Wednesday, May 1

I Take Photos - Roxy & Jordan

Afternoon:) So you may or may not know that I take pictures for other people as well as for my blog (in all my spare time *wink*)because I used to post more of my photography sessions on here in the early days and not so much lately, but I do! I started doing mostly babies, but then got into seniors, engagements, families, weddings, etc, and I love it! Today I want to share some fun favorites from a recent bridal session, so here is Roxanne, and her new husband:)
I really really love working with real people when I have time for a session, because I feel like it stretches me more then when I'm just doing it for myself or my blog. I gotta say too that Bridals and babies are probably my favorite, or maybe its toddlers,... or graduating seniors... Okay fine I'll stop.haha 
Anyways, I realized that every once in a while I need to get more of my sessions out here to simply let more of my clients see more previous work, and also because its something I'm really passionate about, and that's what I share on here!

Thanks for stoppin by today, and don't forget to enter yourself in my high heel giveaway that's ending soon!
xo, Emily

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  1. These are wonderful, a beautiful bride & lovely couple!

  2. The photos came out amazing!! The bride looks so happy and beautiful :)

  3. These photos are so pretty. The bride looks beautiful Hanna

  4. What beautiful shots you took!! I just love the pose with the groom has a bandanna on!! =)


  5. Gorgeous photos Em!! You're an amazing photographer!

  6. The pics are gorgeous Em! Great job!!

  7. Lovely pics, nice job

  8. Beautiful pictures. I love how you captured their true emotion.

    Love, Moon
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  9. These photographs are amazing!!


  10. Gorgeous photos, I love her dress it's perfect xxx

  11. That are positively GORGEOUS, Emily!

  12. How absolutely beautiful are these photos!? You're a fabulous photographer :) I look forward to looking at the rest of your blog. Thanks for following me on twitter. I've of course, followed you back!

    The Sydney Girl x