Friday, October 12

FF #39

This week I found...
...this amazing recipe for pumpkin cream cheese bread. Sounds perfect with herbal tea!
Pinned Image 

...this fantastic pair of half-mitts. I'll give a huge kiss to the person who sends me a pair! haha
these look snuggly

...this fun and creative Halloween mantle!  love the crows, the rats, the birds, everything!
halloween mantle

...this simple and easy recipe for whoopie pies! gorgeous
Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Pumpkin Buttercream

...this slightly creepy vintage halloween picture
Vintage country Halloween

...this is thee single cutest thing that I've ever seen. Love owls, love hats, love owls in hats.
who who who

...this other adorbale costume from Keikolynn. Alice in Wonderland, and the White rabbit!
Couple halloween costume

...this outfit is fall perfection in my eyes. Love everything about it! Comfy, cute, and casual!
love this!

...this delicious sounding recipe for Roasted Potato & Quinoa Soup!! Looks so yummy!
Roasted Sweet Potato and Quinoa Soup

...this totally rad pumpkinn carving by Ray Villanfane. Takes carving to a whole new level!

Look for more Halloween inspired posts coming next week!
lots of love darlings, Em


  1. Wow! What I wanna know is how he carved that hand on the pumpkin! Juuuuust kidding! Those are awesome! I'm going to look up that whoopie cookie recipe... thing. :)

    Chevron & Lace

  2. I really I love this new post. I enjoyed today everything specially the recipe. The vintage photo remind me when I was a child I usually played with my brother with a paper bag of the supermarket as a mask for halloween. :)

  3. That carved pumpkin is ridiculously amazing!

  4. Creepy vintage costumes (in a good way) and food that makes me hungry. Great post Emily;)

  5. That pumpkin is AWESOME! And that little owl has melted my heart :)

  6. That pumpkin bread looks DELICIOUS! Seriously, Emily - you have to stop sharing so many recipes. My self control only lasts so long. LOL! ;-D