Monday, January 13

18 Tips for Starting a Successful Fitness Routine - Part 1

Hey guys, I'm so excited about today's post! I know there are going to be tons of future posts on this topic, but it'll still be hard to not cram too much into this one. What I want to cover today is simply a little list of my top tips for taking the plunge and starting a fitness routine, or, a journey to a healthier you that will have a much better chance of becoming more of a lifestyle. I'll just have to work at keeping this short!
A few things before I start: I'm not a professional in the health field, I'm simply sharing things that have and still help me become more motivated and excited to be the healthiest I can be. Because of having four babies in the last four years I have gone back and forth between steady fitness routines and kicking back with a bun in the oven so many times, I've learned a few things about what helps me get back in the game and I hope this list inspires you a little bit even if you've already started! I'm hoping in addition to answer many of your questions with this list about how I've maintained a healthy physique throughout my pregnancies and with them so close together, so thank you for your continued positive and far too generous feedback my sweet friends! You don't know how encouraging and motivating you are on a daily basis:) Okay to the list!

#1. Get some new clothes or equipment: This is at the top for a reason, probably because I love retail therapy, and nothing seems to motivate me to start working out again like snagging a few new pieces for the gym! Did you check out my birthday video? Yeah, that wasn't all of it either:)
#2. Get a friend or spouse/partner to start with you: having started both with and without a friend, many of you may know as well how much harder it is to drag yourself off to go work out when you're all alone! The only times I can really go are early in the morning or late at night once the house is sleeping, and nothing pushes me off my butt quite like phone calls and texts that say "meet you in five?" :)
#3. Join a gym(or a new gym): I know this might not apply to everyone, but twice now after having another baby we've switched gyms (for multitudes of reasons, not just on a whim:)) and It's made me so excited to go and explore! especially if it's to a nicer one like with this last switch, all the equipment is so sparkly,  and there's multiples of everything! haha it's a dream.
#4. Set a goal: I know that overall the goal is to 'be healthier' but I believe that picking something that you're striving for that's concrete is a good idea, because it gives you something to work towards. It's not like once you reach it you're going to fall back in to your old body or lifestyle, because you'you'll just set bigger and better goals for yourself! a certain dress size, a certain look, a certain weight, maybe you wanna do 5 pull ups, who knows! Pick something that's not outrageous, and having that goal will help motivate you every day.
#5. Pick a reward: This goes along with number 4, pick something reasonable that you're going to reward yourself with once you've reached your goal, and that will push you towards it! Maybe it's just a little shopping spree at target, maybe it's a Caribbean cruise. Pick a goal, write it down, and you'll be there before you know it!
#6. Take 'Before' pictures: This is the hardest one, but so worth it, and so so motivating! Nothing will slap you in the face and push you towards getting into shape and feeling your best like seeing yourself in a bikini after having a baby let me tell ya. At first it makes me feel hugely depressed, but then I just keep thinking that with every workout I'm getting farther and farther from that version of myself that didn't feel her best. Take a relaxed front shot, back shot, both sides, and then with your arms up flexing from the front and the back:)
#7. Get some new music: self explanatory! Sure we all love the songs we can sing alone with over and over, but i love finding new beats and lyrics that give me energy on one hand and distract my mind on the other. an hour workout will go by like that! Let me know if you'd like any recommendations:)
#8. Take your measurements: Kind-of goes along with the taking before pictures,though not as depressing.haha have someone help you if you need, but use a tape measure and write down your upper arm measurements, your natural waist, your hips, the middle of your thigh, and you chest. This is the fun one because the tape measure will pick up changes in your body that your eyes can't see in the mirror
#9. Make an inspiration board: My goals are centered around weight training for muscle growth right now, so my inspiration board does not have stick figure run way models on it, but whatever your goal is, I suggest printing off pictures, recipes, quotes, magazine articles, whatever makes you feel motivated every time you see it(not a ton of stuff, just a little will do) to be your best self, and stick it on a bulletin board, on your fridge, make a collage, whatever you want as long as you can see it every day!

Well that's it for today! I hate to be annoying, but in drafting this post it broke all rules of length and etiquette and I just couldn't edit it any smaller, so that's all the tips you get for today! Be sure and come back tomorrow for the rest of the tips:)

Thank you so much for reading today. Please leave feedback or questions, statements, etc if you feel so inclined. I LOVE reading your comments, they make my day! One last thing before I go, I just have to give a little shout-out to my hubby Martin who has been weight training for a few years now and has taught me everything I know about supplements and nutrition. He is my constant support system and motivator, and I'm so proud of him! I love you sweetie!
See you guys back here tomorrow:)
xo, Emily
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  1. Yay, I was waiting for a post like this!

    Maybe post some of your favorite work outs? A playlist would be awesome, too.

    Thanks for the read!

  2. YES, I would lobe some music suggestions. There are sooo many songs out there to choose from and when you listen to them on itunes or whereever you get your music, you think they will work so you buy it and then come to find out it is a bit too slow or just doesn't cut it for a workout song. So suggest away.

  3. LOVE this, I can't wait to start working out again once my dr gives me the ok!


  4. These are so great! I've definitely gotten bored at the gym lately of my music. I'd love suggestions!!

  5. I love the idea of taking before pictures & your measurements. I just did this the other day and i can't wait to see about the transformation. Take a buddy is a great idea, my friends and i are keeping tabs by taking pictures every time we work out and sending it to make sure we all go. It's a great idea.

    xo. Kailagh

  6. Great tips! I agree - getting some new clothes will definitely make a girl want to work out. When you look great, you feel more confident! Having a buddy system really helps and revamping your playlist is a MUST! I dreaded the measurements and photos but these are also a must. I just started working out again (consistently this time) and am documenting it on my blog. Can't wait to see the progress.

  7. Good thoughts! I'll be joining a gym class on Tuesday and I'm so excited. Like you, my goal is to gain strength and definition. I might have to go shopping today for some new workout clothes. :)


  8. This post is so fabulous! I am definitely going to put these into use!

  9. These are all great tips, I agree that Before pictures are SOOOO motivating!!

  10. From tooday I make a littel goel to my exercise. I want to lear a whole choreography from one CD. After that I will make a new goal. The point is to move. :)

  11. Love your tips! I am starting my own regular workout routine, and I think I will help myself to your suggestions! I was also sort of wondering about how you and your husband exercise together. I am starting to workout with my husband, so I'm really excited, and would love to hear how and what other couples do!

  12. Great thoughts! I'm due in April, so I look forward to being able to implement these once baby is here! A few questions... What do your workouts look like when you're pregnant? I'd also love to hear what are some of your workout playlists and maybe a weekly schedule of how often you get to the gym and how long you work out for? Do you ever take classes or just train yourself? And of course, what does your fitness routine look like in the way of food? Thanks for the post and I look forward to future ones!

  13. Awesome tips! Can't wait to see the rest of your motivating tips

  14. I've just read your post about fitness routine and it's reaaaaally motivating. I've joined a gym club two weeks ago and I'm so much more motivated reading this. Your post happens just a the right time ;) Thank you so much for sharing your tips !

  15. I've just read your post about fitness routine and it's reaaaaally motivating. I've joined a gym club two weeks ago and I'm so much more motivated reading this. Your post happens just a the right time ;) Thank you so much for sharing your tips !!

  16. Oh, very neat! Thank you for this great post! New clothes and new music is such a great idea! I'm sharing a few titles on my list in the hopes that you share with us some of yours ;) I rather like working out on sunny pop music. I also like to throw in some hip hop or some bad ass rock in the mix and voilĂ !

    Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
    Cry Like A Ghost - Passion Pit (and loads and loads of Passion Pit!)
    Nunca - Trails and Ways
    Hollywood - RAC
    Closer Than This - St-Lucia
    Rebellion (Lies) - Arcade Fire
    Get Your Freak On - Missy Eliot
    Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest

  17. I really need something to give me that REAL push. My problem is that I'm always weak and sickly and don't usually have the physical ability to get up to work out. Coffee makes me sick and Monsters are expensive. And whoever says exercising wakes you up is moronic. Or my body really does just suck that bad. I hope you'll be posting a lot of fitness stuff. You're really inspirational and hopefully it will help me fight through the fatigue to strive for good health! :)

  18. I REALLY didn't want to work out today, but reading this post inspired me. Now if you'll excuse me, Im off to workout :)
    Pretty Lovely

  19. I definitely agree with you, new workout clothes can really inspire you to get started! Another one I would add to the list would be to get outside! Gyms are great too, but something about fresh air makes you feel really good about yourself and truly motivated. I just started doing yoga at the beach to kick off my workouts this year. Check out my post on beach yoga here:

  20. A little late to the party, but just wanted to say thanks for the post, I keep trying to start a fitness routine but always fail at it. Will try to follow your tips to see if it helps. #1 is already sorted :)