Wednesday, October 10

Little Letters Link-up

Dear fall sunsets, you are my absolute favorites. When the light starts to fade behind the trees and the wind blows a little colder, I like to stand outside with a hot drink and wave bye.
Dear Craigslist shoppers, I apologize if you inquire about my iPod and I bite your virtual head off. I've been approached by about eight too many criminal masterminds disguised as grieving widows and I'm not having any more of it. haha
Dear fall fun checklist, you are coming along nicely! more of the 'activities' have been happening then the 'treats', but that's probably for the best don't you agree?Dear baby boy, you really have perfected the art of fake coughing:) I love hearing you experiment with your lungs in the afternoon. Its sweet and hilarious this pastime of yours.
Dear Iphone 5, I think that we're soul mates, since I spend more time with you then anyone else:) Thanks for running smoothly and keeping me connected with all of my loves.
Dear fluffy, fluffy %100 whole wheat bread, now that I've finally figured you out, lets be friends forever and always. You looked extra nice last night by the way.
Dear parallel parking, you can just go jump off a cliff for all I care. Whenever I'm forced into the tightest spot imaginable and do a sexy job squeezing in, no one is there to see it! You can bet however that when I have the widest opening and somehow screw it up, that everyone and their pet fish are there to gape and laugh. thanks for nothin. jerkface.
Dear sweet lady at Walmart, please forgive the wapping of your bum by my toddler, then her loud exclamation of "mommy, she's got a bum!" in front of the whole store. I know she looks older, but she's really only two and we're potty training right now. SOO sorry!!
Dear blog readers, you really are the sweetest!! I read every single comment and smile (or laugh). Thank you for being so sweet and supportive in taking the time to comment.
Sincerly, Emily

Now It's Your Turn!! Remember how it works?
Write out your Little Letters post sometime (anytime!) in the next two weeks, and include a picture of yourself(optional:)) You can write 20, or you can write 2, and be as creative as you want! heck, I've written to my washing machine so... then its just 1, 2, 3!
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  1. Your blog is just lovely! I have added it to the few is snoop around while watching my 10 month old chase the cat around with my morning tea. I wish you and yours all the best!

  2. Great collection of 'letters' as usual, Emily. ;-D

  3. Fall sunsets with a hot tea sound perfect. The new blog design looks so fun with all the header buttons. So easy to find everything. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. Great list, especially the one about your daughter. Too funny!

  5. Ah, I love these posts every time you write them! I was looking at your pictures on instagram of the wheat bread you made and it looked amazing and I'm jealous. I attempted to make a wheat bread the other day and something went totally wrong. Is there a secret to making it fluffy and all that good stuff?

  6. Ah ah, I absolutely love the one about parking. So true !