Saturday, November 10

Holiday Hair Week - Tutorial #6: Easy French Twist

Here we are today with yet another hair tutorial in the series! but you knew this was coming didn't you:) I've said it before, but its so refreshing to be able to catch up a bit with the wonderful requests I've received from you lovely readers! I love bringing you hair tutorials that you've asked for, but at the rate in which I usually post them I'd be done with those in about two years. haha
Today's post is also called the 'Audrey Hepburn French Twist', because I'm channeling Holly Golightly a bit with this one. Its totally not as hard as it may look, so don't be intimidated! The thing I love most about a french twist is how it can be done with straight or curly hair and turn out beautiful every time! It can also be done if you have just enough hair for a ponytail, or dragging along the floor. haha Not many hair styles are like that! lets get started:
- hair brush
- bobby pins
- curling iron
- hairspray
- comb
Step 1: start out by separating a bang section and brushing the rest back into a smooth ponytail at the nape of your neck. begin twisting tightly from the base, and, pulling straight up on the ponytail, pull the hair to the right up and tuck into the twist! 
Step 2: smooth the sides of the twist with your comb and pin securely from the inside out. Pull out about a 3" section from the top of your head and tease a little for volume. bring it back into a high pompadour and pin. remember to leave out your 'bang' section!
Step 3: curl the hair coming up out of your french twist, then by taking one curl at a time tease the base a little and twirl them up, pining them into a high bun. Part your bang section and comb them back towards the twist, remembering to tuck the ends into your high messy bun, and pin! Coat with your hairspray, and your all done:)
Remember to keep the bun high enough on your head that you don't cover up the twist in the back!
Don't forget to check out my hairstyles and beauty tab at the top for the rest of the hairstyles that I've posted here on the blog, and as usual let me know if you give this a try! Also if anyone posts a picture of them in one of my hairstyles then I include a link to your post on that hair tutorial!

Thanks so much for reading today lovelies, and see you tomorrow for the end of the series! 
xo, Emily

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  1. Great hairdo!

  2. Wow this hairstyle is simple and awesome! Love it!
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  3. WOWW love it!! it look easy but i dont think so jaja you look beautiful :) you are.

  4. Love the look :)


  5. Hi!!
    I love your hair like that!!
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    Take care :)

  6. This looks incredible! I think I am going to have to give this one a try.

  7. Hello Emily
    I loved your tutorial hairstyle.
    It was wonderful.
    It seems to be easy to do.
    I'm following you.
    Sah Errera - Brasil

  8. Love how you make it easy, Emily!Plus that pretty face we see entices us to do it and think we'll all be pretty too when do this hairstyle. :)


  9. u look amazing!

  10. beautiful! mind to check my new blog post and drop a comment? thanks, xx.

  11. Guauu!!!! Amazing tutorial!! I love it!!
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  12. You did some amazing tutorials. I'll def try one next weekend!

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  13. It also works like half-round brush. hair brush