Friday, October 5

FF #38

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This week I'm going to have a little theme in my Friday Finds! Since its October, and October means costumes (essentially), I thought I'd share some couple costumes I've come across to serve as inspiration for you! With other fall beauties too of course:) Enjoy!
This week I found...

...this cute idea and execution of Mary Poppins and Burt from Keikolynn and her beau Bobby. Love!

...this funny idea for yard decor! I 'd#halloween decor

...this awesome list and instructions for tons of different caramel apples! These all look delicious.
Gourmet caramel apples

...this totally amazing made-over halloween medicine cabinet! Love all the potion bottles and lables. So fun!
Medicine Cabinet: altered bottles for the dark and creepy overachievers among us.

...this gingerbread skeleton stamp that I absolutely need! So who wants to get it for me? its cheap! haha
gingerdead men  

...this cute and simple couple costume for some year when I'm not feeling as ambitious:)

...this yummy looking candy corn dessert. Perfect for a little festive get-together!

...this cute idea for decorating with pumpkins! not your typical jack-o-lantern. love it!
halloween decor

...this perfectly cute witch outfit from polyvore. Too bad I already have mine:) 

...going with the outfit, this picture which is just too adorable... I wish I had some fur babies to dress up this year! Those of you who do better take advantage of it! :)
I love it.

Feel free to share links to your favorite diy Halloween costumes or decor in the comments, and stay tuned for more halloween inspirations throughout October!!!
xo, Em


  1. So much fall cuteness! It makes me so happy!


  2. I'm so excited for Halloween! I actually planned on going as Mary Poppins this year-- I bought the hat, coat, red bow tie and everything. Unfortunately, when I tried it all on, I didn't really look like her but rather someone who raided Goodwill and couldn't really dress myself. Fingers crossed to find another outfit though.

    I'm not sure if I missed it, but what do you and your family plan to go as!? <3

  3. the last photo just melted my heart!


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  4. The rats coming out of the pumpkin is too scary for me! I have a phobia of rats! Eeek! :) But, I love all your picks. You're getting me excited for Halloween. I love Keiko as Mary Poppins. :)

  5. AHH! I love halloween, its my favorite holiday! I love the popeye and olive oil costume, but my husband refuses to dress up with me lol. That Candy Corn dessert is almost too cute to eat...almost that is, lol. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I love all the pins you posted! That Halloween themed medicine cabinet is really awesome! & That kitten is too adorable!

  7. Omg, those gingerbread cookie cutters are too cute! I've never made gingerbread cookies before but maybe this year will be a first! :)

  8. My guy bought me that skeleton gingerbread man! I'll have to bake some gingerbread for Halloween, thanks for reminding me :D

  9. Love those gingerbread men ;)

  10. After seeing it in stores for a while but always putting it back, I bought the skeleton/gingerbread cookie cutter! It was just too cute to pass up. I can't wait to use it this month! Great Halloween compilation!

  11. Those couple costumes look so fun!! And the caramel apples...mmmm! I want some of those!