Friday, September 28

FF #37

This week I found...

...this color combo for a fall wreath, and the flowers, and the ribbon:) Love it all! I think I'm going to have to start hanging a wreath for every season on our great big door. Do you?

Fall Wreaths.  Love

...this overly slouchy and cozy outfit. All outfits I post are comfy lately, haha but doesn't it just look warm and comfortable? Simple, cute, and comfortable:) Perfect.
Oh how I miss cold weather!! An outfit I must have before cold weather is here again.

...this new to me song, and band! My best friend posted this video on facebook for her hubby (aww), and now I'm in love with the Lumineers! 

...this recipe for salted caramel pudding!! Yummy! Just to be clear, that's pronounced Ca-ra-mel, just like its spelled.haha Not this Car-mel business:) 
Salted Caramel Pudding

...this beautiful and creative idea for a bouquet! If anyone out there is planning on a fall wedding, this might just be for you! I've seen broach bouquets, but this takes it up a notch:)
Reserved -- Custom Paper Flower, Burlap, and/or Brooch Bouquet Deposit

...this set of amazing knit socks!! I'd take them in every color of the rainbow, I only wish the link was true! Found on pinterest and the source isn't tagged:( Anyone know where I can find these?? 
Over the knee cable knit socks.

...this recipe for andes mint cupcakes. I'm actually not a fan at all of chocolate and mint, but this picture is seriously making me rethink my tastes! lol
Stop yourself. Andes Mint cupcakes.

...this beautiful ornate fate collar from Modcloth. So into peter pan collars right now, and this one is so delicate and dainty!!

...this idea for mini wedge salads from noshtopia. Never thought of just cutting them smaller and decorating them on a tray! Brillient I tell you.haha 
Mini wedge salads

...this color scheme on a house. We're 'saving up' to paint our house next summer, and so far this is my favorite combo that I've seen. Grey base, with white trim and black accents. Thoughts?
warm gray house

...this pair of wedge heels also from Modcloth. Such a statement pair of shoes, and you know how I like statements! haha Love the stripes.

Which was your favorite item this week?? So much inspiration coming out my ears! SO hard to get on with real life.haha 
Hope you have a awesome rest of your day! 
xo, Em


  1. Love the house color combo, wreath, and especially the warm and cozy outfit! Great finds!

  2. I love that song as well. Every time that it plays the part "you're my sweetheart", I always pinch my fiance's cheek. lol He's probably getting tired of it by now. :)

  3. Love the paint combo! You can find those socks at I think, I just didn't have time to look (verify the google link). If they aren't there, did you try a google search?
    Happy Blogging!

  4. Salted Caramel Pudding, yes please. Thanks for sharing!

    Quirktastic Adventures

  5. Wow!! so many inspirations.. Love the wreath.. the socks and the color combo for the house!!


  6. Wreath - Love it!

    Oh! And, I get what you are sayin' about caramel. I totally say it the "right" way. :-D

  7. loved the salads and the house paint colors!

  8. Oooh, I love that color combo for the house! And the socks are amazing! Thank you for featuring my bouquet - what a nice surprise! ♥

  9. i live with my mom (i’m in my last year of college and getting married in july 2013) and our house is that color, so of course i approve. i have lived in my house my entire life!

  10. According to this post, we have lots o stuff in common :) ha. Newest follower and I'm so excited to read more posts from ya! I found your blog from the sidebar of "My beautiful, Crazy life" blog! sure glad I did!