Sunday, April 21

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: I feel like we've been sorting things out a bit better this week. When the weather starts changing and warming up, it means new schedules, new agendas, new seasonal events to plan, participate in and work around. It feels like everything has been getting mixed up and putting me more behind, but maybe this week it feels like we're on a bit more of an upward slope. I hope! :) Here's to a fun week full of shopping trips, an Ice cream party, tons of dirty laundry loads, lots of sweeping and washing, some beautiful surprise tulips, the most amazing plum pie, a few late night movies, a few frustrating accidents around the house, but lots of smiles and cuddles to make up for it:) 
Weekly Snapshots: bathtime giggles(and lots of splashes), a thoughtful bunch of tulips, the most amazing plum pie in the world, John's first time sitting in a cart, the first budding fruit tree in the yard, and a satisfying bunch of 'healthy' groceries:)
A Few Facts:
  • Its been warm so much lately, and then the one night I start listening to a Christmas song it starts snowing the next morning. ahhh!
  • I don't have enough spaces on my shelves and racks in my closet for all my shoes, and I just bought a couple more pairs... but they were super inexpensive! :)
  • I really love mysteries and suspense and have ever since I was little, reading the whole Mary Higgins Clark series under the covers all through the night:) 
Have you done anything fun this weekend? I'd love to hear about it!
xo, Emily 

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  1. Lovely photos, I put my little girl in the cart (or trolly here in the uk) for the first time too last week and she was pulling everything of the shelves little madam x

  2. It's not warming up in Utah quite yet :( But I have high hopes it will soon! And I love those tulips. One of my absolute faves.

  3. uuuuh so much vegetables <3


  4. Such cute pictures - and Christmas songs are always a good thing! :P

  5. The weather here is the same. Warm for awhile and then back to cold. No snow though Hanna