Tuesday, January 14

18 Tips for Starting a Successful Fitness Routine - Part 2

And we're back today with Part two and the last 9 tips! Well, not the last because I have tons of more things to share with you:) You get the picture though. Speaking of pictures I'm just gonna insert the same little running picture image thing to make sure these posts stay connected. Ready for it again? :)
woot woot! Here's the rest of the list starting with #10! I've only devided a post up once before, and the problem back then was that it as ages long as well.haha K here we go:
#10. Get rid of the junk food: Go through your cabinets and donate or throw away all the junk food that's filling up your cabinets. I can never quite believe how many old half-opened bags of chips, sugary cereal, jelly beans, chocolate bars, drink mixes, gum, popcorn, skittles, and on and on that we throw away every time we do a pantry purge. It's so liberating to get it out of the house.
#11. Start drinking like a fish: I had a trainer tell me once that the best rule for water is to drink one ounce for every pound you weigh. So if you weigh 130 pounds you're going to be drinking about a gallon of water a day! My favorite way to keep up with water is to buy 4 33 ounce smart waters and write 1-4 on the bottles. In the morning I start with #1, and make sure that I'm through with #4 before I go to bed!
#12. Clean out your fridge: The same as with your pantry. It'll feel so awesome to get rid of the old condiments, leftover pizza or fried chicken, and in the freezer all those frost-bitten corn dogs, and iced over bit of reeses ice cream.haha We're purging here people!
#13. Stock your house with clean food: right after we rid our fridges and freezers of any old garbage, we love going out and buying tons of fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins and good healthy carbs. For a lot of people who don't like many vegetables this is a tricky part, but the best piece of advice I can give it to try experimenting with different ways to cook them and maybe you'll find a version you love!
#14. Create a weekly meal plan: Always important even when not on a routine, but especially once you're fridge is stocked with delicious new foods, it's always a bit of a struggle to make sure it all gets eaten before it goes bad, and that we're ready for meals when the time comes! It's a given that when we're in a hurry, that oven pizza is going to be easier than cooking up a stir-fry or something, so by planning the week ahead like say on a Saturday before you go shopping, you're much more likely to be prepared ahead of time with your first dinner choice
#15. Schedule in your workouts: As I mentioned before, I either wake up around 6:30-7 in the mornings to fit in my workout before my husband leaves for work and the kids get up, or I go around 8:30-9 at night once he's home and the kids are in bed. I'm lucky to have a gym that has those long hours, but no matter where or how you're working out, it'd do you good to schedule your hour or so of workout time in with the rest of your daily duties, or it'll be far too easy to X it off because you just didn't have the time.
#16. Strive for Consistency: In picking your meals and your workout times, and also the days you work out different muscle groupings etc, you're going to want to switch things up so your muscle growth doesn't plateau, but overall you're going to want to keep some semblance of consistency in everything else if just for your minds and households sake. This is a routine after all:)
#17. Start taking your vitamins regularly: Maybe you already take them, and maybe you even take them every day! But for those of you who take them once a week or once a month, get on wagon cowboy and get on those pills! I don't believe that we can possibly consume naturally the amount of minerals and nutrients that our bodies could use on a daily basis without supplement, and we for sure need to remember that vitamins go through our systems just like anything else and need to be consumed daily! I won't go recommending any certain pills to you because that's up to you and your doctor, but at least starting with a good multi vitamin in the mornings ever day will really make a difference.
#18. Have fun: There are many more things I could go into with this list, but I've already written a small novel and I need to let you go so you can come back! The last tip is to have fun, because what good is any sort of lifestyle change if we're not enjoying ourselves at all. If we're unmotivated and discouraged, just remember that you shouldn't be doing this for anyone but yourself, and if you're killing yourself over an extra piece of toast, or that mini almond joy from the check out line than you need to step back and evaluate a bit. Being hard on yourself is not what it's about. Think of what your goals have been from the start and why you want to reach them. Go easy on yourself, but give yourself challenges and then eat them for breakfast! because you can do anything you set your mind to, and there's not reason why you shouldn't be the healthiest and happiest you've ever been, and at the same time:)

And that'll have to be it for today! I look forward to posting more workout routines, tips and tricks, pieces of motivation and inspiration that have helped me, and I love to answer any and all questions you may have so keep them coming! I truly believe in making health a lifestyle, not just a temporary way of life to reach a certain goal and than be done. I believe that when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you look good! I believe that we're all beautiful just the way we are, but that we should always be striving for the healthiest version of ourselves. I believe that curves are just as beautiful as thin-ness, and I'm proud of my body in all it's different shapes and sizes(I've been a lot:)). I have a real passion for living a natural and healthy lifestyle and to me that doesn't mean eating like a rabbit all the time (have you seen how many times I post desserts on instagram?? :)). I hope that by answering your questions and sharing what I've learned and am working on, we can motivate each other and reach our goals together!

Thanks again for reading, and for your patience in my splitting up the post.haha We're out and about this week on a family trip so make sure and follow on instagram or twitter if you'd like to keep up with our adventures!
Have a great Day,
xo, Emily
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  1. Great tips thanks, I really need to start taking my vitamin supplements on a regular basis.xx

  2. So helpful again! I don't even know where to start with supplements beyond fish oil.. I wish I had a better idea, but I feel like my dr. might just say any old multivitamin is fine.. The water tip is also great! Thank you for sharing! :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. I love what you say about curves and thinness and that it is all about being the healthiest version of ourselves. Great advice and a great perspective. Thank you for your enthusiasm - I love reading your posts.

  4. Man, I need to up my water intake!


  5. Love this - I finally bought gummy vitamins so I would get on the daily vitamin bandwagon! :-)

  6. Again, great tips. Eating clean is already 80% of the work. It's so easy to eat bad, esp when it's convenient. I totally agree - you have to be consistent and schedule a time that works for you. Otherwise, it's such an easy excuse to fall off.

  7. Yay! I started working out after having my son (baby #2) and just started a fitness competition at my gym so this list is awesome!


  8. The last one is hard for me. I steel try to find exercise from which I will hvae fun and want to do them regulary.

  9. I love exercise. It's what keeps me sane and if I had more time I'd probably spend several hours a day doing all of the active things that make me happy. My problem is that I hate cooking. How do I compensate for that? My attention span for meal prep usually lasts about 10 minutes. Ultimately I'd love to have a healthy diet but I find that cooking is a bit of a road block.

  10. Wonderful reminders! I really need to be drinking more water. I can tell a difference in my body when I am drinking more regularly.

  11. Doing a purge & creating a meal plan sounds like good ideas. My biggest problem is price. My father tends to pick up stuff like spaghetti or TV dinners because they're only like $1 each. I could eat the heck out of fruit all day any day, but they're so expensive. Veggies too. I don't know what kind of healthy choices there are for really cheap. :/ Guess I need to do some serious research or something...

    Vitamins sound like a good idea too. I could ask my mom about it. She's smarter about all this than me. haha

  12. I loved this! I'm not gonna stress over that bowl of lucky charms or the fact that I might not make it to the gym one day... There's no point if it becomes a stressor because then negativity will become associated with something that is supposed to be fun and positive!

  13. I loved this! I'm not gonna stress over that bowl of lucky charms or the fact that I might not make it to the gym one day... There's no point if it becomes a stressor because then negativity will become associated with something that is supposed to be fun and positive!

  14. I love this! I'm not gonna stress out about that bowl of lucky charms or the fact that I may not make it to the gym one day. There's no point if it becomes a stressor because then negativity will become associated with something that is supposed to be fun and positive. We shouldn't be so hard on ourselves, just keep on moving forward without judging ourselves or remembering our mistakes.