Thursday, October 18

Blast from the Past: Halloween 2010

Hello all you scrumptious little beauties!! Here's the next Halloween flashback in my little series! If this is the first 'blast from the past' post that you're reading, you're not missing much:) However, if you're interested in seeing our Halloween 2008 and 2009, click the links and you'll get a peek!! Here is the third installment:
Hansel & Gretel + The Witch
~ Don't say "oh! So you're the sound of music?!?" Like everyone else that saw our costumes.haha 
 ~Tried to use a mixture of things we already had, and things that I could sew up pretty quickly (which I think we succeeded in doing).
~ Settling into big changes, and so were in a bit of a rush to come up with something quickly
Ellie was about 7 months old, and so of course we wanted to incorporate her into our costumes  somehow, preferably in a humorous way (which I think we also succeeded in doing).
~ Had a fun time visiting with friends and family, and had our own Halloween party at home.
- Martin's whole outfit for the most part came from his travels in Germany. Authentic leather Lederhosen that I'm more then sure he never intended anyone to see him actually wearing (or being posted on the internet.haha), but aren't they fantastic?! the detail work is completely lost in these pictures, but you get a pretty good idea. 
- The dreaded blonde wig (which spent most of the night backwords.haha) was certainly not a necessity, but that fact was only realized before it was too late. At any rate I think it helped us look more like a pair, and silly kids from a storybook... kinda:)
- Handmade from head to toe, except again the wig (and the shoes:)). pulled some green muslin and other rustic fabrics out of my stash and got to work with my dress form. Bought about 40 yards of tool (on sale!) for the petticoat  and even fashioned a little ruffled wrap shirt with puff sleeves to come out the top.
- Hand-stitched a larger replica of a prancing deer pattern from Martin's Lederhosen onto my bodice, and added a couple wooden buttons to the straps for a better 'Forrest dweller' look:)
- bought a three year olds witch costume the year before for $1.00, so it worked out perfectly to just downsize it for our 7 month old, adding a little petticoat for her aswell, and some stringy grey hairs to her hat for the full effect. You can see from both her facial expressions and meager little size that not only is she the most adorable of evil withes, but that she's going to have a heck of a time throwing Martin into the oven. Worth a try though:)

That's all folks! I couldn't help but laugh at all the siliness of Halloween 2010, and I hope that you had a few laughs of your own in reading!! Thanks to Martin for being such a good sport that year, and to little Ellie for keeping your hat/hair on the entire night! Bald witches are way less convincing let me tell ya.

Do you remember what you were for Halloween in 2009? I'd love to hear what you did!!
Take care lovelies
xoxo, Emily

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  1. So stinkin cute! What a fun idea!

  2. Cute! I love that you made it yourself, it looks great! And the tiny witch is the perfect touch.

    In 2010 I was Poison Ivy... I spent so many hours covering my whole bodice and boyshorts with tiny leaves!

  3. ya mean 2010? i was a midnight bride

  4. OMG her little witch costume is adorable! But you all look great!

  5. Oh I love your dress. I'd like to wear it just as a regular dress :)

  6. How cute! I love how you had a theme costume. This is my little baby's first Halloween and he is going to be a wolf, I'm going to be Little Red and husband is going to be the woodcutter. I love family costumes!

  7. I love themed costumes! This year is my baby's first Halloween and he is going to be a wolf, I am going to be Little Red and husband is going to be the woodcutter. Hooray for family costumes!

  8. haha okay i LOVE this one! we are trying to think of some costumes for this year and this is a great one!

  9. Oh my gosh I LOVE IT! My husband and I almost went as Hansel and Gretel but he said no one would know who we were!! I totally recognized your costume instantly :) You guys look great! Love Halloween!

  10. so pretty and funny family, your baby is so beautiful..

  11. Your family is so precious!

  12. So cute!! Great Halloween outfit, and the little witch isn't she totally adorable!!

  13. I'm a little late in the game looking at these. and they are just fantastic! My husband is a minimalist when it comes to costumes so I'm jealous! Although in 2010 I convinced him to be Batman and I was batgirl (all but masks and gloves handmade too!)