Tuesday, August 13

Summers End Hair Week: The Triple Headband Updo

Hey all you beautiful people. So its the next day in the little Summer's end series I'm doing here on the blog, and I'm excited about the fun tutorial I have to show you today! This style has a lot of youth and whimsy to it, which is what makes it really fun and different! Here it is:
This could have easily been called some variation on the Heidi braids, because that's really the look that it gives off, except with the extra twists! Also the technique of wrapping them all the way over the top of the head instead of just stopping on the sides makes it way more modern and wearable for every day. I know that I said I was going to post really sharp up-dos and stay away from the lightness of Summer hair, but I just had to post this one! You'll forgive me I know:) Lets get going:
- fine toothed comb
- 3 hair-ties
- bobby pins

Step 1: Start by teasing the hair a bit on the crown of your head to create a little extra lift and cushion  then smooth it over well with your comb. Separate your hair into two even halves. 
Step 2: Taking one side (i'm doing my left) separate it into two sections again and create a twisted braid by twisting them each separately and then together, and securing with a hair-tie. Holding onto the twist, tug the hair out a bit in all directions to help loosen it up. Taking the rest of your hair and divide it in half...
Step 3: ..., braiding both halves loosely and securing with hair-ties at the ends. Tug the hair out like you did with the twist side. Take your twist and pull it up and over your head, securing with bobby pins about two inches behind your opposite ear. Bring the first braid up and over your head in front of your twist and secure behind your ear on the opposite side of your head. 
Step 4: Do the same thing with the other braid only going on the other side of the twist, leaving it in the middle. Make sure your ends are hiding under each other before you pin in place. I decided to pin my bangs back, but that's totally optional depending on the look you want. Tug the hair out a bit once more, because I hate a flat head:) and spray the whole masterpiece with hairspray! Done and done:)
I really hope you give this a try, because if you can braid and twist your hair then its really super easy! And I think you'd be surprised with the styles you can pull off that you didn't think you could, so give it a shot on yourself and see what you think! I'd love to hear back about how it turned out, and feel free to pin if you want to keep it close at hand for later use! :)  
See you tomorrow, and as always thank you so so much for your visit and for being a reader!
xo, Emily
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  1. So cute! Love this triple braided headband look!


  2. This is so beautiful! It really does look so different than all the other hairstyles out there, and looks so simple! I'm going to try it out sometime soon. :)

  3. Ok this is super gorgeous! You have the best hair ever. What is your everyday hair routine.
    Little Sloth

  4. Such a fun hair do!! Xo

  5. You're too cute, and your hair is amazing! Love all the styles you can pull off!

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  6. OHHHHHH love this!


  7. I've always wondered how to do a braid like this. So cute. -Hanna Lei