Thursday, October 11

Blast from the Past: Halloween 2009

Happy Thursday you wonderful people!! Wow, this week is flying by so fast. I've been staying up later a lot more then usual trying to get extra work done, but sometimes I get so distracted with fun sites and things that I have to work extra hard to make that time count towards actual work!! Hopefully this weekend will mean a few more fun fall activities, delicious treats that I've been thinking about for a while, and maybe a few afternoon naps! :)
I'm excited about the post today, because its the second post in my little Halloween blast from the past series! We've moved one more year into the future from Zombies and SWAT Barbie, and we're here as a 'Mafia couple' (a la Godfather) from the 20s-30s. Here is the second Installment:
~ First Halloween as a married couple.
I was almost 5 months pregnant with Ellie, our first.
~ I love to sew as you know, and Martin was brave enough to trust me to make our costumes once we'd figured out what we wanted to be. I guess he figured I couldn't really mess up a Mafia Lord. Plus he got to wear two guns, so I think it was pretty foolproof.
~ We had a little jack-o-lantern family on our deck that I was extremely proud of!
- Shirt, pants and vest purchased for cheap, then modified for the perfect fit. Finagled shoulder gun holsters for two guns. Favorite part! Also we used black color spray for his hair and sideburns. Belt, tie, coat and guns were already in his closet:)
- hat, gloves, pearls, shoes, and tights were already in my possession  while the dress I made out of a massive long dress from the local thrift. Just imagine me wearing a huge burgundy bed sheet and you're right on track.haha Wig came from a costume shop, and my Pea-coat was embellished with fox tails purchased online, I believe.
There you have it! It was my first time putting together a couple costume ever, so it was fun to coordinate. Pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, just ask! 
Do you remember what you were for Halloween in 2009? I'd love to hear a story from you!!
xoxo, Emily

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  1. Love your costumes! I wish I was more handy around a sewing machine :) I can't remember for the life of me what I was.. Hmm.

  2. In 2008 I was Carmen SanDiego for a video game character-themed party. Only the grownups knew who I was, but they really, really appreciated the costume!

  3. love these costumes! this year I was thinking of doing a 20s/30s/flapper thing, but we'll see. In 2009 our son was still an infant so I'm pretty sure we just dressed up as sleep deprived/ cranky parents haha ;)

  4. Look nices! Do you do the costume? Really beautiful. And, this year what are you going to use for halloween?

  5. love the costumes! my hubby and i need to get thinking of what we're going to be this year!!!

  6. Cute! This is kind of what were doing this year... but in black and white - skin and all.

    In 2009 I was the lollipop princess from candyland! But I couldn't find yellow fabric, so it was a blue dress. I stuck sprinkles all over myself with lipgloss, so sticky and colorful!

  7. This is so cool! You guys pull off 20s style very well!