Friday, September 6

Friday Finds #74

This week I found...
...this easy and relaxed transition outfit to when those days and nights start getting a little cooler
Cute n Comfy

...this yummy looking recipe for chocolate thumbprint cookies! mmmmmmm
Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies - Thumbprint cookies are traditionally flavored with vanilla and filled with fruit jam, but these are chocolate cookies stuffed with more chocolate. They’ll be a welcome treat on your holiday cookie platter!

...this rather fantastic artwork by Megan of Studio MME. I could use this for my girls room!
"Coming Home" pen and ink illustration.  <a href="">Find in the shop.</a>

...these obviously fantastic pairs of handmade sunglasses from from Tumbleweeds Handcraft.
Tumbleweed Sunglasses are the best.

...this totally delicious looking recipe for crock pot chicken cacciator. Sucker for pasta what can I say!

...this beautiful and creative idea for a bouquet! If anyone out there is planning on a fall wedding, this might just be for you! I've seen broach bouquets, but this takes it up a notch:)
Reserved -- Custom Paper Flower, Burlap, and/or Brooch Bouquet Deposit

...this is something to remember, and possibly frame:)

...this amazing recipe for chocolate lovers mousse pie. fantastico!
Chocolate Lover's Chocolate Mousse Pie

...this pair of heeled buckle booties. they look so warm and cozy for fall weather!
Brown Buckle Detail Ankle Boot

...this collection of flirty sweaters from beauty file. Favorite is the pink heart, maybe the 'oh la la', or...
c600x351 The Flirt

...this amazing recipe for Maple Creme Brulee. I'll stop there.
Maple Creme Brûlée topped with Pecan Praline Snaps

Another Friday is here! We're still enjoying the harvest vegetables for just about every meal, and I'm still putting sunscreen on the kiddies when we play outside, so even though this post is mostly Fall inspiration, just know that we're still Summering it up over here and loving every minute of it!
Have a great weekend my beautiful friends! oh, and come back tomorrow for somethin EXCITING!
xo, Em

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  1. TGIF, love those glasses!


  2. Oh man. Every single recipe you shared here looks wonderful! Maybe I'm super hungry, but I want all of them right this second.

  3. Oh my goodness, all those recipes look amazing and I love those wooden sunglasses!
    Rachel Ashley

  4. Love all of the Friday Finds this week! I especially love the print from Megan Studios and handmade sunglasses. So cute!

  5. Love all these finds, though you're leaving me hungry!
    I hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  6. Those glasses are amazing!

  7. so much greatness in this post! i love the outfit and definitely trying this crockpot chicken pasta

  8. That is my bouquet! Actually, it's the artist's wedding bouquet, but I had her model mine after hers. So perfect! Book pages, burlap, brooches and buttons. <3

    1. Such a small world! <3 It really does look just like yours, doesn't it?

  9. Oh wow - thanks for featuring my bouquet!