Saturday, April 20

Two out of Five

Today is really a special day in our family, because its not only Martin's birthday, but its also Sophia's birthday as well!  only five in our family and two of them sharing the same birthday, they're both lucky don't you think? Remembering back to when she was born, I'm always amazed at all the craziness of her birth and the timing of it all. With our first, Ellie, she'd been born naturally but in the hospital 11 days past her due date, so when we found out we were due with our second on April 26th, I figured there was no way she'd be born on Martin's birthday especially since we wanted her ('it' at the time since we wanted her gender to be a surprise) to be our first home birth. 
As the due date got closer and we were all set up and ready to go, I remember thinking that I wouldn't happen for a couple weeks. We were watching old Seinfeld episodes on Sunday night, the 17th when the contractions hit first. I felt more then ready for things to get moving, but then Martin expressed some sort of sadness (jokingly I'm sure) that she wouldn't come on his birthday and asking me to hold it in.haha Something in my subconscious decided to give it a try I guess, against my will certainly:), because I had contractions on and off for the next two days until she was born a little after midnight the morning of his birthday. A Wednesday. phew!
Martin got a pretty great birthday present that year, and I worked extra hard to get it for him.haha I tried and failed to top it last year, and I don't think I'll ever be successful.haha

Martin and I are celebrating his birthday in Utah this year, and Sophie is lucky enough to get to spend hers with Grammie and Papa. We're looking forward to a little combined party this week for the two of them, and I'm excited to get some good updated picture on here of the birthday girl, and boy:)
Happy birthday to Martin, my sweetheart forever and love of my life, and also to our tender middle child, our second and also baby girl who is the best snuggler in the world. I can't believe you are two! You and I have some exciting things coming this next year I'm sure:) We sure love you Sophie!
xo, Emily
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  1. You have the most adorable family! You are very lucky to have such a beautiful life :)

  2. aw, have a wonderful day celebrating!!!


  3. Your family is so cute. Have a nice celebration day! Hanna

  4. Have a great time celebrating!

  5. how lucky is that!? my son and husband share a birthday (as well as a name... william the third and fourth over here) and it's so nice to celebrate :)

  6. Such a sweet post. So did you end up doing a home birth? My delivery went pretty well, I thought about a home birth for the second one but am still undecided. My little one is going to be 1 in just over a month. I'm very excited, but also kind of sad, because it means he's no longer a baby, and well... I have to go back to work. Anyway, can't wait to start organizing everything!

    love, moon
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  7. Good luck with all the parties Emily!
    Lovely! Happy weekend dear!
    Wish you all the best. Hope you can visit me again too! :)

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  8. I guess I'm behind, or I just don't remember... Did you end up having the home birth? How awesome that you held off with finding out what gender she was. I think it would be too much excitement for me not too. Happy Birthday to your two little loves!