Thursday, August 1

July: A Month in Review

So its the First day of August!! I know its so cliche to say it, but last month really flew by. I feel like the older I get the more time ticks by faster and faster. do you feel like that? I don't ever remember being "bored" even as a kid, but there sure was a heck of a lot more downtime then I have now.haha *duh* Well I'd like to take the first day of August to take a little look back on some of the fun things that happened during July. here we go...
A few favorite post from July:

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Movies and TV shows we watched:
  • The Office - Martin and I watched these together a few years ago and then petered out a bit from boredom when Michael left.. but we've started from the beginning again and its been fun:)
  • The Lone Ranger - Martin and I went to this as a second choice for date night, and I can say though it was a bit more intense then I was expecting for a disney movie? but overall I think we liked it.
  • Tangled - This is more for Ellie and Sophie, but they beg for it come movie time every single day and they sit (or dance around singing) the entire movie. Who am I to mess with a little extra quiet time!
  • Mad Men - I play this in the backround when I'm working and have a feeling it moves to slowly to be a sit down with popcorn kind of show. I gotta say though despite that some seasons are better then others, I'm a fan:)
New-to-me songs and artists I love:
  • 'Sing' by Travis - I heard this in the backround on a cute Jim and Pam episide of the office and tracked it down. love it! 
  • The Decemberists - One of my roommates and new blogging friends Hillary introduced me to these guys while we were at BlogHer and I'm hooked. 
  • 'A falling through' by Ray Lamantagne - I've been a fan of his forever but it took watching a lame movie to hear this song and find it. haha
  • 'Lonelily' by Damien Rice - another song from a favorite band that I found! love when that happens.
Exciting things online and off:
  • my bump really seemed to pop these past few weeks! I started getting the first comments about my baby instead of looks of pity for my gluttony. awesome.
  • I made a few really important decisions about my blog and reached a few big milestones:)
  • I flew to Chicago for the BlogHer conference and had an even better time then I'd hoped I would.
  • I became addicted to peaches and nectarines, but my need of watermelon remained so...
  • John took his first steps! three to be exact:) Always a huge milestone, and he was oh so proud:)
Well I could go on for a while longer, or stop there and say that it was definitely a really fun month! Here's to a new month and to making it even better then the last:) 
Have a great weekend ahead!
xo, Emily
P.S. I decided to ditch my old Facebook page and create a new one with the actual name of my blog *wink*, so if you're a facebook-er, I'd love for you to visit the page and like it here! xoxo
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  1. What a great month!! I think it's so fun that your bump is starting to show! So exciting! Xo

  2. I just found your blog through Pinterest, and I have to say I am in love! Definitely adding you to my list of favorites. We watched The Lone Ranger a few weeks ago and I have to agree, it was a little extreme for a Disney movie. It made me cringe more than once.