Wednesday, October 3

Blast from the Past: Halloween 2008

Hey dearies, this is going to be a fun post today! I've been excited for October to come around for a while, because I'm going to use each week to recap costumes from ever since the first Halloween Martin and I spent actually with each other in 2008, as a way to show you the progress of our couple costumes. As you can see we weren't really using a theme this year, but its fun to share all the same. Here is the first installment: (Don't judge:))
~ Martin was a dead Zombie(as opposed to a live one?), with the creepiest eyes I'd ever seen! Came up behind me and startled me so badly. ugh, told him never to wear those again.haha
~ I would normally have planned way in advance what I was going to be, but I'd spent most the day giving parts of my costume away to friends and relatives that were visiting, so I threw together a makeshift costume at the last minute. 
~ As you can plainly see I was going for a tough girl/sexy thang to lure in the attentions of my wanna-be beau. The result? S.W.A.T. Barbie.haha
- tore up an old shirt and spattered it with fake blood, used face paint and more fake blood for the 'dead man eating live men' effect, but it was the white rimmed contacts that brought his rushed costume up a big notch:)
- pulled black leggings and a leotard from her wardrobe, then accessorized with a dance skirt (for feminity), a cargo vest meant for paint-balling, a bebe pistol, and an old shiny blond wig. 
Voila! Not much hassel on our parts for costumes in 2008, but I hope you've enjoyed and maybe had a few laughs looking at Martin and my costumes from 4 years ago! Trust me though, we do get a little more creative as the years progress from there!

What were you for Halloween in 2008?
Take care lovelies!!
xoxo, Emily


  1. ohh this pictures are so funny !

    XX Luba
    Well Living Blog

  2. Awesome costumes...can't wait to see more :)

  3. Both costumes are great! And his eyes are seriouslt freaking me out :-/

    1. thank you Vicki! he's like they're not that bad, it was bad in a dark foggy room! haha

  4. wow awesome costumes, both look great.. xoxo

  5. I am so excited for these Halloween posts! Halloween is such a fun event :) No Little Letters today??

  6. Love the pictures! The eyes definitely are pretty freaky. The only thing I remember from Halloween in '08 is that I had quite a bit of skin showing in my costume.. I think I was a dead hooker? Real ladylike.

  7. I am so ready for Halloween love the costumes excited for the other years pictures. Swat Barbie haha

  8. Cute blog! I can't wait for Halloween! I can't wait to keep reading!

  9. SWAT Barbie is a great idea. I have seen lots of barbie costumes but never that one.

  10. Haha, too scary! I am stopping by from Vagabond Studio! Great blog!

  11. Super behind on the commenting, but Halloween 2008 is my wedding anniversary, so I guess I was a bride! >.<

    I can never get wigs to work out for me, props on that!!