Sunday, October 14

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: Decided to suddenly start accessorizing the girls room the same time we're putting Johnny's together, and have been having a blast making little odds and ends for them both!! Can't wait to have them finished enough to include them in the home tour, because I really wanna hear your opinions. 
-Went to, and had a total blast at my quilters guild. Those ladies are so incredibly inspirational! I always leave feeling to stoked to get sewing, and already have a new list!
-Been staying up late every night this week and still not caught up, but I'm wondering if this isn't more of a lifelong pursuit, to feel as though I'm 'caught up'. haha At any rate I have been getting lots done and having fun while doing it. If I own you an email however I'll apologize in advance!! My email has been holding several hundred messages hostage without my knowledge, and I'm trying my hardest to answer them all asap!  
-Also this week we completed the last of the canning and drying(phew!), went on lots of autumn drives and walks, saw sweet friends and family, and followed a pretty typical routine of meals, chores and bedtimes. ahh, I love fall:)
Weekly Snapshots: turning leaves, pink ragged stitchery, sweetest gifts, and peach cobbler.
Next Week Plans: First Halloween party date of the year on Saterday, a family hike through the canyon, lots of treats planned, lots of Naps, a visit or two with my best friend, a long long-needed chat with my sister, bills, painting, tons of laundry, a few walks to the park if we're lucky with good weather, a lunch date or two:), a get together, blogging blogging blogging, two photo sessions, a date, and lots of nights curled up by the fire. If I had my way:)  
A Few Facts: 
  • I have seen enough Pumpkin Recipes around to keep me baking for the next 40 years.
  • I listened to about 8 hours straight of the Ellen Show on youtube while working one night. Haven't giggled straight for so long in a while.
  • Been working on fixing up my pinterest account lately because it was so unorganized! Sorry if you've been getting a LOAD of pins from yours truely:(
Here's crossing my fingers for a productive week. What are you looking forward too?
xo, Emily

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  1. sounds like a great week ahead

  2. No matter how much I get doen I never fell caught up lol There is always something else that needs to be done.
    I love Ellen. She makes me laugh so much. I'd love to go to one of her shows someday.

  3. I always want big orange pumpkin for my bf bday present, but its kinda difficult to find it here
    cant wait for your halloween post <3

    come and see my blog

  4. can't wait for your halloween post <3

    come and see my blog

  5. I loveeee that necklace! & yes I've read SOO many pumpkin recipes too --thanks to pinterest! If only it was autumn year round!

  6. This was a nice post to read. I know what you mean about the pumpkin recipes haha. By the way, your design is really really pretty! :) xo

  7. You're always so productive! I agree, there's so many pumpkin recipes's overwhelming and yet I want to make them all! :)