Friday, May 3

Friday Finds #62

This week I found...

...this easy-going and cute outfit from polyvore. love the bag especially!
Summer outfit, created by melissa-bachman on Polyvore

...this awesome looking sorbet recipe. I can almost taste it!
Chocolate Sorbet

...this fun firepit setting. I can't wait for warmer nights! Even still, gotta break out the pit:)
Love this!  I have the perfect spot. Gorgeous backyard fire pit


...this recipe for Tiramisu Cupcakes. the end.
Tiramisu Cupcakes

...this is something to remember, and possibly frame:)

...this crazy cool garden with brick paths in-between. Love it!
Planting and harvesting items you would typically purchase from the grocery store will save you money and fuel. Plus, a garden will give you an opportunity to experiment with composting — an excellent way to cut back your family's contribution to landfills.

...this vintage camera necklace from modcloth. I've always perfered chunky jewelry, but I love this!  Thought of you @Kelle Hampton

...this recipe for chocolate cherry cake, and that's all I need to say!
no-fuss chocolate cherry cake.

...this pair of white converse, really makes me want a pair even more!
white converse (i think i actually prefer cream)

What do you have going on this weekend? Here's hoping for lots and lots of outside time! 
xo, Em
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  1. Sehr schöne Fotos! Auf das Eis hätte ich jetzt auch Lust :)

  2. In here too! It's going to be a great weekend with a lot of sun!

    Sofia G

  3. Those cupcakes??? Yes please!


  4. I love converse! I actually bought a low grey pair yesterday ago for the summer :) So comfy!

  5. Love the bag in the first picture too! And that firepit is soooo charming! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Love that bag!

    We have that camera necklace in our shop ;)