Thursday, August 15

Summers End Hair Week: The Easy Knotted Updo

And we're back with Thursday's tutorial! I think its always a bonus to look like you've spent much more time on your hair then you actually have, while at the same time having your style look strangely effortless and at ease, and I think this hairstyle does just that!
Like all the other styles I've been posting this week, this is one of those that can be worn with sunglasses and a pair of jeans during the day, or with a little sequined dress and some heels for the evening. Those are the best because we busy ladies may not have time to do our hair more then once in a day! haha I really hope you give this one a try, because it will leave you feeling very proud of yourself:) here we go:
- brush
- hair serum (or hair pomade, etc)
- two hair ties

- bobby pins


Step 1: Start by brushing your hair smooth, then add a bit of smoothing serum to the outside for some extra shine. Draw a line from the top of your ear to your part and separate that section of hair.
Step 2: Split it in two, and tie it in a half knot, then again into a full knot at right about below your ear. Separate another section of hair 2-3 inches wide and add it to the knot strand closest to it. then simply tie another half knot! 
Step 3: Repeat this step, moving around your head, pulling 6-8 more sections in, until you reach your other ear. Take the last section of hair and, twisting it slightly over itself back towards your head(clockwise), and combining it with the closest knot strand. Finish it all off by continuing to knot all the way to the end and securing it with a hair-tie. 
Step 4: Fluff your hair on your scalp a bit for more volume and fullness. Twist the leftover knotted hair back towards the other side of your head, and pin it on top of the original knotted trail, making sure to hide the hair-tie underneath, give your whole head a good spritz, and you're all done!
So again I just have to add the disclaimer that just because there are a lot of pictures does NOT mean that it is any more complicated.haha If you've been reading for a while then you know that I just like to be extra through with my steps, because there's nothing worse then an incomplete tutorial that leaves you wondering what the heck happened between one picture and the next!

I really hope you give this a try for that new class or that party, and then come back and let me know how it went, and how many people complimented you! Its one of those styles that looks great on everyone, and I know you'll love it:) 
Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great Thursday!!

xo, Emily
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  1. thanks for posting this! i've always wanted to try this hair do but i never knew how! :)


  2. I love this whole series, great ideas!


  3. Love it! You have such easy hair tutorials and I love all the clear pictures.

  4. Soo cute- updos like this one always look so hard, but are always surprisingly easy!

  5. I just love how you pull your hair with your fingers and it gets so much volume! I need to tease it a lot to get half the volume you get.

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  6. This is soooo pretty, I need to try it NOW :)

  7. I just wanted to say that I ADORE your tutorials. You are my absolute favorite person right now! Do you have a good page of DIY makeup?

  8. Would LOVE to see this tutorial on your youtube channel!!

  9. love this! Can you tell me where you foundthose beautiful earrings?

  10. I love this! can you tell me where you found those beautiful earrings?

  11. I'm going to try this. If nothing else just for me. I'm not nearly as attractive or long necked as you are; I'll probably look like a troll when I'm done. Thank you for the tutorial. I know. This will be a style I can do for my girls once their hair gets a little longer.