Friday, January 17

Friday Finds #84

This week I found...

...this nice and neutral outfit for chilly outings around here. Love it all, right down to the gloves!
30 Warm And Cozy Polyvore Combinations For The Winter

...this Instagram color challenge from my girl Kitty. I love it!

...this awesome looking recipe for stuffed acorn squash! yummmmy
Post image for A Cozy Resolution: Oh, To Be Like The Roasted & Stuffed Acorn Squash

...this darling little birdy charm necklace. It's so petite and simple! I totally need this in my life
Little gold necklace. Bird charm necklace. Custom Czech glass bead color. Bronze jewelry, antiquated gold. Best friend gift.

...this cute polish design for winter, looks like snow collecting on your tips:)
My Style

...this wood and leather watch from tmbr. ummm, I want this now! Perfect for all year round
Mens Black Sandalwood Watch

...this neat idea for using fabric sharpies to write things on your pillow covers. song lyrics maybe?:)
Use a Sharpie to create one-of-a-kind scripted pillows. (Make sure you use Sharpie Fabric marker)

...this delish looking batch of chicken chimichangas. dang! I'm starving now

...this is my mantra for this month:)
all you need...

What are some things inspiring you this month? I hope you're having a great weekend, and thanks so much for visiting and reading! I hope to see you again soon love. 
xo, Em

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  1. The gloves from the collage are super cute and fun! Perfect print for the winter time :-) And that manicure is definitely something you should try too. I wish I had a dotting tool. I tried toothpicks once and my nails looked hor-i-bble! Haha! xo

  2. Love that manicure!!!


  3. Aww love this. That winter vest looks so incredibly warm! Thanks for that dish post - it looks amazing. Might need to whip this daddy up this weekend...on a mission to find new and yummy recipes to try for the new year. I have totally been inspired by lots of ivories and mint green color palettes lately. Also revamping my workspace nook and finding ideas for that. Oh yea, and wanting to do something with my a possible ombre or highlight of some sort for the Spring. :) Happy Friday Emily! PS - I hope you were able to find some aparagus...we have tons down in here TX.

  4. Fantastic post, I really enjoy this kind of publication :)
    I love the nail art and the delicious foods!

    Love xx

  5. That hat is amazing and I love that manicure!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. The stuffed acorn squash looks DElicious!
    The outfit find it really cute too--I love ever piece.