Wednesday, July 16

What I Wore // summer lights + five random thoughts

Summer nights are the best aren't they? It doesn't get dark till around 10pm here, and when the sun does finally go down it's leaves slowly with a sunset that's drawn out and fills the skies with all shades of purple and pink and orange. Also it brings the cool breeze with it that blows away the dust and dry sweltering heat from the day. Yep, Summer nights (and Summer sunsets) are the absolute best.
glasses - jlo (tjmaxx) // sweater - ross (ellison brand)  // watch - c/o chicnova // 
white denim - ross (celebrity pink brand) // converse - c/o piperlime

1. Something about the sunset and the way the breeze was blowing kinda makes my hair look like it's on fire.
2. I really love oranges but not orange flavored things at all. If I buy a pack of fruity candies like mike and ikes or skittles, you'll see me separating out all the orange ones and giving them to my kids:)
3. I finally found a super discounted listing of the glamglow super mud, and now my face feels like a little baby's butt. I would know, I've had a lot of little butts to compare the feeling too.haha are you a fan?
4. I hope you know that I've chosen to make this space of mine on the internet a place where I can put the best parts of my life, and that just because I don't often talk about pain or hard times that it doesn't mean I don't have them in. Everyone who blogs is normal, it's not all perfect days and perfect succulents.haha
5. I may be developing narcolepsy since lately I've fallen asleep sitting up completely, with kids playing on top of me, while having a conversation (multiple times), and my personal favorite: on the kitchen floor.haha

Thanks for visiting today! See ya soon,
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  1. You look stunning in these pictures :) Summer nights are defo the best :)

  2. I love the idea of writing five random thoughts in a blog post! And wow, the pictures are gorgeous! Summer is the perfect time for pictures :)

  3. You look absolutely stunning. And I know what you mean, Summer nights are right up there with the Fall season!

  4. Hahah, how you are with oranges is exactly me with cherries. I love cherries, even Maraschino ones, but I HATE cherry-flavored stuff. When I eat fruit snacks or candy, I give all the cherry to my husband (my daughter isn't quite one, so not yet). If they had given me the cherry glucose drink when I was pregnant, I wouldn't have been able to do it for certain. Luckily I got orange haha, which still was pretty gross but tolerable.
    Anyway, you're hott, and someone commented on my blog once saying I didn't talk about the negative stuff in my life, so I shared a crappy day I had in a post and I think that satisfied them. Just because you/we don't like to talk about the lame stuff doesn't mean it doesn't happen!

  5. YOUR HAIR. is so long!!!!! Any special products you use or vitamins you take? I'm so impressed!

    xo, grace (

  6. Where did you get the discounted glamglow???

  7. So I have apparently lost my mind because I read narcolepsy as "necrophilia." I'll just go take a nap now.

  8. I can't handle how beautiful your hair is! I wish my hair was that long again! Such a pretty color too

  9. Wow, your hair is amazing!!!!

    Tori xxx

  10. Cute photos! I'm obsessing over your hair!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm also one of the beach essentials giveaway co-hosts :)

  11. Oh wow, you red locks are so gorgeous! I love the light whites, stunning!

    Tara Belle

  12. Lovely Outfit clean and cool .......your hair is amazing <3

  13. Looove this!!!
    This looks soooo comfortable!!!

  14. So pretty! I have similar pieces and never thought of pairing them together for summer. Thanks for the inspo!

    x's - Cassie

  15. I love how youthful you look in these photos. Kinda has that Senior photos look, but better. lol And your hair! Your hair always looks amazing but I have a serious thing about hair flowing in the wind. As if I wasn't crushing on your hair bad enough before. haha! :)