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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tips for Drinking More Water | How I Drink a Gallon+ Every Day

(Note: this is not a sponsored post, I just like the smart water bottles and they're perfect for my needs:))

Hey guys, hope you've had a great start to your week! I've been trying to add more posts about my workouts and meals etc lately, and one of the biggies I've been getting a lot of questions and emails about that I wanna cover is the importance of drinking enough water, and today I'm sharing some tips just for that!

We've all heard forever that we're supposed to have eight 8oz glasses of water a day, but that doesn't really make sense right? (I mean a 250lb man and a 130lb woman definitely need different amounts of water...) I mean I guess that it's more a general guideline just so people have a starting point, because I'm pretty sure that most of us struggle to even getting in those 8 glasses. I know I did before figuring out a method that worked for me, so that's what I'm sharing with you today! 
Now the crazy overachiever part of my brain really wants to make this a long and complex post going into detail about the symptoms of dehydration and how to spot it and all the benefits that come from keepng properly hydrated, but I will be strong! We can do a Part II if you have any more questions, but y'all are pretty smart, and so all I'm going to say is that for me personally when I started drinking my gallon a day my skin cleared up completely and started getting all smooth and glowy, I sleep better, I have tons more energy and stamina, it's kept my headaches away, my hair has more shine, and so much more! Basically the opposite of dehydration symptoms all across the board. Who'd have thought right? haha  Also because I've become so regular in the water that I consume, I see a direct turn-around in all those areas if I go longer than 48 hours not drinking as much as I know I should. Not fun at all. 

So here's my simple method: In doing our research, we figured that a pretty good rule of thumb to follow (mostly because we work out often) is to drink one ounce for every pound that you weigh. Crazy! I thought there was no way. That was roughly a gallon for me (I weigh around 135-140, 1 gallon is 128 ounces), and about a gallon and a half for Martin. His method that works for him is to just carry around a gallon jug everywhere and chugging throughout the day, but I knew that that just wasn't going to happen for me. I'm already carrying a kid in each arm with two clinging to my legs. No gallon jug.haha So I took a slightly different approach to get in my water and that was with four 1 quart bottles! I found that the large smart waters I loved drinking already were about 1 quart a piece (33.8oz), so I label them 1-4, and then I set timers on my phone to go off throughout the day and remind me when it's time to chug the next bottle. and it works!
They fit in my purse, they fit in the shopping cart, in the cup holder, at my desk etc, and they're easy and quick to drink out of. I start with the #1 bottle when I wake up around 8:30-9, then my alarms go off at 11:30, 2:00, and 4:30. I try and not drink too much at all after about 6 or I wake up during the night:) Once I've finished with a bottle, I wash it out in the sink and refill it with our yummy filtered water, and put it in the fridge. After a little while I'll start with a fresh set of bottles, but the disposability of them makes me feel better about forgetting them places (like I have done many times) instead of buying some expensive reusable bottles to leave around our city.haha (if you trust your memory, buying stainless or other reusable bottles may be easier on your budget:))

And I should probably stop here for today! Oh one thing I want to stress in case you're thinking that you already drink enough fluids during the day (you know who you are:)) is that not all fluids are created equal! You may think that if you're drinking anything at all that you're hydrated and you don't need water, but soda and juices and milk for instance are NOT providing the same effect as water, in fact most of those can DE-hydrate you instead because of sodium content, etc. 

Here are a few more tips real quick that help me drink more:
  • Don't try to sip it over time. When your timer goes off, just start guzzling till it's gone, with as few posses as possible. You'll be so proud of yourself! Also you'll be more full during the day so, bonus:)
  • It helped me in the beginning to give myself a little score card with boxes to check off once I'd finished a bottle. What can I say I love score cards much like your average 5 year old.
  • Make a bet with a friend or spouse on who can drink more water in a single day
  • Drinking with a straw helps me take in more water when I think I can't have any more.
  • let your water rest at room temperature. Cold water can be really refreshing, but if you're going for sheer volume, cold water will shock your system and you won't be able to stomach as much as if it's room temperature. Also it tends to make me a bit nauseaous.
  • Drinking a ton of water about 30 mins before going to workout helps me lift more, stay energized throughout my entire workout, and keeps me from getting winded and dizzy throughout. No Joke!
  • If you're consuming cups of tea or powdered protein supplements for instance mixed in water, feel free to cut that water out of your daily intake. Lighten the load a bit:)
Well now I'm Really stopping.haha I hope that at least knowing that info about how I do it helps you feel motivated to try drinking more water throughout the day, and I hope that if you have any questions that you'll feel free to ask them any time! I do feel like I have tons more to add to this post, but this'll do for now:)
At any rate please let me know if any of this is useful, and or if you have any tips to share on getting in your daily H2O leave them in the comments for us all to read! Take care friends

Note: it really goes without saying really that everyone is different and we need to do what we feel is best for our bodies, etc, etc. The amount of water you drink can and should very depending on what type of climate you live in, your physical health, the amount of exercise you achieve every day, and other things. If you're uncomfortable with uncertainty you can ask your health care professional how much water is right for you:) This post is my thoughts and methods for those that have been asking.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Top Ten Beginner Gardening Tips

Happy Monday guys! I'm so happy that it's a new week and I'm so stoked for my goals for the week. I have something a little different and fun for you today- Martin is going to share his top ten tips for all you beginner gardeners out there! Every time I post pictures from our gardens or mention anything even remotely having to do with herbs/flowers/vegetables of any kind I get requests for advice on starting or maintaining a garden for those that haven't had luck or are looking to begin, so we hope that these are helpful!
Martin comes from a long line of farmers and has a huge background in agriculture and working with the land. He also has the greenest thumb I've ever seen and everything he plants is beautiful and thrives:) I don't have many skills in that department, so it's all thanks to him that we have all the beautiful flowers and yummy herbs and vegetables that we do. Eating organic is such a treat(an often-times expensive one), but eating your own organic is such an amazing feeling! So lets get on to his tips:

Disclaimer: These are general tips of advice for novice gardeners, some of which may be more pertinent to our zone and temperature(zone 4). Our climate here in southern Idaho is dry and our altitude is high, so be sure and make the necessary adjustments in these tips if you need, to help them better apply to your location. 

Top Ten Beginner Gardening Tips

Not only is part this free and fun but it can save you many headaches later on. Establish your goal. What do you want from your garden? What is your budget? How much time are you going to have to establish it and then to tend it? Draw diagrams- get out rulers. Do you want a showy space for hosting or something more utility for clippings and vegetables? Start with the big picture and then work your way down to the little details. You may just love certain plants or colors, but remember they need to play well together- you don’t want anything to clash.

If you’re after blooms then consider the bloom times in your plants of choice. Its nice to have something to look forward to in each season(always having at least one thing in bloom at a time). When spring comes around I get really exited to get going on a new year of gardening. The grass greens up, the trees bud out, and I'm eager to get started planting. The problem is that we get freezes easily into May here, and just because my local nurseries are being stalked at the moment doesn't mean that my purchases will survive outside yet. However there is still much that can be done in early Spring, for instance bulbs and cold hardy flowers can be planted, beds can be worked, and I can refine my plan. I also have no problems buying the best plants at the nursery early and nurturing them inside for a while as they sometimes get bought out.
Once your plants or seeds are in the ground there's only so much you can do for your soil. Give your garden the best start possible by prepping the earth. Consider rototilling, soil amending, also the use of mulches and soil aids. Do whatever work needs done around the bed first so you won’t need to disturb your plants later on. You may also consider using a compost pile recycled from old kitchen veg and yard debris. We get treated compost from a local dairy each year. Remember that when planting you don’t want your soil overly dry because a seed can’t germinate properly, and will be drained of its moisture upon planting and die.

Spend time around your local area when forming your plan. Go on walks and drives, study that neighbors’ yard up the street that you've admired, visit public parks or the landscape of a local school or business. You can benefit a lot from the expertise, time, and wisdom of others, especially in regards to what works well locally in your area with conditions such as soil composition, moisture, and temperatures. Strike up a conversation with an obviously knowledgeable neighbor with any questions you may have. When determining varieties consider snapping pictures of a plant and asking help from a local nursery or image search the web.
Pay close attention to the needs of a plant. Sun/Shade, moisture, etc, and your zone/temp.

Seeds are fine and sometimes preferable with certain plants, but generally speaking paying extra for an established plant will save you time and give you some instant success in the garden. In buying a plant you can verify that the blooms are the color you really wanted just be sure you’ll still have some blooms left to enjoy in the garden. When buying vegetables remember that each variety has so many days to fruition- buying a plant can help speed up that process which is especially nice if you’re trying to beat an early fall. Check the soil of the plant to ensure that it has not been droughted(chalky dry), check the leaves to ensure they haven’t been frosted (black and dying) or the over-watered (yellowing and dying).

Once planting is done, spend time in your garden. Inspect the leaves and soil. Look for unhealthy bug problems. Catching signs early can be the difference between a healthy plant and a dead one.

Read labels. Some brands of fertilizer can “burn” your plant if applied too generously. Different plants need different nutrients- some plants do fine without adding any. Just be mindful that when fertilizing vegetables you may end up with all vine and no fruit. You may consider ceasing fertilizing after a month or so into growing. This is where that composting or vermi-composting (using worms) can really come in handy, because extra fertilizers are rarely needed when you build your soil up this way.
Be willing to say sayonara! If you're fighting a losing battle, yank it and fling it far away! Life is too short and you don’t need another burden. Sometimes we've made a mistake- perhaps it was poor stalk, maybe it has become diseased, etc. There's nothing wrong in tending and nurturing and that’s part of the fun, but there comes a time when enough is enough and it’s become a lost cause. I've seen people nurture a sick plant for years and its sad really because they could have been enjoying a healthy one all along.

This is the whole point really. You should have fun each step of the way. Plant what you want and what you like. Enjoy the space as it is growing and invite friends over to enjoy it as well. Clip and harvest some and bring it inside. There is nothing as endearing as fresh cuttings from the yard. Gardening can be a great kind of therapy and meditation- running your fingers through the soil and watching things grow, and feeding yourself and your family from your hard work is the best kind of reward. Enjoy it:)
Thanks so much for visiting and reading today, and if you have any questions for me or for Martin feel free to leave them in the comments and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! I'd also love to hear any stories and things you have pertaining to gardening that you'd like to share, so please do if you feel so inclined:)
Have a great rest of your week my loves, and visit again soon!
xo, Emily

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

18 Tips for Starting a Successful Fitness Routine - Part 2

And we're back today with Part two and the last 9 tips! Well, not the last because I have tons of more things to share with you:) You get the picture though. Speaking of pictures I'm just gonna insert the same little running picture image thing to make sure these posts stay connected. Ready for it again? :)
woot woot! Here's the rest of the list starting with #10! I've only devided a post up once before, and the problem back then was that it as ages long as well.haha K here we go:
#10. Get rid of the junk food: Go through your cabinets and donate or throw away all the junk food that's filling up your cabinets. I can never quite believe how many old half-opened bags of chips, sugary cereal, jelly beans, chocolate bars, drink mixes, gum, popcorn, skittles, and on and on that we throw away every time we do a pantry purge. It's so liberating to get it out of the house.
#11. Start drinking like a fish: I had a trainer tell me once that the best rule for water is to drink one ounce for every pound you weigh. So if you weigh 130 pounds you're going to be drinking about a gallon of water a day! My favorite way to keep up with water is to buy 4 33 ounce smart waters and write 1-4 on the bottles. In the morning I start with #1, and make sure that I'm through with #4 before I go to bed!
#12. Clean out your fridge: The same as with your pantry. It'll feel so awesome to get rid of the old condiments, leftover pizza or fried chicken, and in the freezer all those frost-bitten corn dogs, and iced over bit of reeses ice cream.haha We're purging here people!
#13. Stock your house with clean food: right after we rid our fridges and freezers of any old garbage, we love going out and buying tons of fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins and good healthy carbs. For a lot of people who don't like many vegetables this is a tricky part, but the best piece of advice I can give it to try experimenting with different ways to cook them and maybe you'll find a version you love!
#14. Create a weekly meal plan: Always important even when not on a routine, but especially once you're fridge is stocked with delicious new foods, it's always a bit of a struggle to make sure it all gets eaten before it goes bad, and that we're ready for meals when the time comes! It's a given that when we're in a hurry, that oven pizza is going to be easier than cooking up a stir-fry or something, so by planning the week ahead like say on a Saturday before you go shopping, you're much more likely to be prepared ahead of time with your first dinner choice
#15. Schedule in your workouts: As I mentioned before, I either wake up around 6:30-7 in the mornings to fit in my workout before my husband leaves for work and the kids get up, or I go around 8:30-9 at night once he's home and the kids are in bed. I'm lucky to have a gym that has those long hours, but no matter where or how you're working out, it'd do you good to schedule your hour or so of workout time in with the rest of your daily duties, or it'll be far too easy to X it off because you just didn't have the time.
#16. Strive for Consistency: In picking your meals and your workout times, and also the days you work out different muscle groupings etc, you're going to want to switch things up so your muscle growth doesn't plateau, but overall you're going to want to keep some semblance of consistency in everything else if just for your minds and households sake. This is a routine after all:)
#17. Start taking your vitamins regularly: Maybe you already take them, and maybe you even take them every day! But for those of you who take them once a week or once a month, get on wagon cowboy and get on those pills! I don't believe that we can possibly consume naturally the amount of minerals and nutrients that our bodies could use on a daily basis without supplement, and we for sure need to remember that vitamins go through our systems just like anything else and need to be consumed daily! I won't go recommending any certain pills to you because that's up to you and your doctor, but at least starting with a good multi vitamin in the mornings ever day will really make a difference.
#18. Have fun: There are many more things I could go into with this list, but I've already written a small novel and I need to let you go so you can come back! The last tip is to have fun, because what good is any sort of lifestyle change if we're not enjoying ourselves at all. If we're unmotivated and discouraged, just remember that you shouldn't be doing this for anyone but yourself, and if you're killing yourself over an extra piece of toast, or that mini almond joy from the check out line than you need to step back and evaluate a bit. Being hard on yourself is not what it's about. Think of what your goals have been from the start and why you want to reach them. Go easy on yourself, but give yourself challenges and then eat them for breakfast! because you can do anything you set your mind to, and there's not reason why you shouldn't be the healthiest and happiest you've ever been, and at the same time:)

And that'll have to be it for today! I look forward to posting more workout routines, tips and tricks, pieces of motivation and inspiration that have helped me, and I love to answer any and all questions you may have so keep them coming! I truly believe in making health a lifestyle, not just a temporary way of life to reach a certain goal and than be done. I believe that when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you look good! I believe that we're all beautiful just the way we are, but that we should always be striving for the healthiest version of ourselves. I believe that curves are just as beautiful as thin-ness, and I'm proud of my body in all it's different shapes and sizes(I've been a lot:)). I have a real passion for living a natural and healthy lifestyle and to me that doesn't mean eating like a rabbit all the time (have you seen how many times I post desserts on instagram?? :)). I hope that by answering your questions and sharing what I've learned and am working on, we can motivate each other and reach our goals together!

Thanks again for reading, and for your patience in my splitting up the post.haha We're out and about this week on a family trip so make sure and follow on instagram or twitter if you'd like to keep up with our adventures!
Have a great Day,
xo, Emily
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Monday, January 13, 2014

18 Tips for Starting a Successful Fitness Routine - Part 1

Hey guys, I'm so excited about today's post! I know there are going to be tons of future posts on this topic, but it'll still be hard to not cram too much into this one. What I want to cover today is simply a little list of my top tips for taking the plunge and starting a fitness routine, or, a journey to a healthier you that will have a much better chance of becoming more of a lifestyle. I'll just have to work at keeping this short!
A few things before I start: I'm not a professional in the health field, I'm simply sharing things that have and still help me become more motivated and excited to be the healthiest I can be. Because of having four babies in the last four years I have gone back and forth between steady fitness routines and kicking back with a bun in the oven so many times, I've learned a few things about what helps me get back in the game and I hope this list inspires you a little bit even if you've already started! I'm hoping in addition to answer many of your questions with this list about how I've maintained a healthy physique throughout my pregnancies and with them so close together, so thank you for your continued positive and far too generous feedback my sweet friends! You don't know how encouraging and motivating you are on a daily basis:) Okay to the list!

#1. Get some new clothes or equipment: This is at the top for a reason, probably because I love retail therapy, and nothing seems to motivate me to start working out again like snagging a few new pieces for the gym! Did you check out my birthday video? Yeah, that wasn't all of it either:)
#2. Get a friend or spouse/partner to start with you: having started both with and without a friend, many of you may know as well how much harder it is to drag yourself off to go work out when you're all alone! The only times I can really go are early in the morning or late at night once the house is sleeping, and nothing pushes me off my butt quite like phone calls and texts that say "meet you in five?" :)
#3. Join a gym(or a new gym): I know this might not apply to everyone, but twice now after having another baby we've switched gyms (for multitudes of reasons, not just on a whim:)) and It's made me so excited to go and explore! especially if it's to a nicer one like with this last switch, all the equipment is so sparkly,  and there's multiples of everything! haha it's a dream.
#4. Set a goal: I know that overall the goal is to 'be healthier' but I believe that picking something that you're striving for that's concrete is a good idea, because it gives you something to work towards. It's not like once you reach it you're going to fall back in to your old body or lifestyle, because you'you'll just set bigger and better goals for yourself! a certain dress size, a certain look, a certain weight, maybe you wanna do 5 pull ups, who knows! Pick something that's not outrageous, and having that goal will help motivate you every day.
#5. Pick a reward: This goes along with number 4, pick something reasonable that you're going to reward yourself with once you've reached your goal, and that will push you towards it! Maybe it's just a little shopping spree at target, maybe it's a Caribbean cruise. Pick a goal, write it down, and you'll be there before you know it!
#6. Take 'Before' pictures: This is the hardest one, but so worth it, and so so motivating! Nothing will slap you in the face and push you towards getting into shape and feeling your best like seeing yourself in a bikini after having a baby let me tell ya. At first it makes me feel hugely depressed, but then I just keep thinking that with every workout I'm getting farther and farther from that version of myself that didn't feel her best. Take a relaxed front shot, back shot, both sides, and then with your arms up flexing from the front and the back:)
#7. Get some new music: self explanatory! Sure we all love the songs we can sing alone with over and over, but i love finding new beats and lyrics that give me energy on one hand and distract my mind on the other. an hour workout will go by like that! Let me know if you'd like any recommendations:)
#8. Take your measurements: Kind-of goes along with the taking before pictures,though not as depressing.haha have someone help you if you need, but use a tape measure and write down your upper arm measurements, your natural waist, your hips, the middle of your thigh, and you chest. This is the fun one because the tape measure will pick up changes in your body that your eyes can't see in the mirror
#9. Make an inspiration board: My goals are centered around weight training for muscle growth right now, so my inspiration board does not have stick figure run way models on it, but whatever your goal is, I suggest printing off pictures, recipes, quotes, magazine articles, whatever makes you feel motivated every time you see it(not a ton of stuff, just a little will do) to be your best self, and stick it on a bulletin board, on your fridge, make a collage, whatever you want as long as you can see it every day!

Well that's it for today! I hate to be annoying, but in drafting this post it broke all rules of length and etiquette and I just couldn't edit it any smaller, so that's all the tips you get for today! Be sure and come back tomorrow for the rest of the tips:)

Thank you so much for reading today. Please leave feedback or questions, statements, etc if you feel so inclined. I LOVE reading your comments, they make my day! One last thing before I go, I just have to give a little shout-out to my hubby Martin who has been weight training for a few years now and has taught me everything I know about supplements and nutrition. He is my constant support system and motivator, and I'm so proud of him! I love you sweetie!
See you guys back here tomorrow:)
xo, Emily
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

January Wishlist - Workout Edition

Hey Guys! I hope you've been having a good weekend and all that. Highlight of my weekend so far: I actually had the chance to go to target by myself (without the kids) for the first time in over a year I'd say, and it was really quite bizarre! haha Funny I know, but you mommies know that when you have 4 little creatures skattering all around your feet 15 hours a day it's like you're on another planet when you're alone.haha You feel me? Anyway's I'm also very proud today, because it marks the end of the third week that I've worked out 6 days every week! I couldn't wait till I got the go-ahead from my midwife post-baby that I could exercise again, and since Martin's already been in a routine forever it was all too easy to just jump right back in the game, and I'm feeling just awesome! Today I wanted to share a few things that I've been coveting lately that are workout related, so here's my Workout Wishlist for January!
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13

Well I hope you've enjoyed seeing a few of my workout wants, and I'd love to hear if you have any of these things and how you like them, or if you've been wanting some of the same things! Talk to me lady:) Some of these things are repeats because I just need or want more, and some are obviously pie in the sky.haha Like the blender bottles we already have but it never seems like we have enough (no matter how many we buy), and that rowing machine is a favorite for our daily cardio but is a lotta expensive. Also I've been needing a new gym bag for a while, and that polar watch has been on my wishlist for over a year! ah well, its nice to dream:) Also I just have to mention for those that have asked, my favorite workout wardrobe pieces are from Albion Fit! So durable and comfortable, and cute! Like this hoodie I've been lusting after. Adorable!
Well anyway's thanks so much for visiting today, and I'd be honored to have you visit again soon!!
xoxo, Emmy

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Just in Time - A Treadmill Giveaway

Happy 2014 everyone!! I think that the biggest goals and resolutions people set for a new year have to do with fitness and health, and so I'm so excited about this collaborative giveaway that I'm bringing you today along with a bunch of other inspiring bloggers! One lucky winner will receive a top-of-the-line Nordic Track Treadmill/Incline trainer worth a staggering $3,500!! I'm pretty jelly at this point because I've been waiting to add a shmancy treadmill to our home gym for ages:) 
  nordictrack giveaway
To enter the giveaway, make sure to complete the entries that you can through the Rafflecopter widget below, because every little measly entry you complete will not only give you more chances to win, but will also help you get to know these inspiring and gorgeous ladies! 
Birdalamode        //        Glam Hungry Mom        //        The Coral Court New MCB Trio
GBO Fashion          //          My Chic Bump          //          The Freckled Fox
Veronika's Blushing        //        Posh By Kat        //        Our Life Is Beautiful
          Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes // Fashionaholic // The Sweetest Thing // From Me With Love Design 6
The Fashion Fuse       //        Karly Kim        //        Little Miss Fearless
Love, Olia        //        Muchacha Mary        //        Kelsy Bang
One of the biggest things you guys ask about on a regular basis besides hair related questions are ones about all the aspects of my fitness and health, and I'm so happy that January is finally here and I can start answering them! The next month will be filled to the brim with big posts on all of your favorite topics here on The Freckled Fox, but in addition, you'll see many many fitness and health related posts riddled here and there throughout! I can't wait to share all my little tips and tricks, secrets and successes with you, so remember that you can ask any questions whenever you want, and It'll get answered sooner or later! haha

Good luck again with the giveaway, and thank you so much for your continued support of me and this baby of mine! See you back here soon, and Happy New Year once more!
xo, Emily

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I Wore// Fall Workout Style + a Giveaway!

Morning guys! So it's the week of Thanksgiving for many of us, and for my little clan in particular that means we're heading off to the store to purchase a few last minute treats for the big meal, planning on a few extra activities and things to make the most of our extra family time, and (for most of us I know) making plans for how I'm gonna shed the extra lbs after all these holiday feasts! That's where Albion Fit comes in:) 
Lydia is only two weeks old so I'm not letting myself get into any serious working out just yet, but I've really loved going on easy little walks in the mornings or evenings this last week. I think they're really helping me get my strength back more quickly, and they also help me feel prepped to jump into all my health and fitness routines and goals that I've set for the new year.
It may sound funny, but a big part of starting a successful workout routine is getting a few new pieces to exercise in! One of my favorite things that I've added to my wardrobe lately is this ruched jacket from Albion fit(read more about their mission here). The soft and silky texture of the jacket make it comfy and slimming without making you feel sticky like some workout jackets feel outdoors, and I also love the thumb cuffs! I don't know about you, but I hate it when I'm running outside and my sleeves ride up leaving my wrists cold.haha 
jacket - c/o albion fit // tank - kirkland // capris - borders // sneaks - nike // phone - apple:)
I talked in this post about being extra excited about posting workouts, meal plans and schedules, etc etc for you next year after all the questions I've been getting forever about my fitness lifestyle with 4 babies under 3, and the new year is going to be jam packed! As I stated before and as you'll read in the future, a big piece of advice from me to help in getting pumped about a new workout regimen would be to go out and get yourself a couple new pieces to wear working out, so what better time then right now to have a huge giveaway from my favorite place for fitness apparel! Albion Fit is offering one of my readers $100 shop credit to their store! You lucky guys:)
As a special bonus, they're also offering my readers and fans $20 off any purchase of $100 or more with the code: freckled20 at checkout! (expires 11/28/13) 
Good luck with the giveaway, and thanks so much for visiting! 
xo, Emmy
P.S. if you're interested in seeing my new YouTube videos that'll be coming out soon, click below to subscribe! xo
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Monday, August 26, 2013

A Baby Girl Wish List

Hey everyone, and happy Monday!! So I know that I already have two little girls and that this sets me up big time as far as clothing and bedding, toys etc go, but that doesn't stop me from having plenty of hopes and dreams for baby girl number 3:) Without realizing almost I've created quite the list of little odds and ends that I would add to our nursery if we had some extra dough laying around, and I so I thought I'd share a few (or more than a few) favorite items on my baby girl wish list with you!
We really are pretty much all set up and ready for her to come. I had another midwife appointment today and everything's just perfect and peachy inside and out, which of course is always a relief to hear! The nursery's stocked up with all the essentials and supplies needed for feedings and changings etc, the bedroom's prepped for the birth, and I even just ordered her car-seat online from Target, so with a little over a month to go I'm feeling really prepared and confident!
Thank you for all your sweet words of encouragement and support with this little one, it really means a lot to me! Have a great rest of your day, and thank you so much for reading! 
xo, Emily
P.S. There are really some exciting things coming to the blog this week, especially tomorrow.. and Wednesday, and... (including a big first ever for me), so be sure and stop back by again soon! 
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Flexible + Reasons to do Yoga

Yesterday I got a group text from my yoga teacher out of the blue about how yoga was canceled for the next day, and I kinda had a bit of a reality check, and realized that its been almost three months since I've done a lick of yoga! I'm really a fan, and have been ever since I can remember going to classes with my mother at 5 in the morning when I was 11, so realizing that not only made me feel badly and guilty, but I thought 'what other things are getting left behind that I love because of how busy I've been lately', and also 'no wonder i've been so stinkin achy and sore lately!' 
I've always thought and believed that there were and are so many many amazing benefits from yoga, and that it is (or can be)for everyone. I've always felt that Yoga made my body flexible and limber, which in turn made my joints and muscles not take so much strain, which made me feel better all the time, which made my days go better, which made me not so irritable all the time, and in general has always always made me feel better and happier about myself and the world around me. I remembered all these things at once and knew that I needed to get my butt i gear and start going to my classes again. I decided to write a list of known benefits of Yoga, and to also get on pinterest for a few minutes and look for some inspirational images for yoga, and now I'm gonna share with you:
Reasons to do Yoga:
- Helps boost and strengthen your immune system
- Increases concentration
- Gives you more energy
- Improves your posture
- Improves your balance
- Improves your flexibility
- Improves your ability to handle stress
- Helps you sleep better
- Increases your physical stamina
- Movitvates circulation 
- Boosts your self esteem
- Improves overall workout performance
- Helps to shred excess fat cells
- Improves overall quality of life
I can't wait to get back into a routine, for everything these days. I feel so detached and disconnected from the most loved and important things in my life and I don't know even what's replacing them, because there is no shortage of work around here! Hopefully making little (big) decisions like this one at a time will help me align myself better with my priopities and get my head back on straight. I can't wait to start feeling my life balance better as my body learns the same, I can't wait to push my body to its limits while keeping my mind as calm as can be, and I can't wait for those five minutes at the end where all is quiet and your whole being can just pause. Best five minutes ever.
So, Have you ever done Yoga? Do you love yoga? Hate it? Wanna try it? Thoughts? Let me hear them!
Thanks for visiting,
xo, Emily

Monday, January 7, 2013

Health & Wellness Series

Hello angel face, and welcome to the first day of my little Health and Wellness series! For last several months I've been getting more and more emails and comments/questions from you sweet followers about my exercise routines, my diet and nutrition, etc, that I've decided to take a bunch of posts in the month of January and cover the basics as best I can!
Everyone knows that January is the biggest month of the year for resolutions, and the the most common one of all is probably to get in better shape! I believe that a little bit of confidence can go a long way towards changing our whole perspective on life, and what better way to gain a little more of that then focusing a more time on our own bodies? 
Of course when you start delving into any topic under health and wellness(proper diet, exercise, etc) you can dig deep for ages and ages and keep coming up with new and certainly important info, but as I said I'm mostly just going to be trying to answer your questions and letting you know how I do things to the best of my ability!

To give you an idea I've been asked about my exercise routine the most (with having three babies and all), I've been asked about our meals and diet a lot, running tips, a lot about workout clothes and hair, recipes for my smoothies I'm always posting on Instagram :), and lots more. I have lots of exciting posts planned for this series this month, but I would love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see here first! Leave a comment below, or feel free to tweet me, email, or heck even instagram me. haha

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and sharing mine with y'all:)
xo, Emily

P.S. how do you like the new backround? I felt like a little change was in order. whoa look at me go! haha

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Archive Dive: Canning Pickles

     Hello lovelies! Phew, lately its been hard to hear myself think sometimes, and at the same time all I can hear is myself thinking! Martin and I have been planning and talking late into the night, every night, and even though it makes us excited for the future, it also makes it hard to get to sleep! Do you ever have that happen? what am I saying of course you do:)
     One of the things keeping me busy lately is canning! Last year we took on canning for the first time on our own using meat that Martin had shot, and lots of free produce from not only our own garden, but from gracious family members! We had a blast canning many different varieties of pickles, peaches, tomatoes, apples, apple sauce, hamburger, and roast meat. Not to mention the dry packed mixes, nuts, dried fruit, seeds, candies, baking ingredients, and so much more we were able to store in jars.
     We've been enjoying the fruits of last years labors all this year, and look forward to enjoying these yummy treats in the years to come. So I hope you don't mind reading canning recipes and stories off and on for the next little while, because its probably the biggest part of the fall season around here!
     Today instead of re-writing my pickle recipe for you, I've decided to just delve into the archives of this here blog, and share the recipe I posted before the blog was ever public!

If you're interested, you can click any of the pictures, or click here to view the post. 
Have a terrific day, and see ya tomorrow!
xo, Emily

P.S. take a quite moment today to remember September 11th, and the unity we all felt that day. God Bless!