Thursday, June 1


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       To my little man,
You are five years old!! You've already had such a deep and full life in your five short years, and because of how different your little journey has been from the start, your life is jam-packed with so much extra potential. You are blessed with such a tender and kind heart, and I feel so much pride when I look at you and think of all the hard and frustrating (for both of us) times spent trying to teach you and help you understand right from wrong, and think of how they continue to pay off day after day.

    You really are one of a kind. You are so full of joy, and although people will try to stand in your way and pull you back throughout your life, I know you have the strength and determination and confidence to stand firm in your beliefs and values and to never forget your worth.

    John, I hope that you always keep in mind that you're an example to those around you, that someone is always watching and learning from you, and that you have the power to influence the world for good with your actions, your words, and your love and treatment of others.
     I hope that you continue to exude happiness to those around you,
     I hope that you always keep your spirit of exploring and adventure, and experience the world and this life to the fullest.
     I hope that you always keep your strong sense of caution when it comes to protecting yourself and others from harm, and that your bold and confident side will always be used in defense of what you know is right. To really make a difference in someone's life you don't have to be rich or powerful or brilliant or beautiful, you simply have to truly care about them, and you care so much sweet boy:)
     I hope that you're never afraid to pursue your passions because of what others might say or think.
     I hope you remember that bullies are not just for the school playground and that no matter their age, people who project hate onto others are always struggling with inner battles of their own. Never forget that when someone judges you, it isn't actually about you at all, it's about them and their own insecurities, limitations, and needs.
     I hope you never lose your desire to be helpful and to serve others. Charity requires such selflessness, and that is such a rare trait in the world you're growing up in.
     Never forget that you owe yourself the love that you so freely give to others as well.
     I love your love of reading and learning and your constant questions to understand the world around you. Never lose that.

I hope that you had a happy happy birthday sweet boy. It was wonderful to see your smile cemented on your face and to hear your laughter from across the room. Watching you close your eyes for a brief second and then blow out those candles with so much energy and excitement made my heart so happy. You deserve all the love and encouragement this world has to offer, and I hope you never forget how many are standing behind you and wanting you to succeed.
You're such a blessing John, and I hope that we always have the special bond that we share now.
You are so so love,

             Always, Mom



  1. I would love to see a video of each sweet child individually talking about what they like etc. they are all so sweet 😘🐬

  2. Emily, this is so beautiful. I'm sending you all my love from Poland <3

  3. How precious. What a beautiful message to him and sweet photos.

  4. Beautiful pictures! xx Nicki

  5. He looks just like his dad...such a handsome little man.Happy birthday John :)

  6. Truly moving and so beautiful. With a nephew who is coming up to four, these words felt extra special. Best wishes to you both. Xx

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  7. It looks like that he is in learning phase and definitely he will be able to learn the best things if you always introduce him with new things.
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