Wednesday, December 19

Ask Emily Intro

Hey Guys! So this is an exciting day for me, because not only am I introducing another bloggy feature thing-amabob, this is a post where I ask you questions and hear from you! my Favorite people in the world! Now I know you may be confused because this post is called 'ask Emily', but really the feature is more of a discussion between you and me, and anyone else who wants to participate and contribute. Still Confused? Let me explain:
Lately I've realized that I am not sharing as many of my personal thoughts and self with you as I would like, and also that I have a lot of feelings and opinions that I think about, and wonder what YOU think about them. Also I get a lot of questions about life things and so I am going to start this little 'Ask Emily' feature sorta thing that'll probably run a few times a month! Mainly it will just be me sharing a little bit on a certain topic, of your choosing, and in return I want to hear your thoughts and opions!! 
Your questions you can leave in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, whatever, or if you wanna email me that's fine too! a lot of you prefer the anonymity of email and that's fine:) Anyways, as a rule I prefer not to talk about politics or religion ever on the blog, but other then that I've been asked questions about my thoughts on destiny, true love, cheating, copycats, dealing with stress, scheduling, home/natural birth, etc, and I think we all could benefit from opening up some topics of discussion:) Lets do this thing!
The first Ask Emily will be next week, and I have a few fun topics to choose from already, but feel free to shoot me your thoughts and we'll see what happens!

Also three more questions for you real quick:
#1. I am finally going to be posting my very first questions video very soon, and I've put a few shout-outs up here and there and received tons of really great questions, but if you have anymore, now is your chance to ask me your burning question, and I will do my best to answer them!

#2. in light of recent decisions to start posting regular vlogs and things here on the blog, I would love to hear what it is you would love to see vloged about! It could be a particular hair tutorial (new or previously posted), I know a lot of you have asked for hair and makeup routines/tips etc, whatever you have in mind just let me know! 

#3. lastly, I would love to put together a little blip of testimonials in my Sponsor page, and I have received to many kind and sweet emails about your experiences, I would love to share them with everyone! If you choose to email me with a short little quote about your experiences (as a past sponsor of Freckled Fox, or Life, etc), I'll be sure and link back to your blog!

Thanks so much for your time today lovelies, and have an dandy day!
xo, Emily


  1. I would love to see more hair tutorials! I especially loved the "Kate-inspired" updo :)

  2. Wait, I should clarify, I would love to see video tutorials. Of everything!! But especially that one. I would watch any that you post :)

  3. Are you going to vlog!? That's so exciting! I can't wait till your first video airs ^^ Also, this new feature sounds like fun! I'll be looking out for the first post :) x

  4. I'm so excited about your video, I really like vlogs! It seems like you can get a better picture of who someone is and what they're like through them. No pressure! :D

  5. i'm looking forward to seeing your new feature! x

  6. Great idea dear! Looking forward to that. Maybe I'll have queries too hehe. :) Thanks for being innovative, Emily! :) This inspires other bloggers like me too. :)

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  7. I can't wait to see your vlogs!!! This may sound creepy, but I love hearing what blogger's voices sound like, putting a voice to the face! :)

  8. I'm really looking forward to this new feature! Love your blog! :)

  9. That's good news Emily :) I'm really looking forward to discover some videos (and I'm sure that everybody is) And discovering you "alive" ;) it will be great.

    I'd love to hear a little bit about your skin/hair/makeup routine.