Thursday, December 20

Little Letters Link-up Returns

Surprise Surprise! I felt so badly when linky had those hiccups a while ago and am happy to say that today everything is back to normal and the link-up is back in full swing! I know several of you ladies have continued your letters and I'm so happy about that! I do hope that each of you will come back and link-up if you write a post in the next week. I'd love to read your beautiful letters:)
Dear Christmas Music, thank you for making me remember the sweetness of Christmas growing up, and helping me to make this season with my own little family the best ever.
Dear peanut butter fudge, now that we've established that you are the most decadently delicious and delectably delightful dessert known to man, can you and your wicked seductive ways get as far away from me as possible? You are starting to collect around my middle.
Dear sweet followers, you make my life so happy! I have loved meeting some of you, or getting to know you better. Thank you for your encouraging comments and quiet support. I love you:)
Dear head of hair, if you would behave yourself a little better then perhaps I wouldn't keep threatening to cut you off and donate you. or is that why you're acting this way? hmmm
Dear electric toothbrush, where have you been all my life!? I knew it was love at first sight as I dragged martin through the isles to present you to him, but I never would have guessed the full extent of my obsession. I thank you.
Dear little miss Eleanor, you potty trained like a champ! I am sorry for being scared and holding you back for so long, because the fact that you had a total of three accidents in the last three weeks tells me that you have been ready for ages. We are so proud of you big girl.
Dear baby girl Sophie, I feel as though I have broken your spirit as I see you gaze longingly at the Christmas tree and know your fingers must be aching to snatch and run away giggling as you do. Maybe just one ornament won't hurt... two?
Dear Johnny-boy, I can't believe how fast you are growing! I laughed a lot and cried a little watching you pull yourself along the floor for the first time this week. If you need me, I'll just be in the corner trying to invent a time machine.
Dear hunk of a husband, you are the light of my life, and my sweetheart forever. P.S. thanks for all the late night smoothie/movie dates, they help keep my sane.
Dear Life, thanks for throwing curve balls at just the moment when I think I'm gettin settled into a routine. Keeps me on my toes, and helps me remember to always be on the lookout for positive change. 

Sorry there are so many... its been a long time! hahaI hope everyone has a fun and relaxed week. only Five days till Christmas! I hope to spend the next few days eating lots of treats, keeping very warm, and reading your little letters! Off you go! :)
xo, Emily

Lets run through the steps once more since its been a while:
write out your post anytime during the next week. you can have two letters or twenty, as many as you want! and I've written to everything from my washing machine to the clouds so, the skie's the limit... no pun intended. Then:
#1: Add this Link-up button on your blog somewhere. You've gotta do it kids! Otherwise, your entry will be deleted from the list, and that'd make me sad:(
#2: Just click the blue 'click here to enter' below and add yourself to the list! (If you wanna do this regularly, it's probably best to just make a blog label for your Little Letters and link that up. okee doke?
#3: Check the rest of 'em out! Read others letters and make new bloggy friends! That's the best one:)



  1. i love this emily! will be doing this as soon as i get home x

  2. SOOOO excited! Is there any way you can change my link to this one? I created a label. ♥ And, I somehow have two links. lol.

  3. Ummm I prolly sound really stupid, but I can't get the button to show up as a picture, it's just a link. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    1. Yes and no:) I didn't specify, that the code can't just be pasted into the post without first switching from 'compose' to 'html' on the very left at the top. Just click html and then paste the code in the bottom!

      Thanks for linking up!

  4. These are always way too fun - I don't do them weekly but have done several nonetheless. :)

  5. I love your hair in the picture above! It's so pretty!
    Also, I really like this idea, I'm going to try it out!

  6. Love this idea! And, that picture of you is STUNNING!

  7. The time machine..... can you make one for me as well?? :) Love your letters as always...