Tuesday, April 30

Sew and Tell #1 (a new link-up!)

Hey everyone! I'm excited for this post today (and really I think its been a long time coming) because I'm starting a new link-up here on the blog, and calling it Sew and Tell!
I've been a sewer for a super long time and a quilter for the last few years, and since I'm trying to get myself more motivated to cut out time for all the sewing projects I have backed up in my studio, and since I'd love to meet more fellow bloggers that also have a passion for sewing/creating like I do, this little link-up seems like the perfect solution! Each post will include a few of my favorite sewing/quilting/alterations/fabric involving projects from the last week, and then the link up will follow! So now I'll post a random few things from around here that I've just finished and more info on the link-up will follow:)

These two shams I made the other night for a friend. I've never delved into decorative back-open seamed shams, so it was a lot of fun! They came together way faster then I thought they would and now I wanna make tons of them! :)

These ruffle curtains are upstairs in the girls room. I wanted somethin really girly and fun for them, and I think pink and ruffles fit the bill. Overall they took a bit of time, but worth it:)

Just a little simple grid quilt I made custom for a client. Sometimes simple is nice though, because it helps you appreciate fabrics and designs a bit more:)

These actually aren't quite finished yet because I want to add more details on top, but I really love how these two panels turned out, so I decided to share!
I hope to share a few quilts next week that I'm working on now, and possibly a couple more odds and ends for around the house, but we'll have to see won't we! Now, on to that link-up? :)
I'm not too sure yet on the rules and scheduling of it all, but lets just give it a go:
1. Be or become a follower of the Freckled Fox,
2. Write out your own Sew and Tell post, and link it up,
3. Copy the button code and paste it in your post (or sidebar),
4. Click around to see others fabric projects and make new friends!

Freckled Fox
Things to remember:
- Each project in your 'Sew and Tell' posts should have something to do with sewing, fabric or needle and thread (pretty self explanatory right?:)),
- Each Sew and Tell post only needs to have one project to link-up! But you can do as many as you like:)
Please please use the button in your post, or if its on your sidebar then link back to the latest 'Sew and Tell' Link-up in your post, so others can come join the fun!
- Each week I'll check out all your blogs and pick a few of my favorite projects from your own 'Sew and Tell' posts to showcase in the next week's link-up on the Freckled Fox!!
- Please don't worry about your skill level! I'm far from being great at sewing, I just love to do it, and want to motivate myself and others. That's the point! :)
- If you ever skip a week or lose track, just click on the button on my left sidebar for the latest linky, so you won't miss out on linking up!
Now its your turn:) 

I hope that in participating in this link-up that you're able to find more link-minded crafty blogger friends, that you'll be more motivated to create more in your own home, and that you'll simply have tons of fun!

Thanks for stoppin by today, and see you tomorrow with something yummy I have to share!
xo, Emily

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  1. I love this idea! I have so many projects stacking up and I'd love to get to them if I can. Hopefully this will be motivation enough to do it! May I start by linking to projects I've already posted on my black (past entries)?

    1. I'm so glad! You know what you could do is just collect the pictures of of those projects and put them all together and tell us about them in a new sew and tell post?? Would that work?
      I'd love to have you link-up!

    2. I don't how my fingers ended up typing "black." Obviously that should have been "blog." Ha! Time for bed ;)! And Yes, I LOVE your suggestion and will definitely post it tomorrow. Thanks girl!!

  2. Such a great link-up! I don't have any finished projects but the in-process are plenty. Your finished pieces are gorgeous!

  3. Great projects! I wish I could sew, but at least God made safety pins.

  4. Oh this is great. I really want to sew more, so hopefully this'll motivate me more too :)

  5. you're really creative and this is a great link-up! :)


  6. You have such talent at the sewing machine! I feel like I'm just barely getting the hang of it.

  7. I made ruffle curtains too! They look a bit different than yours, but they're still vertical--fun!

  8. I love that you posted this the same day I planned to post a tutorial on sewing suspenders! Sometimes things do work out perfectly :)