Friday, December 21

FF #47

This week I found...
...this amazing display of christmas desserts that just couldn't get me any more in the mood!

...this perfectly proper and sophisticated outfit from polyvore. not as retro as I would like, but love those two colors together!
Red and white dress outfit - perfect for a holiday party

...this totally amazing bunch of christmas sugar cookies! I don't thin I've ever quite seen the like.
holiday cookies

...this cute vintage Christmas Card from the 50s or so. Look at the way they're dressed!
1950s Couple with Gifts Vintage Christmas Card

...this amazing batwings sweater by! I'm currently on an oversized sweater binge
Me gusta.

...I've always wanted to try a 'yule log' for the family dinner. Maybe when the kids can enjoy it more:)
Yule Logs - Martha Stewart Recipes

...this gorgeous anjolee pendent giveaway going on at glam hungry mom right now!! hurry over! 

...this pair of lace legwarmers from freepeople, that would be useless for me to buy till the weather warms up a bit, but boy aren't they puurty?
lacy socks for boots

...this perfect recipe for peppermint meringues! don't really know how to spell that, but think i did okay

... I know i'm going giveaway crazy, but I also found this huge huge giveaway from irocksowhat! geeze, so enter already. Ends tonight!

...this is the most amazing edible gingerbread house that I've ever seen. Putting me to shame a bit
#gingerbread  #gingerbreadhouse  #gingerbread house  #christmas

I can't believe that this is my last Friday Finds before Christmas! What a happy, loving time of year. 
Hope you have a terrific weekend dearies!
xo, Em


  1. Great items!!!have a lovely pre-christmas weekend!;D

  2. Those lace leg warmers are lovely. They would look great layered over a pair of bright stockings!!

  3. Thsoe lace leg warmers are beautiful - I can't help but think of how hard it would be to knit that! And those Christmas cookies are SO cute

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // fox tote giveaway

  4. Cool! Too many neat things to pick from. :)

  5. Now that's an awesome gingerbread house :) Great finds!

  6. Oh my, that gingerbread house is truly amazing! :)

  7. Those leg warmers are love! The kitty on my lap would love to tear them up too :)

    whiskey for breakfast

  8. I always wanted to make a yule log too. Maybe next year.

  9. What a WONDERFUL collection! Normally there's at least one thing I don't love in an outfit set, but gosh, every item on this one is perfect! And those treats! This post is totally getting me into the mood for Christmas =]

  10. I love that outfit soooooo much! The coat, the dress, the heels, the scarf!!! It is gorgeous!

  11. The outfit you put together is gorgeous!!

    Janine xx