Friday, July 11

Friday Finds #96

This week I found... 
1  // love love this color of red lately, it's kinda dull and rusty while still vibrant. it's prefect.
2  // this tribal style necklace is really fun with all the coins and metal beads. I need:)
3  // this recipe for roasted cauliflower and chickpea soup looks totally heavenly
4  // I've been wanting to try this body oil for a while, have you tried it? do you like it?
5  // I've been looking for some cute mugs without handles and these definitely fit the bill
6  // you know me and stripes in black and white, I have an obsession that needs feeding,
7  // really want like a dozen of these journals from kate spade, so cute
8  // I know, enough with the birkenstocks already, but I don't have any yet so I can dream:)
9  // this yummy looking recipe for ginger and miso salmon is making my mouth water.haha
10  // this tiny little mortar and pestle is just adorable. love the whole shop actually

I hope you've been having a great week, and I hope you come back soon! 
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  1. I'm obsessed with my Birkenstocks! You should definitely get some; they are worth it!

  2. Replies
    1. I know I'm obsessed with stripes! It's probably unhealthy.haha

  3. I love birkenstocks too! I have coral one for years and now pining over black, double strapped ones but they are so pricey eh?

    Loving the red bag, I love red too!

    Katrina Sophia

    1. I know it's a little too bad that they're not more affordable now that they're so popular again. My first pair from ages ago was only like $15! haha broke after lots of hard use and I threw them out, but now I'm wishing I'd saved them to get repaired. Though the new variations on the designs and all the amazing colors make me really want lots of pairs!

  4. I just got a pair of birkenstocks, well not just got a pair. My mom has had them for 20 years, she got them when she went to Germany for the first time! They were too small for her feet, so she handed them down to me. I guess she was hip and happening before the trend.
    Much Love, AnnCates xx

    1. Sounds familiar! Good for your mom, and lucky for you! haha Isn't it funny how you can choose to wear something simply because cheap and it's easy and comfortable, and then it turns into a fashion trend and all the sudden the price is jacked up because it's suddenly 'cool'! haha

      Thanks for visiting!