Tuesday, September 10

The Ten Second Top-knot: A Video Tutorial!

Did you miss me? I actually took the longest break ever from blogging (ahem, it was three days:)) and it wasn't even intentional! I was in the middle of editing this video to post for you guys when I came down with a really severe case of what we're pretty sure was food poisoning, and I was so horribly sick! I posted on instagram and facebook and you guys were so sweet with your well wishes so thank you thank you! *blows kisses* I've been recovering quickly and today I'm feeling much better! So to make it up to you, I decided to post this video now, which has been the more requested video of a hair tutorial out of all my other styles, so here it finally is! 
In advance though, no the video is not 10 seconds long.haha I take several minutes in fact to very slowly walk you through the most detailed version of the bun, so I hope you'll forgive that I don't whizz through it like I normally would or do in real life! haha Okay here's my silly video:
Its kind-of a relief posting something other than my intro finally, because I feel like with each video I'm sharing a bit more about myself and my personality, and of course learning how this whole video thing works and hopefully working on improving my skills! Between the two videos I've made I've already felt like I've learned a lot, and so hopefully they'll get better and more enjoyable to watch and hopefully easier to learn from:)

Thank you so so much again to my amazing subscribers! You guys get me so excited and motivated, and I can't wait for the next video! If you have an idea of what you'd like that to be or see from me at all in the future, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thank you guys so much for watching and subscribing, and I'll see you (or you'll see me:)) again in my next video!
Have a great day
Xo, Emily

P.S. Embrace messy hair:)
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  1. Love this tutorial :) Thanks, Emily!

  2. What a great, easy tutorial! Thank you! I'll be trying this!
    LINK UP on my blog!! Xoxo


  3. So much easier to understand it via video -thank you!

  4. As a fellow redhead, I LOVE your tutorials, they give me great new ideas to try out! Just wish I knew your trick to such great cat eyeliner! You look gorgeous!

  5. Very nice tutorial and I am happy to be sponsoring your blog this month! I also love finally getting to hear what blogger's voices sound like, keep up the videos.
    Little Sloth

  6. This is such a great tutorial Em! I do messy buns all the time, because honestly it's just so hard to tame my curls every single day :). Adding the video to your already awesome tutorials is a great idea! Love seeing the examples walked out on video.

  7. I love this video. You do such amazing things with hair and make-up! Could you possibly do a video tutorial on the bouffant bun? I love that style but I just can't seem to get it right. Keep up the amazing work!

  8. I love this video! You do such awesome things with hair and makeup! Could you possibly video tutorial on the bouffant bun? I love that style but I can't seem to get it right. Keep up the amazing work!

  9. Aww I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well. I've only had food poisoning once and it was AWFUL so I sympathize. This tutorial is great! I can't wait for my hair to grow out so I can do it!

    - April

  10. Awesome video! Seriously you look like a total pro. And I especially love how you explained the details of how to hold it and everything. I can't wait to see the rest of your videos!

  11. Suuper Tutorial! Meine Haare sind leider noch zu kurz -.-

    Liebe Grüße
    Nina von Pearlsheaven

  12. ahhhhh so much easier than pics. I remember that one specifically from your photo tutorial, and while I understood it... this is just SO MUCH EASIER. You're a dreamboat, Em :)

  13. Looks easy! Do you think you'll be doing tutorials that will work on different length hair or pretty much just tutorials for hair that's long like yours? Your hair styles are AMAZING but I'm always scared to try any out because mine is very much shorter than yours. haha

    Still fun to watch anyways so I subscribed! :D

    - Toria

  14. Thanks for the tuturial!


  15. I just subscribed that was an amazing tutorial. Thank you!

    Lisa via WhatLisaSaid blog

  16. Loved this tutorial! It was super easy and so cute! I wore it around the house yesterday and my Husband LOVED it! He was disappointed when I mentioned that I needed a shower because he didn't want me to take my hair down. Thanks for such an easy, yet feminine style! You are awesome!

  17. This is a great tutorial, thank you. So nicely explained! I would love to see a tutorial for the "Gibson Tuck" or the "Maiden Braids Updo" or the "Easy HEadband Tuck". I love these ... Thank you!

  18. Thank you for the tutorial - so nicely shown and explained. I would love to see a tutorial for the Gibson Tuck, the Maiden Braids Updo or the Easy Headband Updo. I love these ... But anything will be fun to watch. Thank you!