Saturday, May 20

a special evening + a little note to Richard

     Today isn't anything special, in fact, we seem to have a nasty cold and a flu bug going through the house and are feeling pretty crummy. There are patches of sunlight around me under this big tree by the pasture though, and I hear a chorus of happy squeals coming from the trampoline across the yard, so this feels like the perfect day to jump back on here and share some favorite photos from a little evening spent in the sunset. 

     We had the pleasure of meeting up with our photographer friend Roxana Baker and shooting some stock photos together of a couple beautiful gowns created by Natalie Wynn, and since our wedding was such a last-minute and quick event, it was the first time he and I were able to get dressed up and just talk and have fun and walk hand in hand. These photos are so precious to me, because we have faced such extremely hard times together already in such a short time, but we are closer than ever and striving to always put each other first, and I think you can see that on our faces:) I thought about writing some deep thoughts about the ups and downs of marriage, about all of the different wonderful things and really hard things that have come since we reconnected and were married, but I think along with these sappy photos, I'm going to just write a few sappy things that I love about Richard. 


          So darlin,
     Off the top of my head on this beautiful day: I love your selfless nature and am often surprised at the caring thoughts and ideas of service that pop into your head. I love that you've brought so much new music to the house and that we always have something to sing along with or dance to. I love that you play the guitar, and I love listening to you singing soft and low when you think I'm focused on my work. I love your grilled cheese sandwiches. I love watching you play and teach and interact so tenderly with the kids and seeing how much they love and trust you. I love seeing you pumping up Ellie's bike tires (over and over again), watching you help Sophie with her homework, teaching John to throw a football, tyeing Lydia's shoe-laces while answering her nonsense questions, and brushing Evelyn's crazy curls after her bath. 
     I love the way people are so drawn to you and your open personality. You have a rare talent of helping everyone feel happy and important, and you always have. I love that you're a writer, and the emotion and soul that you spell out on the paper or the screen. You've always painted pictures with your words that drew me to the beautiful things in life and helped clear the fog of troubles, thank you for that.
     I love the way you love me so unconditionally. That you accept all my broken pieces and all the struggles that I face daily whether they're mental, emotional, or spiritual. I love that you so appreciate and love Martin, and the life and love that we shared for so long. I so love hearing you talk gently and openly about his life and passing to the children, encouraging them to remember and express so much. These kiddos deserve nothing but love, they don't deserve to be fatherless, but having you fill the huge hole in their lives and their hearts with laughter and smiles has changed their futures for the better. I love that you've helped me be brave, and to run towards the roar of cruelty and maliciousness that works so hard to tear me down and tell me I'm not good enough. You have a way of making me feel beautiful at my lowest, you always warm me up when I'm cold (which is all the dang time.haha), and you hold me tightly when I need it the most.
    I love that you're a dreamer, a doer, a supporter, and an explorer. We have so much in common, and I get so excited thinking about all the adventures our little clan will have in the future. I really really love you on that cruiser *wink*, especially when you picked up those pink balloons for Lydia's birthday and they were blowing behind you in the wind.haha I love that the children are more observant now, that they care more for the people around them, that they're always looking to grow their talents and skills, and that they don't see anything standing in the way of their hopes. I love your close relationship with your family, that you've fit so well into mine, and that you are so respectful and close with Martin's family. 
     I love our movie wind-downs, midnight taco runs, family circles, doing the dishes together, the way you read books like I always have, the way you listen intently and offer advice and encouragement when I'm getting wound up over something, the way you tell stories with your whole body, your random sweet texts throughout the day, that you confide in me and appreciate my opinion, the way you're constantly thinking about how to care for and bond with each child individually, how hard you work, your loyalty to me, that you stand by my side no matter what, that we share so much, that we spend so much time together, that you're always willing to jump in the car and drive off on some unknown adventure as long as we're all together. I love that you're my best friend, and I love your faith.

     I could go on for a long long time, but I can't believe how much I wrote already when I was going to be fast.haha So I guess you know by now that I really like this guy, and I'm grateful every day that he came to our family when he did. We've been so blessed to see beauty in our lives again and to also have a clearer view of the hardest things we've gone through and how they've shaped each of us. 

Love you boo,


  1. Emily!
    What beautiful words! Thank you for writing them!

  2. What a tremendous love! So happy you have found happiness again. Wishing you blessings, abounding grace from God, and much more love and happiness with Richard! So thankful for your rainbow after the rain.

  3. Such sweet words to describe your gentleman. I'm so happy that he is helping you and the kids along the way, helping to sort things out and helping you to find peace and happiness again. ♥

  4. Emily, I have watch your journey since before Martin passed. I loved the way you loved each other and was heart broken when you and your babies were left alone. I am so thankful Richard came into your life again. Your love is beautiful and he has stepped in and filled a place for your children. It takes an amazing man to do that. I am blessed by your life. ❤ Jackie

  5. Gorgeous photos!
    Aahh I'm so so in love with your blog. It looks so serene and lovely. You post beautiful content as well! New follower! x

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  6. What a beautiful, heartfelt, and appreciative note for your husband. Your​ happiness comes across in your writer's voice and your photos. ❤️

  7. If I cried, I can't imagine the emotions Richard felt. Thank you for this glimpse of the amazing man God gifted you. There is indeed, beauty out of ashes. God bless.

  8. Such a gorgeous photo shoot and I love your dress!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. Dear Emily,
    A word from a little town in the Netherlands. About 6 months ago, my boyfriend (for seven years) and I moved in together. Everything changed for the better, even if it meant a move far away that scared me first ('far' for Dutch measures ). But it DID get so much better. And I am learning so much about love and about creating a life together and a future. It is not always easy, so I look forward to your post on the difficulties of mariage also ;) , but it is just mainly so so wonderful and full of love.
    I think the extreme events that happened to you made you experience this strong sense of love and make you capable now to share this as you describe it so so well. You really teach me so much about love. I recognise things you say and some are an example to me. Something to strive for. Love isn't always easy and you have to work on it all the time (especially with busy lives with children I can imagine!) and it is so worth it and all that matters.

    Thank you for your beautiful posts. All the best to you, Richard and your children.

    PS. I follow along on instagram: the eyebrowdancing NEVER get's old.

  10. He sounds really wonderful and a lot like how my husband is too. How beautiful this post is.

  11. Two things, well really three =) ~Your dress is absolutely beautiful! ~The expressions on your faces are precious and touching ~Your note to him is one of the most wonderful things. Blessings!

  12. So happy you have found happiness again. Wishing you blessings, abounding grace from God, and much more love and happiness with Richard! Samish leather

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