Thursday, September 5

Counting Down from 20: a random facts list

20- quarts of steaming hot soup sitting on the stove, needing to be stirred every 5-10 mins 
19- items on my 'to make' cooking list, scribbles of ingredients and methods. So much fun:)
18- months that I've been blogging. Wow that seems like forever and so little at the same time
17- little baby blocks scattered around the hallway creating a mind field for mama's poor bare feet
16- pairs of sunglasses that were stacked in a heap, now hanging from my new sunglasses rod:)
15- tabs open on my browser right now, all of which are sites/programs I'm in the middle of dealing with
14- how old I was when I had my first kiss. Real random old fact there for ya:)
13- spratic and random but much anticipated and exciting things coming from amazon tomorrow
12- am. the bedtime goal that martin and I have every night, that more often turns into 1-2am
11- weeks approximately till I can do work-outs in beast mode again. yes I'm countin down:)
10- times a day that I wish for and want to buy a cat or dog, but then realize that its just nesting
9- bills sitting, waiting to be paid on my lap, along with sunglasses, gum wrappers, and a few kids books
8- days in a row of going for walks with the kids weather in the morning, afternoon, or before bed 
7- different stations on pandora that I switched around listening to while I worked last night
6- books stacked on my nightstand that I'm currently in the middle of and need to finish
5- days of rain storms in a row we've had, after months of not a single drop!
4- weeks till I'm full term in my pregnancy. next month! I can finally say that:)
3- little babies sleeping soundly upstairs that make my life incredibly full and so rewarding
2- juicy peaches that I consumed in about 13 seconds today. Can't beat freshly picked! 
1- patient and ruggedly handsome man who likes to watch the office and eat melon with me at 2am

Well there's my list:) Feel free to do this on your own blog and than leave a link in a comment so I can come read! Thanks so much for reading today!
xo, Emily

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  1. I'm counting down until I can do hardcore workouts again too! Man I miss it!


  2. Oh my gosh, I love peaches! We bought a case of 11 at Costco on Sunday, and Brandon just asked me what happened to them... I might have spent the last 4 days living exclusively off peaches.

    I'm glad that we aren't the only people who fail at maintaining a bedtime goal! We always aim for midnight, but find ourselves finally turning out the lights around two.

  3. This is such a cute idea. I'm going to have to try my own list. -Hanna Marie

  4. I love list posts- I find them so fun to read! x

  5. Fresh peaches! I would like to get some this weekend and make Pioneer Woman's Peach Cobbler w/o the crazy cream sauce on top. The best. Sweetened with maple syrup.. mmm. :) Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. This is such a cute list! I love it :D

  7. I'd love to know more about your workout routine! You look great in all of your maternity posts. I'm only a week behind you and can't wait to start working out again!

  8. Always love your posts, your perspective, and the things you share with us. Just one thought... I hope that if/when you decide to add a four-legged family member to your pack, you consider adopting as opposed to purchasing! Adopted pets make wonderful family members, and often come at a lower cost, as well as with shots and other health needs checked off of the list. There are so many deserving animals out there in need of homes! Now back to your regularly scheduled posting... best wishes to the rest of your pregnancy, and looking forward to following along your journey!

  9. I would love to hear your workout routine...I'm intrigued as to what "beast mode" is, though ;

  10. This was so fun! I did it on my own blog:

    Thanks for the idea!