Thank you for the follow. I just used the pink and white retro straws for the birthday party. I am followering you back! Have a super weekend!

  13. I love that couch. It looks so comfy.

  14. Í'm totaly in love with the first dress!

  15. that elephant clock is the cutest thing ive seen :)