Saturday, July 12

Taking Stock 01

As you guys know I used to write a lot of  '5 senses for today' posts, and then recently as I was reading through pips blog I was inspired to take that one step further and include a bunch of other feelings and emotions that I'm currently experiencing, since my head is in overload lately:) So here is the first edition of my own Taking Stock on The Freckled Fox:
Seeing: all the gardens in full bloom up and down the neighborhoods. our world smells amazing right now.
Making: a lot of time for emails lately, and still having a hard time keeping up, but I love them secretly.haha
Cooking: anything that involves as many different types of veggies as possible.
Drinking: really watered down apple juice with lots of ice. It is the most refreshing thing on super hot days.
Reading: hardly at all these days. real shocker.
Hearing: Lydia calling for "dada?!" over and over from the corner she's most recently back herself into
Wanting: more time in the day
Looking: forward to every Saturday morning when the whole house sleeps in late. My favorite.
Playing: a little piano here and there now that I've started brushing the dust off my books
Wasting: time sitting on the porch in the shade, though I don't feel it's wasting when I'm in the moment
Understanding: that no matter how old I get, that swinging on the swings will always make me feel younger
Sewing: a lot of projects that have been piled high in my 'almost done' stack. I have completion problems:)
Wishing: that I had more time to read
Touching: the water hose a lot lately as I try to keep our garden alive in this sweltering heat
Enjoying: all the get-together's I've been able to have with friends and their kids lately. I'm a lucky lady.
Waiting: not so patiently till I'll only have one little babe left in diapers
Planning: a trip with my family to the mountains, just like I have been all Spring and Summer so far
Liking: when my girls try to bribe me to give them treats in exchange for them painting my nails. oh please:)
Wondering: when my maid and cook and laundress will show up to get all this housework done.haha
Loving: those nights when Martin and I can snuggle on the couch in a very quiet house and watch a movie
Hoping: for more patience
Hating: having to get out of bed in the morning.
Needing: a jar of my grandma's fresh pepper jelly. omg that stuff on wheat thins with a little cream cheese...
Smelling: lavender oil everywhere since we had that incident with the whole 4 ounce bottle and the carpet:(
Wearing: maxi skirts a lot these days cuz 1, they're very breezy and cool and 2, I don't have to shave my legs
Learning: that my kids have a lot to teach me
Teaching: the girls to swim and hold their breath under water this last week has been a lot of fun. 
Noticing: that no matter what I do, John will always choose his dad over me. I love their relationship though:)
Tasting: apple pie just about every day this week. the holiday started it, but I've kept it going.haha
Knowing: that no matter how old Ellie gets that I'll always see her as my first little baby.
Thinking: I really need to shoot some stock photos of me exercising so I can finally post my workouts.haha
Bookmarking: lots of wall art on etsy for the kids rooms. any favorite print shops you can share with me?
Opening: a lot of packages from the post office. even when I now what's in them it's still like Christmas
Giggling: with lydia as I tickle her ribs on the office carpet. her laugh is so contagious.
Feeling: hopeful and happy.

Before you go, don't forget to enter this giveaway for these amazing sunnies from Tmbr, only 6 hours left! Thanks for visiting today, and if you feel inspired to post your own 'taking stock' post, leave me a link in the comments so we can all come check it out! Take care my darlins,
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  1. Your hair is gorgeous!!! So long, thick and beautiful!

  2. beautiful post! Definitely going to be doing something similar to this, if you don't mind?
    AnnCates xx

  3. yeah, maxi skirts are the best! ;) And wow your hair is so long now! Is that your natural texture? :)

  4. I've never seen this kind of post before, enjoyed it <3

  5. I'd love to make you some printables for your darling kiddos. Email me :

  6. This is such a great post! Also, gives a closer look at who you are as person :)

  7. I love these taking stock posts. It's fun to read what's on everyone's mind :-) So cute that Ellie & Sophie are bribing you, haha and am secretly a little jealous about your trip to the mountains too. That sounds SO good to me right now. Gosh, I need a getaway! xo

  8. Definitely check out the Etsy shop trafalgarssquare. I have some of their prints in both of my children's rooms. They even have a few fox prints. ;)

  9. I'd love to send you something from my shop if you find anything you like. :) No pressure though!

  10. Love this post! Spilling lavender on the carpet sounds like it could be a happy mistake :) My favorite scent!

    Saguaros & Stilettos

  11. This is a great post - I'm always hoping for more patience too...maybe one day! haha XO, D