Saturday, July 7

Weekend Wrap-up

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This Week: Most of the week was building up to the fourth and its festivities, and then afterwards was about moving on and picking up from that same buildup. We went to the parade in the morning, then had a really enjoyable family picnic with lots of wet children running around, and tons of delicious picnic food. We also got our very first full family picture taken since John's birth, and everyone was even looking at the same time! Home meant a much needed nap, and a swim in the kiddie pool for two liucky and estactic girls. The evening brought shade, more tasty food, and some kiddie fireworks for the us and Ellie (since our youngest two seemed a little underwhelmed for fireworks and decided to sleep). After all three (three) kiddies went to sleep, Martin and I climed onto the roof of our three story house to watch the 'real' fireworks display downtown, and I realized not only how brave my husband is but how absolutely insane I was for ever thinking he should hang up christmas lights. Once up there we could see the fireworks for miles in all directions, and I'll just say that it made for a very romantic setting. That is all:)
Weekly Snapshots:
Weeks Favorite: 
Next Week: 
Most popular post of the week: My gingham outfit post! This was my first outfit after having John and so many of you left the sweetest and most thoughtful comments! You made me feel so great ladies! Thanks a million:)
A Few Facts: 
  • Sometimes I crave batter or dough, and could care less about the cookie or brownie. Does this happen to any of you? bahaha
  • I've never parallel parked between two cars. ever.
  • My piano sight reading is downright embarrassing. Like howling dogs down the street embarrassing. But hey, at least my fingers remember the songs I once knew well.
  • I love when my big man and my little man are together, doing anything. Does fatherhood look good on that guy? YES. That's a big yes.
  • Also that same guy gave me a belated Christmas Present that he found in his music cabinet. Christmas in July. I'm a lucky girl:)
What will you do to entertain yourself this weekend? I'm thinking some netflix time, and a nice juicy watermelon to share. Mmm, yes.
xo, Emily


  1. what a fun fourth of july!

    xo SideSmile,

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  2. Lovely photos! So nice to watch! <3

  3. Ah!! That picture with your husband and son is the best! His facial expression is just too funny. :D

  4. Such happy kids:) Makes me smile!


    Great GIVE AWAY at my blog.

  5. AMAZING photography, this is such a gorgeous set of pictures. I love your blog :) Hope you had a great day.

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