Monday, April 29

Well hello there, Mr. Bloglovin'

Hey there friend! My Internets bein wacko today, so I'm gonna use these few minutes to chat about a couple little things that have been on my mind lately:
Firstly, I'm so sad that Google Reader is kickin the bucket! I know that numbers aren't everything, but when I only have a few seconds to visit a blog, I usually use their GFC to quickly see a few things about them, how long they've been blogging maybe, or to get a rough idea of influence, so I feel really badly that's going away and I'll have to stalk them all over social media to see those things.haha 
Maybe its for the best though, who knows, at any rate, the best replacement I've found so far has been bloglovin', because even though it has its little habits that aren't my favorite, I can upload my entire google reader list pretty easily, its pretty self explanatory  and I can 'subscribe' to my favorite blogs and have their latest posts displayed there in a neat little horizontal row for my browsing pleasure. Just make sure that you have a good first picture and title right? :)
At any rate, this isn't meant to be a sponsored post for bloglovin', merely to let you know that the old Freckled Fox is there and if you wanna follow along, and also that I would love to hear any thoughts you may have on other readers, or how you feel about Google reader going RIP, or simply to leave your bloglovin' URL for me?! :) For those that use bloglovin', you can subscribe to my blog feed below:)
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To my amazing followers (you know who you are): Thanks so much for all your constant support and love! It makes my day to see my new people joining every day, and I smile when I see and read every single comment and I really try to respond as often as possible. I never realized what a huge support system I would gain by starting blogging, and I'm overwhelmed constantly by the goodness and strength of seemingly 'strangers', who I've grown to really cherish. 
Anyways mushy rant over:) Love you guys!
xo, Emily

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  1. I am sad about google reader going away too! Bloglovin is an ok replacement but I am having a hard time weaning myself off the reader :).

  2. I feel slightly conflicted about Google Reader going down... but I'm not too worried. Also, I'm following you on bloglovin now :)


  3. I am right there with ya Ems! I was (and quite frankly still am) sad that Google Reader is going away. I might even be a little in denial, but I do agree that Bloglovin' seems to be the blogger chosen replacement of choice so I am signing up over there too. Already subscribed to you my dear :)

  4. I agree bloglovin does have its drawbacks but at least it's still convenient to read many blogs in one location. I recently changed the name of my blog but it hasnt updated on bloglovin. If you know how to fix this I'd love to know. Oh the joy of using a new program. You can follow me at

    1. Hey Meghan, was just about to leave my own comment and saw yours. If you go to the top right menu on Bloglovin' you can make changes to our own blog, including changing the name. You'll need to claim it first if you haven't, but then you can edit your blog info and update the thumbnail whenever you change your design. If you can't manage it yourself just email them, they were really nice when I switched to my own domain and combined the two sets of followers really quickly. Hope that helps xo

  5. I'm so annoyed Google Reader is going away!!! It's so easy to sign into Blogger and see all of the blogs I follow on the same page. I'm on Bloglovin' as well, but I just don't like the interface and it's not as easy to use.

    I'll miss GFC, so I'm hoping it doesn't go away! It's just too convenient!

    Here's my Bloglovin' link if you want to check it out:

    Happy Monday :)

  6. I like bloglovin' too. The only thing I don't like about it though (unless I'm completely missing it) is that you can't follow blogs who haven't registered for the service. Which can be annoying when you find an awesome blog which isn't registered. That's why I'm kind of straddling the line between bloglovin' and feedly. I'm going to miss GFC too.

    Love, Moon
    blog | twitter

    1. I'm pretty sure you can follow any blog, it's just matter of the blogger "claiming" their blog or not. My friend didn't know about Bloglovin' but I found her blog on it no problem, she later claimed it. But, of course, I could be wrong!

    2. really? oh my, this would be wonderful! i'll have a look... only think left bothering me would be the ability to access previously read posts.

  7. I'm sad about Google Reader is going away. I actually use Nuffnangx to follow you I can't stand how Bloglovin looks Hanna

  8. Mich nervt das mit GFC ganz schön. Ich hab eh grad mal 50 GCF Follower und über Bloglovin sinds noch nicht mal zehn. Ich fühl mich, wie wenn ich quasi bei null anfangen muss..
    Übrigens gefällt mir dein Bild, ich hätte das Outfit gerne komplett gesehn ;)

  9. I love Bloglovin. I've been using it for a while now. It allows me to see what everyone is up to in just a single email. Its so easy to stay up-to-date with it :)
    Suzy Turner, YA Author

  10. I just have all my favorite blogs listed on my blog and see updates every time they have a new post, bloglovin pretty much does the same thing so i ok with the end of google reader. I'd love for you to follow me on bloglovin.

    Have a great day Emily!


  11. I know what you mean about checking out blog followers, it's not intentionally but I always do it! I don't mind Google Reader shutting down too much because I have been using Bloglovin' for the last few years anyway, but it does kind of change blog etiquette - usually I will always follow on GFC too, because that tends to be the number possible sponsors and other bloggers look at first. I wonder if we'll all keep our GFC boxes up after it does shut down or they will start slowly disappearing xo

  12. I follow you on both dear :)

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