Tuesday, June 3

6 Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow | 01

Hey guys! As you know I'm a huge addict of Instagram and am on every day posting pieces of our life, blog updates, bits of inspirations and so on, but the reason I love it the most is interacting and chatting with you guys-my friends and sweet followers, and filling my feed with the most inspiring and beautiful accounts I can!
I've decided that it's about time I started passing on some of that inspiration that helps me stay inspired and optimistic a little at a time, and hopefully get you to share your own account and some of your favorites (other than me of course *wink*) with me/us, so I/we can go check them out! Here is my first little group that I'm excited to introduce you to:

@sundayflk | mostly based around vegan and vegetarian food and food preparation, I don't think there is one image in the sunday folk feed that I wouldn't print out and frame if I could. Even managing to make wilted greens look appetizing and beautiful, this account will be a forever favorite.

@fellowmag | if you love pictures that give you a feeling you need to escape to the mountains and live a more rustic/simple/artistic life, this is the account for you. breathtaking landscapes, rustic living, and lots of plaid and wood.haha Perfection. 

@gingerdiaries | Nikki's pics always give me the feeling that I need to slow down and smell the flowers, and also visit her home of Belgium, and Paris which she gives glimpses of here and there. Fun Fact: Nikki was one of my very first blog friends and button swappers back when I'd barely begun writing in this space. 

@jennymaiedae | jenny fills my feed with her beautiful prints and artistry, colorful and refreshing bits and pieces of everyday life, and also her new baby Rowan who was born almost a moth ago now and who's been making even this mama of four littles get all baby hungry. crazy cute:)

@garancedore | she is a powerhouse of talent and success, and her vibrantly edited photos of the candid details of city life and her travels keep my double tapping all day long. Also she looks like she would be such a blast to hang out with, and I hope I get to meet her one day.

@antlersandroses | I joke with Heidi about her feed always managing to make me hungry or thirsty, but it's true! Besides yummy looking meals and beverages though her photos are always artistic captures of those simple bits of life we might miss. Check her out:)

Well that's it for today! As I said above I hope you'll take a second to not only check out these favorites and follow along, but also to leave your own account and a favorite or two yours in the comments so I can come visit! We all need more beauty and inspiration in our lives, and Instagram is simply one of my favorite ways to get it:) 

I hope you've been having a great week so far and all that. I'm working a bit to recover from a really just unlucky week last week, where it seemed like everything that could go wrong was happening one right after the other.haha But we've been enjoying great weather so far and are having better luck all around, so I'm good!

Thanks for visiting today, and I hope you come back tomorrow,

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  1. I follow lilblueboo but the rest are pretty much friends and a few bloggers including you. I love your blog and your Instagram feed, I think it's because your pictures are peaceful and your blog is interesting. I watch your youtube videos because the out takes are hilarious and I'm still trying to figure out if your eyes are two different colors, doesn't really matter you look amazing. My Instagram is juliabiereth ( i guess I forgot to get a cool name)

  2. I've been enjoying your blog for a few years now! And love your Instagram pics! I live in London and my account is: emmartin29 A few of my fave accounts are charlala and mrwhisper ! Thanks for always being inspiring and sharing snippets of your life

  3. Hey Emily! I've been following your instagram for a while now and all your posts are so fun to look at! My account is @talesofgrace and I love looking at other people's photos! Thanks for all these fabulous recommendations, I don't really follow that many people now so now I have some inspiration :)

  4. Emily! I am completely flattered to be in such an amazing round up with these other lovely Instagramers!! Thank you so much! XOXO

  5. These are great ones! Mine is @ladykatieann but my pictures suck haha but some of my favorites are @teammandy, @deercircus, @withoutmelissa, @stacyjacobsen

  6. some of my favorites are: @liagriffith, @iheartblogshop, @jannetsaitquoi, @mollyjacques, @designlovefest and @emilymcdowell_

  7. So lovely! Mine is @LeandraGuillet my favourites are @husky_quartet @lusttforlife @paleoceo @manrepeller

  8. Found some fabulous new people to follow on IG...thanks so much for sharing!!! One of my recent faves is @symmetrybreakfast.

    Been loving your instagram lately as well; your photos are so well done, and I just fell so calmed when I look at them (is that weird). Keep it up! :)

  9. Thank you for all those links.
    as weird as it sound i am a instagram newbie and i know less than nothing about it!
    i also now that it should definitely change as everyone seems to love it!

  10. these are really pretty blogs and very helpful too! thanks for the recommendation!