Sunday, April 28

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: we've mostly been planning things for the outside of the house while maintaining the inside as best as possible. With my bedrest coming to more of an end (fingers crossed) Martin can be doing more work outside the house and less of the Mr. Mom type of thing. Lately I've considered it a good day if we eat a few meals, have god naps, and I keep the kids happy and alive.haha so of course when I get something productive in like vacuuming or errands I feel like superwoman.haha I can see progress every day though, and I know that a rhythm is beginning, and it feels amazing:) on to a new week!
Weekly Snapshots: Sophie's Ice-cream birthday cake (yum!), tulips blooming at the end of the driveway, a newly scrubbed kitchen sink, big boys first time in a swing, a little closet purge idea(which you received very well thanks! :)), a tasty treat brought by a thoughtful friend!
A Few Facts:
  • I used to hate bananas when I was younger, now I love 'em.
  • Thanks to my husband mostly I haven't mowed a lawn in like 6 years?
  • When I'm pregnant my cravings are always for very specific flavors and brands even. Like it can't just be French fries, it has to be specifically DQs fries.haha makes it more tough.
  • I love to paint.
Have you done anything fun this weekend? I'd love to hear about it!
xo, Emily 

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  1. That ice cream birthday cakes looks yummy! Lovely pictures x

  2. That ice cream cake looks delicious! Those yellow tulips are gorgeous! Love your pictures :D
    I can imagine a lot of ladies would love to shop your closet - you have the cutest outfits!