Thursday, October 4

Little Letters Link-up & a winner!

Morning everyone! And what a fantastically chilly morning it is:) Today is a very exciting day for someone, because I'm announcing the winner of the Life in Lavender Giveaway! Congratulations to ! Make sure and check your emails lady! 
Dear moccasins, thank you for keeping my formally cold tootsies toasty warm. I heart you.
Dear amazon, I wish you weren't so good at giving me suggestions  My wish list grows by the second every time I get on! You crafty devil you
Dear pumpkin spice, you are tasty in just about every shape and form I have to admit, but will you stop following my everywhere? I'm getting a little creeped out.
Dear husband, bow-chicka-bow-wow...
Dear changing leaves, I've been looking forward to seeing you for months and months. You have the most beautiful colors I've ever seen! Keep it up!
Dear Sigma, please hurry up and send my beautiful lense! I never thought I'd be so attached to a clump of glass and plastic, but life simply hasn't been the same without it!
Dear readers, thank you for being so patient with the absense of my regular posts! Please refer to the above letter and know that I am doing me best to get back on schedule:)
Dear christmas music, normally I wouldn't be addressing you this early in the year, but you've been following my around lately, and I kinda like it...
Dear little miss, you have to stop being so cute while I'm trying to punish you. its not fair and you know it, don't you! haha
Dear passionfruit ads, you are the cheese to my macoroni.  thank you for making my life so much easier!
Dear link-up ladies, thank you so much for participating! I love reading your link=ups every week, and so many of you are just hilarious. (p.s. the liunk-up will be back on Wednesday next time, I promise:))
Sincerly, Emily

P.S. I still have a few cheapo sponsor spots available if you wanna be pals for the next month! xoxo

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  1. Always fun, Emily - my next one may have to address Amazon (why do they have to reccomend things!?) and Christmas music also. Good idea. :-D

  2. Love this link up, Emily! Wish I knew of it sooner!:)