Monday, July 14

6 Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow | 02

Happy Monday guys! As I said in my first insta faves post, besides using IG as a place to chat with my friends and followers and post fun parts of my day, I'm always on the search for new accounts to help fill my home feed with beauty and inspiration! So here is the second installment of my instagram loves, hope you love this bunch: 
@delbarrmoradi | delbarr's feed is full of tidbits of her fine art photography, beautiful scenary, and of course her sweet family moments with gorgeous little Delara! I especially love how there's such a sense of peace that comes through in her photos, and the pops of color keep things fresh and fun.

@lucylaucht | Lucy's photos pop up in my feed and always bring me a huge sense of what each season means and reminds me to take advantage of the little details that make each day lovely. For Summertime it's things like peaceful days at the beach, fresh fruit indulges, and gorgeous sunsets. 

@designlovefest | there's a fun and whimsy that comes across in Bri's photos that always lights up my day. She also manages to have a rustic feel to her feed while filling it up with bright and fun colors. Love.

@justinhackworth | if you're into photography feeds(duh), especially of the portrait variety than you'll adore Justin. His amazing talent for perfect photos are the reason I started into photography years ago, and I hope to keep learning from him and his eye for capturing the best side of everyone and everything.

@agirlastyle | I love the simple details that she highlights in her photos and the lighting she uses keeps everything feeling airy and soft. Miss B's feed helps me remember to stop and smell the flowers. Love it.

@caitlinflemming | with caitlin being a interior decorater and stylist, you know you're in for some beautiful inspirations in her photos. I usually scroll right past without meaning to and than go back to stare for a while.haha Probably because she also shares her amazing food photography as well? Yeah that's probably it:)

Well that's it for today! As I said before hopefully you've enjoyed checking out these beauties, and also that you'll share your own account and some of your favorites (other than me of course *wink*) with us in the comments!

There's always more room for beauty and inspiration in our day to day lives, and instagram has become a great source for both for many of us I know, so if you feel inspired to do a post like this on your own blog I hope that you'll also leave a link to that in the comments so we can come check our your post!

Thanks for visiting today, and I hope you come back tomorrow,
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  1. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    I have been inspired to share my journey with Huntingtons disease.

  2. Great picks here - Design Love Fest is one of my favorite feeds to check for inspiration! There's a few here I haven't seen before so if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go do some "follow"-ing! :) XO, D

  3. Apart from designlovefest I did not know about any one of these amazing peeps! I'm checking them out ASAP! Hope all is well with you Emily! I've been away from blogging for so long so I hope I can find some time soon to catch up on your blog :-) xo

  4. Great suggestions, need to check these out, I love a good Insta account!

    Sophie x

  5. I've just discovered @lovelysquares and @meanwhileinnowhere which are 2 lovely photography pages full of stunning images, I would highly recommend. I'm still relatively new to Instagram but my page is @clairejennings48 if you want to come on over :)

  6. I was just thinking about how I needed to follow more incredible Instagram-ers! These are perfect recommendations, thank you :)


  7. I did something similar on Friday and it's one of my favourite posts I've created. Like you, I'm always on the look out for other instagrammers so I'll check these out - thanks for sharing. I've started taking Instagram a bit more seriously, I'm at @bekkacollins should you want to check out my feed! x

  8. I am always hunting new pages to follow for creativity and pretty pictures. I loved (and followed) all of these!! ( @modmermaidtales)